Kota Ibushi VS Blowup Doll – Yoshihiko / Reacting to Japanese Wrestling

Kota Ibushi VS Blowup Doll – Yoshihiko / Reacting to Japanese Wrestling

hello and welcome to my channel on
today’s video I will be watching
Japanese wrestling I’m going to be
watching the infamous blow-up doll that
I heard so much about
apparently there’s a promotion in Japan
DDT wrestling I believe and they have
this blow-up doll which is pretty famous
there and people actually wrestled us
all I’ve heard about it because I think
that it was a big thing with Kenny Omega
he wrestled the doll and that old guy
that hates everybody hated him for it so
I’ve been really curious to save a match
with this doll and finally the YouTube
algorithm came through and recommended
one match for me so I’m going to be
watching Kota ibushi versus Yoshihiko
that’s the doll’s name he has a name
so let’s get to watching
it’s a natural doll of what’s gonna go
oh my god this is an actual doll
everything for the role now that is
talent selling for at all
so they tiptoe wrestling
this is very impressive
lose as a person
I’ll um
those are hot
this is a very exciting match I’m
oh my god
another breath
visit this is sports entertainment no
this is interesting
I need to see my matches with this dog
oh my god
English is good he’s too much as
wrestling by itself
wow that was pretty impressive I have to
give it to Russia well that’s telling
for the dog that was killed in passing
oh my god championship so the big win
the championship or it was the dolls a
champion he is so sweaty I mean he was
doing all those flips and selling
that was pretty impressive I am
impressed Japanese people are so
alifair no I need to see more videos
with this doll so if you know where they
are please send it my way
anyways thank you so much for watching I
hope you enjoyed the match as much as I
did because I loved it if you new here
welcome make sure to subscribe so you
can watch more reaction videos with me
and it make sure to like this video so
until next time bye

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