Joe Biden Has Sloppy Fight With Voter

Joe Biden Has Sloppy Fight With Voter

>>We all know that Joe Biden gets a little
combative with voters who ask him mildly challenging
And the recent example is no exception.
He was in Michigan at a campaign event talking
to construction workers, unionized construction
And, at one point, a gentleman approaches
him to ask about The Second Amendment and
Biden’s proposals for gun control.
Take a look at how it went down.
>>How are you intending on getting the union
vote when there’s a large portion of the union
workers that are gun enthusiasts and you areactively
trying to diminish our Second Amendment right
and take away our guns.
>>You’re full of.
>>All right, thank you guys.
>>No, shuhs, shuhs.
I support the Second Amendment.
The Second Amendment, just like right now
if you yell fire, that’s not free speech.
But from the very beginning, I have a shotgun,
I have a 20 gauge, a 12 gauge, my son.
Guess what?
You’re not allowed to own any weapons.
I’m not taking a gun away at all.
You need 100 rounds-
>>And then what did you meant when you said
you were gonna take our guns
>>I did not say that, that’s not-
>>You did.
>>I did not say that.
>>It was a viral video.
>>It was a viral video like the other ones
they’re putting out, it was simply a lie.
>>Your voice, you have said that you’re taking
the guns-
>>Well, he just clarified it.
>>Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Take your AR-14s away.
>>Okay, this is not okay, all right?
>>Hold on, hold on.
>>It’s coming
>>There’s a lot of guys-
>>Hey, you’re working for me, man.
>>I’m not working for you.
Don’t be such a horse’s ass.
>>Look, here’s the deal.
Here’s the deal.
>>Are you able to own a machine gun?
>>Do I own a machine gun?
>>I said, are you able to own one?
>>Machine guns are illegal.
>>That’s right.
So are AR-15s illegal.
>>How is that a machine gun?
>>No, it’s not.
>>It’s a semi-automatic
>>Yeah, you need 100 rounds?
You need 100 rounds?
>>So I wanna make sure that you’re fully
aware of what was said in that video, because,
of course, you can tell that it’s combative,
but it is a little hard to hear everything.
So one thing that stood out right in the beginning,
and we had to censor it for obvious reasons,
he tells this worker, you’re full of ish.
Okay, so that was line number one.
I wanna ask all of the New York Times reporters
who are tweeting in defense of Joe Biden right
now, would you have the same defense if it
were Bernie Sanders in the exact same video,
in the exact same interaction?
I would argue no, because he doesn’t have
those types of interactions and he’s constantly
being described as angry, as grumpy.
As irritable, combative, whereas Joe Biden
has multiple videos that look exactly like
this, and it’s totally okay.
Voters love this.
Yeah, I’m sure.
He also tells his campaign worker, I’m mean,
she’s off camera, she’s a woman, shush when
she tries to calm the situation down.
>>My God, I imagine if Bernie Sanders had
done that.
So look, guys, it’s not really to the point
where no sane person can dispute the overwhelming
bias of mainstream media.
So if Bernie Sanders had told a Michigan worker
that he was full of crap.
Well number one, civility, see he encourages
this lack of civility by saying these outrageous
And yet he’s so rude.
Number two to get into, he’s grumpy.
That’s why people don’t like him.
No one likes him just like Hilary Clinton
said, no one likes him.
Okay, number three.
My God, he’s gonna lose Michigan.
Look at what he’s saying to Michigan workers
in hard hats.
Disrespecting the workers of Michigan.
We’re never gonna win Michigan, we’re never
gonna win the Mid West, he’s unelectable.
Biden does it, it’s 180, complete opposite.
Attaboy, way to take the fight to them, he’s
a real guy people can relate to.
>>I’m gonna show you examples of what New
York Times reporters are twitting today, the
objective ones.
There are portions of the interaction you
didn’t see on tape so I wanna share it with
At one point Joe Biden tells the worker, don’t
tell me that, pal, or I’m going to go outside
with your ass.
>>Wow, imagine if Bernie Sanders had said
>>No, no, it gets worse, though, it gets-
>>Or anyone related to Bernie Sanders had
said that.
>>Are you threatening to beat him up?
And it looked like they were outside, but
anyway, beside the point.
It gets worse, though.
>>By the way, it’s also funny I’m gonna go
outside with your ass, is not a great line
to use if you’re in a combative situation.
>>At that point, the construction worker
responds to him and says, you’re working for
me, man.
>>That’s a great point.
>>I don’t agree with him on this Second Amendment
I’m actually gonna back up Joe Biden on that
in a second.
But a voter has every right to ask you questions.
I gotta asked crazy tough questions-
>>And I never threatened to beat anyone up.
>>Right, no.
>>That’s insane.
>>So here’s what Joe Biden’s response was
to an American citizen, a US voter who said,
you’re working for me, man.
Joe Biden responds and says, I’m not working
for you, don’t be such a horse’s ass.
