100 thoughts on “Joe Biden Threatens To Fight A Pro-Gun Voter In Detroit”

  1. Joe gets angry at Fox News talking points. Good. Short angry speeches might actually sway some of the souls lost to Fox and Trump, perhaps wake them up out of their hypnostupor.

  2. Come to think of it, Biden is the only candidate who didn't bother to make the talk show rounds. He would have appears very "get off my lawn" and not presidential, no doubt. Old sod.

  3. Americans will QUICKLY learn how important it is to keep up with candidates year by year…Joe has definitely declined smh, they'd know if they bothered to check!

  4. Biden arguing they wont take away the guys AR-14…..Hey Biden it's AR-15 you senile numb-nuts. Biden is OVER THE HILL. I'm surprised he knows what state he's in.

  5. So Russian interfered electronically by manipulating data and now we're expected to belive numbers that suspiciously say 90+% for a senile old man, instead of actual humans saying they want Bernie? Have I got that herd mentality right?

  6. Biden has no chance at beating Trump. Sanders might have a slight chance, but the Democrats only wanna get someone moderate. Basically average, but that never works, just look at Trump or Obama, they both are "special" in their own ways.

  7. The US elections are rigged. Someone needs to invade them and spread "freedom and democracy." I heard they might have weapons of mass destruction.

  8. Four more years of trump guys. Like actually. The future is set unless Bernie moves serious weight in the next debates Sunday

  9. I live in Washington state and I can confirm the don't lick policy, I had to use a glue stick 😭 At least they had hand sanitizer next to the box….. Almost stole it because we only are allowed one hand sanitizer per family/household but I didn't for Bernie ✊🏻

  10. It's sad to see that Americans would rather vote for an old male dementia sufferer than a woman
    To us Europeans you really do seem to have a low IQ

  11. If Biden wins the Democrat primaries Trump will clean the floor with him in any debate and win 2020 elections.

  12. Guys, why do I fear the elections will go like 2016: the Democratic nominee behaves so weird that the supporters of the former candidate just do not vote? And Trump wins again (more or less).
    Mr. Biden really is a type who can be unhinged very easily… And clumsy. And lobby-driven.

  13. My home state (CA) voted for Bernie and we’re still not done counting votes, let alone done awarding delegates! The momentum is on Joe’s side, but there’s still 25 states to go!

  14. xxxxxx
    zxzzzz PLEASE watch for the bug that is in most of the world
    that will kill 8% to 14% … please spend 8 mins

    And your Government is a bunch of lying wankers

  15. Too bad there isn't a Brute/Brutus in the Trump administration, or Cuntgressional Repugnicunts… Figuratively, of course. 😉😉😉

  16. Joe Biden is a decent man, he can choose a well qualified, young female candidate who can serve his second term, and we can get rid of the greatest threat to Republic in recent memory.

  17. I usually wish Biden would shut up…but good for him calling that gun nut out on the bullshit. Background checks, magazine limits, this isn't gun grabbing.

  18. It's sad, but Biden represents everything wrong with the democratic party that lead to their current weakened state and the rise of trump and republican fascism.

    And at this point non of that matters. The only sane course of action is to get the orange nazi sympathizer out of power, get rid of as many republican senators by any means possible, and try to push a better candidate next time around to actually fix the problems with this broken country that trump has put on full display.

  19. How else do you handle gun nuts? Joe did well here, and that's something I rarely say.
    And that guy will not vote for him anyway.

  20. The Bernie supporters are going to go full HISSY FIT for the next few days. It remains to be seen if they are mature enough to realize what a mortal danger a second Trump term would mean. America is literally going on trial for the next few weeks.

  21. It would be wise for Biden pick Bernie as his running mate. That way Bernie supporters will vote for Biden. The goal is to get rid off Covid-45.

  22. I get so sick of gun nuts screaming about taking their guns away, it’s been a fear tactic with manipulated edited videos to get second amendment fear losers to overlook the person lying to them as they implement a shit tax plan. it happened

  23. Why the hell did ppl vote for him! Have they not seen his record? This and the one where he attacks the vet! Dear god let’s just screw America yet again!

  24. I am convinced that Americans want to send the most ridiculous option to Washington. Trump is entertaining, wonder WTH he's gonna say next. Same with Biden at least we will get a laugh out of them forcing other career politicians to have to take them seriously.

  25. Hillary gets the nomination at the contested convention. Bernie Bros riot across the country in Democrat cities

  26. So how does "universal background checks for legal gun purchases" equate to "oMg mUh cOlD deAd hAndS!" to trump supporters?

  27. At this rate, Trump and Biden will both be facing away from the podium and yelling curses, demanding someone turn up the TV and wearing their Depends on the outside of their pants. Please, keep fighting hard for #Bernie with many states to go. Even as uphill as the battle seems, we can't give up because we can't survive another 4 years of Trump and Biden said he'll definitely veto M4A and fill his administration with just as many criminals and oligarchs. Social security and Medicare won't be Joe's only casualties. Biden won't fix anything Trump has done and a status quo moderate approach will leave many more of us dead, homeless, jobless, in debt, in jail and/or displaced by climate change.

  28. Lol 4 more years of Trump libs, because you'll manufacture consent, elect a sundowning senile candidate who voted for Iraq war, security cuts, lied about being arrested with Mandela, called voters 'fat' 'dog faced lying pony soldier' 'horse ass'.. said he'll veto m4a.. said progressive policies are pie in the sky.. will not be voting for Trump or Biden either, earn my vote build, a coalition don't be toxic to me blah blah blah..

  29. You've voted for a senile liar who's going to cut your social security, deprive you of health care and get your kids killed. Well done.

  30. Well done for BIDEN. The voter was VICIOUS. BIDEN WILL be ok when TRUMP START his b.s.. Let's go to the boxing ring!!

  31. It’s unfortunate that we have so many idiot’s in this country that think everyone should be able to own military grade guns. Freakin dumb a$$es. Knuckle dragging boobs.

  32. Biden: "I support the 2nd amendment."
    Trump supporter/troll: "oh….but, but… um…something something viral video…"

  33. I’m surprised he didn’t take off his hard hat to smell his hair. Should play the rest of that video when he made his female staffer look like a fool on a viral video. Hacks.

  34. Bernie Sanders is better.
    Sadly, the DNC asserts it is legally entitled to rig the Democratic Primary Elections.

  35. Biden threatened to fight the guy outside.
    Imagine if he’s President and he bans all guns. That’s why we need the second amendment! Whether you are a Liberal or a Conservative, please fight for the second amendment!

    Don’t believe the Democrats! Only 4% of all murders were from semi automatic rifles, the rest are all handguns and shotguns. Mass shootings are sensationalized by the Left, out of 33,800 gun related deaths, only 71 were from mass shootings.

  36. I think Joe did the right thing. People apparently like a leader says it like it is, and sticks to it, whatever "it" is….

  37. Biden threatening to fight a voter. A Presidential candidate hasn't done something that crazy since…our current President every day.

  38. I can’t stand the new, super wealthy colbert .. no wonder he’s supporting Uncle Creepy & his rigged vote machine. Exit polls verify this Dem🤬ery. Picking an early onset of dementia candidate. I’m willing to bet Uncle Creepy & his shills in the msm win 0 states in the general. Hell, back in the 80s 90s, a cognitive Uncle Creepy couldn’t win the nomination … wtf makes the arseclowns in the dnc think ‘his time’ is now ?

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