Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock — King of the Ring Final: King of the Ring 1998

[NOISE] They’re on
the edge of their seats.>>[NOISE] And The Rock now.>>That could do it.>>No!>>How can that referee stop that count?>>The King of the Ring
championship on the line here.>>Now, Rock is frustrated. I don’t blame him.>>Don’t want to be stupid
to get himself disqualified.>>I would have already counted this.>>Look.
Shamrock!>>There it is.>>Ankle lock, ankle lock.>>He’s screaming like a girl, listen. Rocky Maivia is screaming like a broad. Ring it!>>He tapped! [NOISE] Shamrock, Shamrock,
Shamrock, King of the Ring.>>The winner of this bout and
the King of the Ring.>>J.R maybe you should say time. [MUSIC] Ken Shamrock,
the 1998 King Of The Ring and he did it with his ankle lock
submission and would never, ever quit!

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