Lacey Evans hurls Natalya into the steel ring steps: WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff 2019

This rivalry has gotten so
personal between these two. That’s now Lacey Evans from behind,
shoulders are down. And another kick out by Natalia. Natalia now, coming looking for
the Sharpshooter. Can she lock in the Sharpshooter?>>This could be it.
>>Evans fighting to get free.>>Into the ropes.>>Lacey looking and
reaching the bottom rope.>>Two, let go, Nattie, let go Nattie.>>Natalya so close to locking in. The Sharpshooter to Lacey Evans.>>Lacey Evans taking
a little much needed.>>Come on ladies.>>She may have been. Lacey Evans, can Natalya bounce back
in this matchup here at Hell in a Cell?>>Come on, let’s go.

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