Killian Dain goes on a rampage: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

[SOUND] The bell goes. Referee distracted by Grimes and
there’s the Caveman. What’s Killian Dain doing,
the match is over. [SOUND] Another lightning quick finish for
Cameron Grimes.>>Here’s your winner, Cameron Grimes.>>But
give the assist to the Beast of Bellfast.>>What business does
Killian Dain have here tonight? [MUSIC]>>Well Dain obviously upset.>>The Beast of Belfast
buries Boa in the corner!>>Dain lost the match to Riddle
in the NXT title opportunity.>>He lost a street fight but
he is bringing the fader bombs to Boa.>>Boa’s still recovering from that
quick victory from Cameron Grimes.>>Boa has been constricted by
the Beast of Belfast Killian Dain. What, gosh, time for us to get on
a dodge right here in front of us. What’s Dain doing? Dain picks up Boa!>>No, no, no!>>My God!>>This is just the beginning. [NOISE]
>>Guys, the evil has landed in
the form of Killian Dain

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