Knife Expert Breaks Down Donnie Yen’s Kill Zone Fight Scene | Scenic Fights

Knife Expert Breaks Down Donnie Yen’s Kill Zone Fight Scene | Scenic Fights

For a blunt object, I’m looking to hit bone.
I’m looking to strike elbows
the wrist
side of the head
That’s really my primary target.
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I’m Logan Lo.
I’m here with Chad Vázquez.
Today, we’re breaking down Donnie Yen’s and
Wu Jing’s Kill Zone.
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Here we go!
[Logan] In this first exchange, I don’t know
why Wu Jing would have it in an ice pick grip.
I’d probably would have started it off in hammer grip.
As I said in the John Wick video, for those
people that hold it in an ice pick grip.
They either really know what they are doing,
or they don’t know what they’re doing.
Wu Jing is interesting because
he spends most of his time
with the blade out slashing.
What I would’ve like to see more a little but more
instead of the blade out
I would’ve like to see a little bit of the blade in.
If he came in with an outside number 1 diagonal slash,
I would’ve like to have seen a pass.
Note that there is my capture.
I can now grab the elbow for safety, and then
I can do a tap, and then a stab.
I can do a slash and do a stab,
and do another stab here.
If you’ve made the conscious decision to have
it in an ice pick grip.
You should use it to its maximum ability.
And that involves trapping.
And ideally trapping with the knife blade
in, and cutting while you’re trapping.
There are some traps that Wu Jing does.
One trap that he does, when there is a strike
coming in, I think it’s a backhand strike.
Wu Jing comes in here and he traps is this way.
Holding on to the hand.
If I don’t hold on to the hand,
Chad’s out.
Come back.
If I do hold on to the hand, I have this.
What I would want is, I would want the blade
in so I can pull and cut him as I’m pulling in.
What Chad wants to do; he wants to punch forward.
then I lose my bite.
And he can now pull away, and now we can fight again.
[Logan] Wu Jing took a hit in the back.
Normally for weapons work, it’s almost like
a boxing stance.
You want to be light on your feet.
You need to be able to move.
Wu Jing has essentially handicapped himself.
He made himself small, and attacked the legs
in the blender.
It’s different if we’re here and he throws
a number one.
Opening himself up.
I’m here.
I’m slashing or behind the leg.
That’s different.
That’s a different scenario.
Crouching down when you’re flanking
the person is great.
You’re cutting out the legs from underneath
them literally.
You do want to do that.
But here, I have no chance at hitting his legs.
I have no chance at hitting his leg before he hits me.
[Logan] The longer weapon comes in.
He’s doing a good job using all parts of the
I appreciate that.
When Wu Jing attacks with essentially just
a straight thrust to Donnie Yen’s throat,
like that.
It doesn’t make a lot of sense, because I (Donnie Yen), have the superior weapon in terms of length.
And Donnie Yen, did exactly what he should’ve
done, as he comes in here, he’s like woah,
easy there, and just holds him (Wu Jing) back.
Injuring him (Wu Jing) at the same time.
He (Wu Jing) does it again and he (Donnie
Yen) strikes him here, compressing his ribs.
[Logan] and crushing, probably breaking a
few of those ribs.
[Logan] Knives are certainly dangerous against
stick fighters, but for what he (Wu Jing) did
that lunging in as if he had a long weapon,
when in fact he only had a short weapon,
doesn’t make sense for this scenario.
[Logan] I love what Donnie’s doing.
[Logan] He’s using all parts of the weapon.
Hitting high.
Hitting low.
Charging in.
And there are so many exchanges that is happening
here, it’s really hard to see
cause it all happens so fast,
but essentially, every exchange, that happens,
Donnie has an answer for.
So every slash that comes in
Donnie responds correctly.
Wu Jing’s character should really be moving
off to the side as much as possible.
So you should be trying to flank me as you go.
Or flank to the other side.
Right, we’re both here.
We should be constantly circling each other.
But, it’s very linear.
[Logan] couple things wrong with that.
The reason why is, if he’s holding
on to anything but my knuckles.
He’s not going to catch me.
So all I need to do is pull my knife in
and I flanked.
If I can see his back, that means I own him.
It’s just like jujitsu, if I see that back,
I own that back, and I’m taking that.
He flips the knife
catches it
Wu Jing does.
That was pretty cool.
Yeah that was cool
I wouldn’t do it, but it’s cool.
Donnie Yen’s character blocks this
and Wu Jing’s character drops it and catches it
and then attacks again.
Also very cool, also completely unnecessary.
So I’m here and if I’ve come in
and I’m Wu Jing’s character
there’s nothing to stop me
from either coming in
or pulling here
and then coming in.
And from here, notice I have a disarm
right here
and I can come in.
So there’s no need to do the drop.
[Logan] And Donnie Yen, just started wrapping.
Wu Jing disarms.
Comes back.
[Logan] Big overhand
and he paid for that big overhand
that’s why you don’t wanna do the big overhand.
Wu Jing is here, he’s able to bite into Donnie
Yen’s wrist
and at the same time
he’s taking the stick and pulling it back
by pulling
Donnie Yen is now disarmed.
Wu Jing now has the weapon
Donnie Yen does not have a weapon.
Now Wu Jing is in a superior position
so Donnie Yen has to either run
or disarm Wu Jing.
The interesting thing is there are so many
that teach so many different ways
to disarm this big aggressive ice-pick hit
but Donnie Yen didn’t actually do any of them.
He did something I never seen before
he did a two hand, two on one.
Notice how week this is.
First of all
Hold on tight, hold on tight, right.
There’s nothing to keep me from pulling out at all.
I think that they both chose the worst options.
[Logan] For Wu Jing to come in with this big
looping ice pick attack.
and for Donnie for stopping it with two hands.
If I somehow, did go back
and control this
I would have probably wanted to take the weapon
and attack him with it.
Rather than allow him to keep it
and somehow reverse on me
and slash me or hurt me in some manner.
[Logan] Wu Jing is coming with a big overhand right
Donnie Yen stops it this way
bends his arm back
forces it around, pulls it towards him
got the weapon in his right hand
stabs it into Wu Jing and
then starts to eviscerate him this way.
I think what would make more sense for me
in-terms of a disarm
Comes around
boom, here same thing
pop it out this way as well
and then I can come in and plunge it in his back
and finish the fight that way.
Either way though getting stabbed in the stomach,
probably not the way you wanna go.
It’s going to hurt a lot
so again if you
ever do find yourself in weapon’s fight
I would run, I would run if I could.
I have to say I really enjoyed watching
Kill Zone.
It’s a great scene.
It’s very entertaining.
Very frenetic.
Action packed.
Donnie Yen using the entire stick, the entire
Using the tip, the side, the punyo part of it.
Great, I love that part.
There were other parts that I didn’t like
the fact that the person with the shorter weapon
just kept charging forward rather than flanking.
Didn’t make a lot of sense
and that’s what kinda bothers me
but you can tell that these two gentlemen
definitely had real world weapon fight training.
This disarming was great.
The actual activities were great.
I thought it was really good overall.
I’d give it a solid
Hey Everyone!
Thank you so much for watching.
I hope you enjoyed that.
Again, if you wanted to find more about pekiti tirsia
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Let us know if there are any fight scenes
you want us to review
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Take care!

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