Kayden Carter vs. Rhea Ripley: WWE NXT, Sept. 25, 2019

Go, Rhea!>>[NOISE]
>>[SOUND] What a match-up, what a start by Kayden Carter,
exploding out of the corner. She’s done her homework when
it comes to Rhea Ripley. You don’t wanna give Ripley
opportunities like this. What a drop kick.>>Cover!
>>One, two->>Carter kicks out.>>Don’t underestimate Rhea Ripley’s size. When it comes to dropkicks agility, she might be the perfect combination
of power, strength, and quickness.>>She certainly has that confidence
of youth, that aggressive side. Played football in Adelaide for
nine years.>>Rhea said on social media,
prove yourself to yourself, not others.>>A huge heavy metal music fan,
Ripley with this delayed vertical suplex, a la the late, great, British Bull Dog,
David Boy Smith [NOISE]. And what a move there, the power-
>>One, two->>And is it enough? Wow, Kayden Carter! Pop up, beautiful Hurricanrana by Carter,
staggering Ripley.>>Here we go.>>[SOUND]!>>Shot to the chest by Carter, now
showcasing her agility climbing the ropes.>>Whoa!>>Wow!
>>Beautiful!>>Another impressive ‘Rana by Carter,
Rhea Ripley’s on the ropes!>>Taking Rhea Ripley off her
feet is a feat in itself!>>My, what a cazadora! Ow, and what a back kick, quick cover-
>>One, two->>Carter looking for the huge victory, not enough.>>[NOISE]
>>But Carter now has to keep
her pedal on the gas. She cannot let up. You will get very opportunities
like this against a Rhea Ripley.>>This is literally Carter’s backyard, having grown up just miles
away from the NXT Arena.>>I think that Rhea’s earring
literally got kicked out of her head.>>Here it is!
>>Pompando!>>Riptide!>>Riptide!>>One, two, three!>>[SOUND]
>>And no need to believe it or not.>>Believe it, Ripley is for real.>>Rhea Ripley. [MUSIC]

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