Kevin Owens relieved after Ladder Match win: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 4, 2019

Kevin Owens, after months of this,
back and forth between yourself and Shane McMahon, tonight has to feel
like the ultimate retribution, keeping your job here at WWE and
ensuring that Shane is gone.>>Yeah, it’s I’ll tell you
how happy this makes me. I’m so happy that Goldberg just walked by.>>[LAUGH]
>>As you were asking me that question, and I didn’t even care. It didn’t even upset me
to see his bald head. That’s how happy I am. In here, earlier, were both Shane and
I’s walking papers. And then I won. And he was just handed his walking papers,
and he’s gone. And that’s not just good news for
me, it’s good news for every WWE superstar that busts their ass,
week in and week out, but then comes to Smackdown Live or Raw
every week, and has to see Shane McMahon take up time on television that
should be dedicated to them. Look, I said this time and
time again, over the past few weeks, it felt like it was never ending,
this thing with Shane, and now it’s over. And I just really can’t put
into words how happy I am. And I’m going to keep this,
now it’s empty but whatever. I’m going to keep this as a memento. I’m going to hang in my house or
something. I don’t know, or
maybe I’ll just carry it around with me. It looks so classy. It’s nice.
>>What you going to keep in it?>>Crackers. Thank you.

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