Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic: WWE NXT, Sept. 25, 2019

>>Dijakovic trying to drive Lee’s cranium into the top turnbuckle.>>This is a test of strength here
between these two massive super stars. Finally Dijakovic getting
the better with strikes.>>We talked about strength,
we talked about agility, but look at the smile on Dijakovic’s face,
just reveling in his handy work.>>Cheering. Pure elation, now he realizes-
>>Who he’s in there with.>>Dijakovic gets his bell
run on the top turnbuckle.>>[APPLAUSE].>>Keith Lee may be getting a second wind.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lee with the cock screw pescano! Bambameya!>>[SOUND]
>>Keith Lee is six two, 340 pounds, and he’s climbing all the way to the top.>>Hold on!>>Now what? What a
>>One, two, [NOISE]>>Well, he had added incentive in this match, of course, being 1, 0 down in a series between the two.>>You know,
Keith Lee’s build is limitless. This guy is fearless.>>Wait a second.>>Wait a minute, no, no, no! What is-
>>That there’s almost 600 pounds>>Dijakovic, he’s got to understand there’s trouble happening.>>What the hell is Dijakovic thinking? [NOISE]
>>[INAUDIBLE] Bambameya!>>Bambameya!>>Cover
>>This is it.>>Are you kidding me? How the hell did Lee kick out at that?>>[APPLAUSE]>>Dijakovic’s coming!>>He’s gonna dive!>>Incredible 67, Dijakovic with the
>>I don’t believe it.>>The resurrection of Keith Lee.>>He just sat up.>>Keith Lee, [SOUND] Keith Lee, [SOUND]
Keith Lee, [SOUND] Keith Lee, Keith Lee!>>This isn’t human.>>There are no words.>>What is he made of?>>There are no words.>>Hoist him up into a fireman’s carry. Keith Lee has Dijakovic-
>>My God!>>Big bang catastrophe.>>One, two, three!>>Keith Lee picks up the victory. Wow.>>Here is your winner, Keith Lee!>>The series is now tied at 1 and
1 with one double countdown. You sometimes hear that
champs fight forever. I would love to see Keith Lee and
Dominic Dijakovic go at it again.

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