Kevin Owens confronts Shane McMahon over firing: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 17, 2019

Really, Kevin? You know what? You know what, Kevin? I guess this is now coincidence
how all of a sudden I get served, you’re here in the audience. So why don’t we kinda cut the shenanigans
and why don’t you come in the ring? Security, let him in the ring,
get him a mic, okay? And we can talk about what I’m
holding in my hand face to face, cuz you obviously have something to say.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Get him a mic.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Let him over, let him over. Hey, hey, hey, hey let him over,
whoa, slow it down. Guys, get him a mic, okay? Get him a mic, let him in the ring. Let him in the ring.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Really, Kevin? You know what, guys? This is gonna be all right,
cuz we’re gonna talk about something here. You guys can step out, step out,
I gotta talk man on man. Really? What you guys don’t know is what
I’m holding in my hand after just glancing at it, is the largest wrongful
termination lawsuit in history.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Where is if Kevin Owens wins, he would be awarded $25 million.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s a very big number Kevin, very big. And you are obviously swimming where
you shouldn’t be swimming right now. Kevin, I look at you-
>>If you want me to talk, maybe you should shut your stupid
mouth and listen, you dumb ass.>>Really?>>You know why? Because ever since I came out here,
several weeks ago, and I said out loud what everybody is
been thinking about you for years. Which is that you have ruined SmackDown
by making it your personal playground. Yeah, you, you’ve been targeting me. You’ve been trying to make
my life a living hell. One example,
after SummerSlam you fined me $100,000 for beating the hell out of
your crooked referee Elias. Yet, what happened, you’re right, I shouldn’t have put my
hand on an official, right? What happened last week when I was the
referee for your match against Chad Gable? Let me see,
you couldn’t get the job done and then you attacked me from
behind like a coward. You laid your hands on an official,
which is exactly what you fined me for.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You fired me on the grounds that I
was being insubordinate. Insubordinate, see,
that’s where my case rest. That’s where my case lays, is the fact
that I wasn’t being insubordinate, actually, it was quite the opposite. Because that fine you held over, that
$100,000 fine, over my head for weeks. And finally last week
I swallowed my pride, I thought of what was best for
my family, and as sick as it made me to do it,
I did exactly what you wanted me to do. I tried to help you,
I tried to help you beat Chad Gable and you still couldn’t do it you lost,
you know why? Because you tapped out you tapped out, you tapped out you, you tapped out, you. I’ve tried to reason with you,
I’ve tried to fight you, last week I even tried to help you but
now, now all I wanna do is hurt you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>But I finally realized that the best way to do that is hit
you where it hurts the most and that is your wallet and your pride. So Shane make no mistake about it,
this is about a lot more than money. I have a case and you know it. I can see it in your face,
I have a legitimate case. But I guess you didn’t read
those papers very thoroughly. Because it’s not just about taking
millions of dollars away from you, which is going to feel great. But there’s another clause in there, and that’s when I win,
I get to come back here, stand in the middle of this ring and look at you dead in the eyes in
front of the entire WWE Universe and say, Shane McMahon, you’re fired.>>[APPLAUSE]

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