Judo Throws & Moves : The Forearm Lock Judo Techniques

Judo Throws & Moves : The Forearm Lock Judo Techniques

On behalf of Expert Village I am John Anderson.
I’d like to show you a forearm lock that you
can use when someone is grabbing a hold of
Now, what I’m doing I’m making this hand go
across at a right angle, I’m pulling his elbow
down toward my hip, I’m bending over and I’m
retreating and it has this affect not here
but here. Thumb down, hand is ridged and what
you do is you step back with the left foot
and bend over.
This can be done many ways. If he grabs my
wrist or my sleeve I can make a circular motion
and grab the hand.
Once more, notice again I don’t try to break
away, I’m coiling.
Thank you!

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  1. I'm not sure where your beef is, here. In the video, his uke clearly does not let go, and that allows the move to work as well as it does. So, in essence, a judoka not letting go is what you want to have happen. Good, yes?

    As for competetive judo, I was under the impression that these videos were geared towards self-defense.

  2. Awesome technique — simple and painfully effective. More proof that Judo is more than just throws. Now you know why Karo P. likes using it in the UFC.

  3. Judo is actually based on an ancient Welsh art called Biji-bo , which is still practiced in remote parts of the brecon beacons. It is all about using your opponents strength against himself.

  4. same here.
    judo wae created by jigoro Kano and defended my a jujutsu merc named Shiro Saigo, who was one the best fighters japan could provide at that time if i believe my martial arts encyclopedia

  5. You've got it right, but not quite Bjj or Gracie Jiu Jitsu Is modified Judo not the other way around. Judo is pure self defense. Esai Maeda, a Japanese immigrant taught the techniques to Carlos Gracie as a "Thank you for hospitality." Helio Gracie then from many years of watching his brothers train, (he was forbiden by his brothers to practice so could only observe) "modefied" the techniques and came up with what is known as Gracie Jiu Jitsu. A form of Modified Judo. ~Keep It Real!~

  6. There a written history texts and records from those eras in which are related some facts like those i stated aboiut judo, it's pretty recent compared to other MA so easier to find good sources, for karate i agree with you, it can only be given a time span in which it was created. But for Judo there are precise dates.

    Kind regards

  7. You're mistaken both Judo and Jiu Jitsu and Gracie Jiu Jitsu were born due to Ju Jutsu, The martial art of the Okinawan Samurai. Judo is both stand up and ground ie: Tachi Waza & Ne Waza. Jiu Jitsu is a great sport, however I favor Judo. I'm a Shodan in Combat Judo & wen I was introduced to BJJ I knew more than those who were ranked brown belts and higher because it's the same techniques just diffrent names its just the Ne Waza part of Judo. -Kind Regards-

  8. You mean Aikido. However Judo is self defense, Judo, Aikido, Sambo, Taekwondo, Karate, Ninjutsu, many forms of martial arts are self defense. I understand that in the Olympics judo is more of a competition rather than self defense as anything is like Taekwondo,
    H2H Karate. etc… This has become because society has allowed it to be this way. I'm a Shodan In Combat Judo and it is purely self defense based. It's how you incorporate it into what you're doing.
    -Kind Regards- ChavaMMA

  9. @44excalibur I know that, I've full respect for the gracies and their contribution to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Otávio Mitsuyo Maeda taught Carlos Gracie and his brothers Judo. Which later Helio who could not practice because his brothers "prohibited" him focused on the Ne Waza of Judo & resulted in BJJ. The Samurai are Japanese I know that. However Okinawa is where the origins of Ju Jutsu are traced back the furthest.

  10. Then it is wrong. Ju Do, Aiki Do, Ken Do are all descending from the actual arts Ju Jutsu, Aiki Jutsu, Ken Jutsu which were mean for warfare, while the others are meant for sportive and peaceful combats without being lethal. These arts were created after the Samurai as soldier wasn't needed anymore, but himself needed a place for his combative spirit and skills…

  11. @chavamma
    Judo and Aikido are descending from Ju Jutsu and Aiki Jutsu which are not only self defense but also attacking martial arts of the Samurai. Nin Jutsu is not self defense in general as it is an actual "attack and kill" system…

  12. @ExtremeDeathman i didn't get the part where you explained what was wrong in what I said, facts still show that shiro saigo was a jujutsu praticioner who defended kodokan in school vs school challenges.
    I never even put in doubt that jujutsu is the root of judo. i defend that idea and tell it that way whenever it comes up in a discussion.

    Kind regards

  13. THese guys are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to old for this! Who wud wanna fight 'em?

  14. @RefiloeMakhesi They are instructing and are past the age of wanting to fight. Who cares if they are old, many of the masters of their age have the knowledge and experience. They are to old for this? You are saying because of your own opinion that they should stop practicing this art? Seems like you have a young mentality and is ignorant.

  15. There is no difference between Judo and ground Judo. There is only one Judo. the techniques on the ground can be applied while standing.. Another thing, there is no such thing as gracie jujitsu,or brazilian gayjitsu. I wish I could learn Japanese Jujitsu, it's a kick ass self defense system with techniques to dangerous to be part of the Sport Judo.brazilian gay jitusu techniques are nothing more than diluted Judo. Maeda was not a ground practitioner, he was a Judoka.

  16. @franciscoreatas11
    It is easier to learn the ground techniques than to master the 67+ recognized Judo throws. there are more, but too dangerous to practised. And I am not talking about leg locks

  17. @franciscoreatas11 Maeda was an expert Judoka at Ne Waza, however. In light of the Olympics' sportifying Judo, BJJ seems to be a necessary art that Judoka should practice for the sake of understanding how many of the standing kata and waza are applied in disadvantageous positions.
    Much like how Karateka should practice Judo to better understand throws and takedowns hidden in Kata.

  18. @Suigetsukanno To separate ground grappling with standing grappling is nonsense. Judo is the descendant of Jujutsu, a killing art; during unarmed combat, most of the time it was necessary to finish up your opponent on the ground.This crap that Maeda or Kimura were ground specialist is nonsense.They were Judokas!! If a Judoka is lacking in the ground game, then he is one-dimensional and should search for a combat oriented DOjo.I went to a JJ class, very dissapointed, they throws were fake.

  19. @aerial3800 My recomendation, If ever fighting a Judoka, keep the distance. WHen I first started Judo, I got my Sensei on a tight muay thai clinch, He threw me and locked my arms on the way down. It was shocking, specially because I am 225 and he is 150 and old. He applied Yoko Garuma..

  20. @chavamma actualy you have it wrong judo is an ofspring of ju jitsu, ju jitsu being the self defence and judo being the sport. judo is called the gentle way because its ju jitsu without the punches or kicks and more throws. ju jitsu originated from the samurai in10,000 ad were as judo originated in 1878

  21. @kwfsuperstar I know what Jiu Ju Jitsu & Ju-Jutsu are.. I'm talking about BJJ so please read cautiously on your next reply. -Kind Regards-

  22. LMFAO dont hear this everyday: "hey whos that old dude over there? a retired vet?"
    "naw thats my neighbor dude…He's aging Martial arts Master." 🙂

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