Lashley’s shocking kiss to Lana leads to attack on Rollins: Raw, Sept. 30, 2019

This could be it.>>Looking down on Rousseff.>>This could be it.>>Taking to the air and-
>>On the roll through no, yep, yep he got it. [CROSSTALK]
>>And the strength of the->>Inside cradle, shoulders down, two done.>>The challenger able to kick out,
and then boom.>>What a kick to the champion. And Rusev, trying to follow up by
planning Rollins center of the ring. Challenger, for the universal title and
Rollins again able to kick out. [SOUND] Rollins now, the champion,
looking to take flight.>>It grazed the top of his head.>>If he find out, what the. [SOUND] Tell you, what is What?>>Wait a minute, wait a minute. That’s the almighty Bobby Lashley.>>Bobby Lashley? Been out for months. [MUSIC] Is he?>>Universal championship match,
still underway [SOUND].>>Force of nature [MUSIC] I had my suspicion.>>You’ve got to be kidding me. [MUSIC] Then you said happy wife happy life. This wife is making herself happy.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What on earth is going on here? Come on.>>What is in the water
here on Monday night Raw? [APPLAUSE]
>>That’s Rusev’s wife.>>What did she mean by this? [MUSIC] Wait a minute. Wait a minute guys. Aah.>>Bobby Lashley is kissing Rusev’s wife. [MUSIC] Right in front of him. [MUSIC]>>Whoa.>>No.>>No.
[MUSIC] Look out now.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Seth look out.>>I told you.>>He’s got him. He’s got him. It’s the fiend Bray Wyatt, he’s got Seth. Help him. [NOISE]>>[SOUND] [LAUGH]

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