Johann Mayer – THE FIGHT – Project Bangkok #20

Guys, we are in the stadion.
I just entered the hall. Everything is quite easy with regard to security.
Counting the seats, I estimate that there are about 750.
Thus, it’s a hall of medium size. And the ring is here all the time.
So, that’s totally common here. In Austria, Wednesday evening would be an unsual time for an event but here it’s common.
The red and the blue corner are directly next to each other.
Therefore, there’s only one entrance and exit for both fighters.
So, when you enter the hall, you already meet your opponent.
Everything here is set up for Thai boxing because there are no other events.
No boxing, no wrestling and so on. No MMA.
Everything is designed for full Muay Thai.
The whole arena is branded in Max Muay Thai. So it’s really like in the UFC: There is only this one thing.
He is doing his activating exercises.
We will soon do some plyometric exercises. We don’t have a lot of time, just a couple of minutes.
It’s very uncommon here. The people here are smiling at that a bit.
We have completed the activating exercises.
The people around here gave us funny looks because it’s not common here
to do fitness or activating exercises.
Here, fighters usually just put on their handwraps and are oiled, and then it starts.
It’s quite busy here.
I think everything is happening earlier than planned.
I think it will soon be our turn.
The first fighters already enter the hall. That’s how it goes.
The end of 10 wonderful days is approaching.
10 wonderful days, where I’ve been followed by a camera.
During this time I could never be myself. I always had to pretend.
I always had to show the world that I’m a cool guy.
I had to change my language. I couldn’t talk as usual.
I’m trying to appear rakish and tough, strong –
– no private life.
But that’s not me!
Amazing! You have the power.
That’s probably because you are a Max Muay Thai fighter.
What else should it be?
Do you have any privileges here as Max Muay Thai fighter?
All. All privileges.
You can’t use all that material. – Why not?
I can do whatever I want. I’m a Max Muay Thai fighter coach.
A period of my life is ending.
Richard “the Cameraman” Staudner is leaving me today.
He is going on a jungle holiday with his girlfriend
and is leaving me all alone here in Thailand.
Chiang Mai
San Kamphaeng
That’s how he treats his athletes.
– We are in Pattaya. –
First, he coaches them perfectly,
and then he drops them like a hot potato
only because of his girlfriend.
Best greetings, Laura!
My name is Johann Mayer. It’s August 15th.
We are on the plane to Chiang Mai.
They plane is about to crash.
We are experiencing heavy turbulences.
I think it’s only because Richard hasn’t activated flight mode on his mobile phone.
So, when you get that message:
It’s Richard Staudner’s fault.
It’s Richard Staudner’s fault that I’m dead.
Excuse me, please. Are you the hard-core Max Muay Thai fighter?
Yes, you’re right. That’s me.
I always thought you would be taller.
Bye, Richard! Have a nice holiday! Thanks for everything!
I love you!
I love you too!

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