Judo Throws & Moves : Kate Te Jume Bottom Stranglehold Judo Techniques

Judo Throws & Moves : Kate Te Jume Bottom Stranglehold Judo Techniques

On behalf of Expert Village this is John Anderson.
I’m going to show you how to apply a strangle
to someone who is hovering over the top of
you trying to pin you down to the ground.
I’ll lay down…alright, this is what I’m
doing if you notice I’ve got to make room
to get my hands under, I can’t just stick
them there but watch what happens when I bump
him. This hand has to go underneath really
quickly with the palm facing away from him.
I’m going to kate te jume with my fist, this
a neatly goes behind the head and pulls over,
then I just grab with my fingers, lock his
head in and apply pressure. It’s a very simple
move maneuver and this is how quick it could
be applied. You can get extra strength in
your strangle by doing this with your knee.
Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Judo Throws & Moves : Kate Te Jume Bottom Stranglehold Judo Techniques”

  1. I've used this in class before. against fully resisting opponents, it works very well. if you try it and it doesn't work, its because you did it wrong and not because it doesn't work. because I've used it, and it works very very well.

  2. ok let me explain a bit further. i tried it. at best, all it does is force my opponent into side control. nobody's gonna tap to that when they are on top.

  3. Actually it was used in Greek Pankration before that and catch wrestling no one knows where it originated, and BJJ did adopte it from judo, but let's be honest BJJ has evolved WAY beyond judo (and I practice and respect jud greatly) so much so that many moves in judo are counterable by BJJ. As a white belt I was OWNING brown belts on the ground.

  4. Well the brown belts I was going with were brown belts under Celita Schutz a judo Olympian who went to Athens and Sydney. I also went against a good brownbelt from Cranford NJ where there is a VERY strong school. I was a 4 stripe white belt almost blue, but still I was taking their backs which all judoka are known to give up.

  5. There is a choke in BJJ similar to this called a loop choke where you end up on bottom of north south, but the choke is locked from the knees and you roll under the guy, this is a dangerous move against a knowing opponent, and it is not an artery choke if you notice he has just ONE hand on the side of the neck.

  6. it's rediculous to believe tyou can apply this choke with your arms out like that from the bottom of north south against a knowing opponent. Perhaps you can't apply a kimura WHEN the choke is in, but you risk the arm lock with your arms in that position. This is a move that's seen in BJJ as well, it's called a loop choke and it's very good, but ONLY if you get it from the knees. You would get this when the opp is turtled you reach for a guillotine grip grab the collar and roll under him.

  7. If you're smart, you're thinking 2 to 3 moves ahead of your opponent. Instead of what's happening in the moment. Just sayin'.

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