Judo Throw for Ju Jitsu Ne Waza Ouchi Gari and 2 alternatives for missed leg trip takedown

Judo Throw for Ju Jitsu Ne Waza Ouchi Gari and 2 alternatives for missed leg trip takedown

Hello, today is Aleksandar Tomic with us, and we’ll show you
how to realize Ouchi Gari throw
Ouchi Gari is one of the most popular judo throws,
and third ranked at the Olympics 2012
The most common learning of this technique is done in three steps

Right foot forward…
Left foot coming after it…
And then finish the throw with the right leg
After taking the basic judo guard
We place our right leg close to the partner’s right leg
we approach him straight, hips are facing forwards
Right leg, then left leg..
And then the third step..
I want to load his leg, the one that I want to attack
In this case, ’cause I’m right-handed
With my right hand, I pull the lapel down
or I shift the lapel over the shoulder
or put my hand on his back
First step
Second step…
Third step:I’m putting load on the side where I want to perform sweep
and I’m finishing the throw
From another angle
Right leg .. left leg after it ..
Ouchi Gari!
Right leg..

Now I’ll show you two combinations
for fighters who are fighting Ne-Waza (on the ground)
I want to make my opponent go with his left foot forward
After that I will try to perform Ouchi Gari
But if he defends and pulls his leg back
the right hand continues to drag down
and with left hand I grab him behind his knee
Then I just pull his leg in the air, and hand down to the canvas
And I have side control
One more time, little faster…
Second combination
Same beggining, same moves
But now I want to perform a single-leg takedown
Now I’m lifting his leg up, my right hand is on his lapel again, and I’m finishing takedown with my right leg
doing circular move backwards and pulling his lapel down
This was the technique of the week
Thanks to friends and sponsors of the club

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