Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Flip a Judo Pin

Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Flip a Judo Pin

It looks like I haven’t learned my lesson
yet, so what I’m going to do is I’m going
to escape from this one more time. This time
I’m going to face towards her again, give
her a big hug and remember, when you give
yourself a nice little clap here, you are
going to hold your hands like this, not your
thumbs out, like this, but, in the same sequence
with your four other fingers, grabs like this,
clamp them together. I’m going to tuck in
my chin. I’m going to go ahead and have her
head face towards the mat and then I’m going
to bridge with my back and with my hips up
in the air, to throw her over. So I’m going
to go ahead and I’m going to go ahead and
bridge with my back, leg and my hips, over
and up. Now let me show you how it looks like
on the other side. Here we go.
Just like that.

3 thoughts on “Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Flip a Judo Pin”

  1. hes clearly not very good at judo full stop….he looks like a mechanic who just wants to cop a feel…hes making the escape way too complicated for himself… oh dear

  2. This technique WILL work under two circumstances: the opponent is smaller than you, or you're very strong. Otherwise it's most likely going to fail.

    To improve it's effectiveness you can grab the opponent by the back of the collar and force their head down, away from you. You then get your body in tight like he does and place your knee under the opponent's body as you bridge up. Then you bridge up the other way while clasping your hands and you should be able to get the turnover.

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