Hey everyone! My name is Xenia and today my guest is
the current and reigning IWF Russia Women’s Champion
Laura DiMatteo, all the way from Great Britain!
Hi everyone, hello! Thanks for having me again!
Thank you for being here!
And yes, tonight we’re here right before the tapings of IWF “Strike”
and you’re going to defend your title
– Yeah
And you’re back in Russia again! It’s your second time performing here right?
Yes, second time
I’m so happy to be back. It’s always like… It’s always so nice being here
I’m just happy to be back
Hopefully I can defend my title and come back again
Does Russia feel more familiar now?
Do you feel like you know better what to expect from your opponents tonight?
Yeah I definitely do
There’s Kasey in the match, obviously I’ve wrestled her before so I know her
But Elita – I don’t know much about her
But yeah, hopefully it will be a good match and I’d be able to defend my title
It’s been 6 months, about 6 months since you last were here
on my channel, and in Russia, and in IWF Russia
and you have been the champion throughout this whole entire time
and you you’ve traveled with the title
and do you feel like there was an added level of responsibility
with you carrying a title from another country?
Yeah, definitely yes
I felt like, in a good way, it adds pressure
where you feel like you’re representing, you know, Russia
you know, me being Italian, wrestling in London, representing Russia
Such a mix!
But it’s so… It’s very exciting
it’s very exciting for me to carry this title, the Russian title
Especially because people don’t know much about Russia
they don’t always, like-
Especially in terms of wrestling, I would say
Yeah, exactly, yeah
So yeah, it feels good
Throughout this time that you have been away
you’ve had a match against Chris Brookes
who I like a lot
Me too
But again, in terms of inter gender wrestling
some people who aren’t big fans of it (like I am a fan of it)
still feel that there should be some sort of a
realm of “sports-based’ entertainment that you should stay within
and you guys are obviously very different in size
And have you had comments made about that
or have people been excited about it
or have they been critical about it?
No, I only got positive comments on the match from the fans
and I personally love that match, it’s one of my favourite matches I’ve ever had, I really enjoyed it
The thing is that there was a really good story behind it
He was being a bully and I was being, you know
and then the fans really wanted me to win, and then I ended up winning the match
and everyone was really happy
So I think if there’s a really good story behind it
And you know the people want it, and you have the match with the good story
I don’t know why people can’t enjoy that
Everyone was really positive about that match
Also Chris Brookes is a part of the faction that does their own shows right now
and you have been a part of several independent shows in the UK
and recently everyone has been talking about how
NXT UK is destroying the local British wrestling scene
Do you feel like it’s true? And how’s the scene been doing recently?
Are there many independent shows? Or is there less talent?
I don’t- It has changed, obviously, a bit
And yes, some NXT people can’t do some shows
they can’t wrestle some people, so things have changed
but I think we’re still doing pretty well, the independent scene in the UK is still doing really well
I don’t think it’s as bad as people make it out to be
So what does it feel like to be an independent wrestler in the UK right now?
Does it feel hopeful? Or does it feel empty?
No, it feels good
If anything, it feels better because you have more bookings
there’s more opportunities
For me it’s very exciting
to wrestle WWE people
and probably try to beat them and
I think it’s very exciting
Good for you!
And you just released new merch right?
A new shirt
that you guys have to buy, to support Laura
Do it!
Just to wrap it up, can you give us a short insight
What do we expect from your match tonight?
It’s a triple threat match
Triple threat, yeah, a triple threat match is always very tricky
especially if you’re then one defending the belt
you can not even be pinned and still lose the title
so it’s very tricky, I’m not sure what to expect
I just
I don’t know, we’ll see
and hopefully I can be successful and defend my IWF Women’s title
We wish you good luck tonight!
Thank you!
We’re so excited to see your match
and to see it you guys need to subscribe to the IWF Russia YouTube channel
and wait for the “Strike” issue where it will be aired
and thank you so much for being here!
Thank you for having me!
And you guys, if you liked the video give it a thumbs up
write a comment, subscribe to my channel
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I will leave all the links in the video description down below
And goodbye!


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