Kenny Omega CALLS OUT Roman Reigns! WWE Superstar Shake-Up Move LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Apr 2018

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Bray Wyatt DELETES Fan
Because good God almighty, Bray Wyatt just
broke a man in half on Twitter.
If you’re unaware, Bray Wyatt is currently
in a real-life relationship with WWE ring
announcer MoooooJoJoJo Offerman.
Which inspired one fan to tweet a rather backhanded
compliment to the Eater of Worlds:
“So let’s try this again.
This is JoJo Offerman.
She comes from a rich and wealthy family.
She is messing around with Bray Wyatt… not
for the money… but because she likes him
because of his personality, despite him being
a “fat neckbeard” to many.
Believe in YOURSELF”
Despite not being tagged in the tweet, Bray
still managed to find that post and reply
with his new finisher – a Sister Abigail into
Let’s dig even deeper shall we….I am Bray
Cult Leader Supreme Collegiate All American
Former WWE Champion Future first ballot HOF’er
You are this…..
Fair comparison:)
I wish you luck! – with a picture of his fellow
neckbearded fan.
The fan protested, saying he intended to put
Bray over with nis tweet, but Wyatt is Woken
now, and responds to things like this:
“And I made you famous!!!
Fair trade!”
And Bray isn’t the only one replying to
passive aggressive posts they’re not tagged
in on Twitter…
Kenny Omega Calls Out Roman Reigns
Hot off Roman Reigns’ rather whiny promo
on this week’s Raw, in which he blames everyone
but himself for losing to Brock Lesnar yet
again, the Big Dawg tweeted:
“Any show.
Any city.
Any country.
Any opponent.
I’ll fight.
Roman thought he was safe.
Roman thought he was among an echo chamber
of idolising fans.
But lurking on Twitter was a wild Kenny Omega,
who replied:
Kenny and Reigns have had a low-key feud since
earlier this year, after Roman declared himself
“the best performer, in-ring, in the world”
in a WWE interview.
I mean, that was before Nicholas debuted at
WrestleMania, who many now agree holds that
But Omega replied in another interview, calling
the claim “ridiculouls” and “By no means
do I actually think he believes in those words.
There’s no possible way.”
Speaking of dream match-ups, next week’s
Superstar Shake Up could bring about one long
awaited WWE feud…
Superstar Shake-Up Move Leaked?
Asuka vs Tamina on SmackDown!
Just me.
Ok then!
This comes from a live event advert for Sunday
10th June, which promotes Asuka for the brand,
possibly leaking her Raw to SmackDown trade.
It’s important to note that live event cards
are always subject to change.
For instance, two of the advertised wrestlers
there have outdated information – with Charlotte
losing her Women’s title to Carmella on
this week’s SmackDown, and the Bludgeon
Brothers beating The Usos to be the new tag
team champions.
On the other hand, though, house show advertisements
do sometimes accidentally leak future WWE
The listing on the venue’s website has since
been changed, still promoting the Styles,
Nakamura and Corbin main event, but updating
the other billed wrestlers to holding the
correct championships.
Asuka’s name has been removed.
That isn’t the only place advertising a
Styles, Nakamura and Corbin triple threat,
with the match reportedly being promoted for
SmackDown’s house shows in June and July’s
Extreme Rules pay-per-view in Pittsburgh.
Again, card subject to change.
And hopefully that change is Daniel Bryan
being in Corbin’s place.
Asuka has been in brand limbo since Fastlane
in March, challenging SmackDown’s Charlotte
despite being a Raw wrestler, and was oddly
kept off both shows this week following her
undefeated streak ending at WrestleMania.
How can Shinsuke Nakamura save SmackDown?
Click the videos on the left to find out in
the brand new WrestleRamble, and for more
great wrestling stuff.
I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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