La Lutte pour les Nuls ! / Wrestling for Dummies ! w/subtitles.

La Lutte pour les Nuls ! / Wrestling for Dummies ! w/subtitles.

LAZER T-REX productions poudly presents…
in technicolor
A film directed by François Desbiens, Frédéric Desbiens and Mollie Pagé.
Wrestling for Dummies !
– Pro Wrestling is a sport, mixing elements of both theaters and traditional combat sports.
The results of the bouts are always pre-determined so that a “story” can be told and performed between the two competitors.
For a better understanding of how this sport works, here’s a little demonstration.
A wrestling usually takes place in a stadium.
And is performed on a rectangular surface called “the ring”. The ring is made out of a flat surface…
four wrestling posts…
and three ropes (or cables) on each side.
A wrestling match contains three key people. The first is the “face”, or good guy, is the person that the crowd is supposed to cheer for.
The other person is the “heel, or bad guy, is the wrestler that the people are supposed to boo.
Now, let the match begin !
The referee
– One thing that characterize the heel, is his talent for cheating !
– Yeah ! Yeah ! Look at me ! YAY !
– The referee does NOT appreciate such a lack of professionalism.
– OH MY GOD ! This match has turned into an orgy of violence ! Unfortunately we’re going off the air ! Thank you for joining us ! Good night everybody !

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