Lio Rush vs. Oney Lorcan: WWE NXT, Sept. 18, 2019

Looking for that half and half! Takedown, arm drag there by Lio Rush. Lorcan, the street tough Boston native. Of course speaking of the street
tough bang, suicida by Lio Rush, who’s in a perpetual rush, my!>>Wow, the man of the hour.>>Don’t tell me he’s going for
the trifecta! Lio Rush with another suicida!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Momentum in this match has switched 180 degrees.>>Lio, Lio, Lio, Lio, Lio.>>He knows how to use that right hand. Will it be a red right hand?>>Lorcan’s got eyes, look at those eyes.>>Look how vulnerable Lio Rush is now. Open wide.>>Wow.
Lio Rush has made it to his feet, but for how long? Lorcan measuring,
lightning quick offense from Lio Rush.>>Well a gasp from the NXT
universe as Rush attacks again.>>What a slap,
paint brushing the face of Lorcan.>>Set your fury.>>No.
>>The Boston brawler hulking up, ow. Those chops reverberating throughout
the confines of the NXT arena. Mama Mia.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Banners fly, what a counter.>>Lorcan is looking for the blockbuster. Rush was lying in wait. Can Rush do it?>>Rush looking for the dragon’s call. The split leg frog splash, the cover. Lio Rush is the number one contender for
the cruiserweight title.>>Here is your winner Lio Rush.>>Don’t call it a comeback. [APPLAUSE]
>>Lio Rush able to take advantage, find opportunities,
man what an incredible match up. And I am so
happy to see Lio Rush back in the fold and get the opportunity that he earned. [MUSIC]

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