>>No, no, no.
>>That was the most honest moment for Joe
>>That was a very honest moment, and we shouldn’t
just gloss over it.
Because that’s what he genuinely thinks.
He doesn’t think he’s working for you.
He doesn’t think he’s working for American
citizens, US voters.
No one here who has actual skin in this game,
in this election is someone that Biden thinks
that he’s working for or representing.
>>Yeah, I do wanna give him a policy, but
we also have to note, he said AR-14.
There is no AR-14, it’s an AR-15.
And so we gotta talk about the mental decline
in a second.
But now all of these things here, I did not
see the New York Times sweets, but I know
the media.
I know them like the back of my hand.
I knew they’d all defend Biden.
But just in any of these situations imagine
for Bernie telling him that he’s gonna go
assault a worker in Michigan, and that he’s
gonna take his ass outside.
And he doesn’t care about him.
He doesn’t work for him.
The New York Times would’ve savaged Bernie
Now, what do they say in this case?
>>So here is one New York Times reporter,
Repulican vets sends this over and asks, this
is Jonathan Martin from the New York Times.
Why on Earth is the Trump campaign sending
this out?
Do they think this makes Biden look bad?
People are going to love this.
Jonathan Martin, a Republican veteran came
up to you and told you this.
Then you should definitely regurgitate this
exact point, that this is something that people
are gonna love, and that’s exactly what he
He in the thread also tweeted, Rule of thumb
for most earthy Biden encounters.
Assumptions about them hurting him with voters
are usually wrong.
>>That’s because you guys immediately cover
his ass.
Tough guy, way to be Joe Biden.
Hey, Republicans told me he’s great.
Republicans told me he’s great.
Bernie, some Bernie Sanders supporter said
that there might be an issue with Joe Biden’s
mental decline.
They agree with Republicans, these bastards.
No hint of recognition of the hypocrisy when
republicans tell you Joe Biden’s right you
printed like it’s gold.
When progressives ever agree with Republicans
they’re like, how do you traders, right?
>>There’s one more tweet in this thread,
though this is a thanks you guys for the books
meaning that this viral video is awesome.
And it’s gonna totally help Biden because
it makes him look like a tough guy.
But fact of the matter is, it actually does
not make him look like a tough guy.
It makes him look like he’s incredibly defensive,
even though he’s right on the issue.
So when it comes to the actual policy, we
absolutely do need gun control, right?
Common sense gun control and he’s also right
in stating that he never once said that he’s
looking to take people’s guns away from them.
But he is trying to make a point about certain
types of weaponry that people shouldn’t own,
But here’s the thing, you can make that argument
without threatening to beat people up.
I mean, come on.
>>So let’s split those into two different
Some people are getting getting on him for
saying that AR-14s, but let’s put aside the
AR-15s are like machine guns.
He actually did not say that.
He said, you shouldn’t have a machine gun,
And the worker agreed, okay, yes, that’s right,
machine guns are illegal.
He was making a point that like machine guns
are illegal, there are some bounds of reason,
and AR-15s could also be illegal for a similar
Hey, do you need 100 rounds in a weapon to
be able to go hunting?
You don’t.
So that was actually a perfectly good point.
He didn’t say anything wrong there, except
the slip about AR-14.
On the other hand, when you’re talking about
the elephant in the room, which is the mental
One thing that people don’t often talk about
is, and if you’ve had any family or family
friends that have gone through this, it’s
not just that they begin to lose memory and
they begin to lose different things like that,
they also get irritable.
And so yes, I fully acknowledge I’m not a
doctor, okay, obviously, but Joe Biden refuses
to do cognitive tests.
Before this controversy came about, he released
other medical records, but would not do a
cognitive test.
So that’s a glaring omission in his medical
Of course, the mainstream media, which asked
about Bernie’s medical records related to
his heart, which he put out enormous details
on, were like, not enough, not enough.
And they did hours, and hours, and hours of
coverage of that giving Joe Biden millions
of dollars of free media.
None of them are asking about why is there
is no cognitive test.
>>No, no.
>>And he keeps getting irritable in weird
Telling people that he’s gonna take there
ass outside.
>>No, Cenk, but look, according to the New
York Times people love that Joe Biden refuses
to take the cognitive test.
It’s actually helping him with voters.
>>That’s what the New York Times thinks.
No, they don’t actually say that.
But it’s not far fetched given the insane
double standard that they apply to Biden versus
>>If you guys, look, everybody knows, you’re
the most establishment person in the planet,
you know,right now, Bernie had said shush
to a female staffer.
Had called it an AR-14.
>>Threatened to assault the Michigan worker
and yelled at him and cursed at him.
The Jonathan Martin would not have sent those
Everyone else and cable news right now would
be talking about how he’s unacceptable, unelectable,
a monster, rude.
Disqualified, we all know it.
The only people who refuse to acknowledge
the people doing propaganda for a living,
every single person on television.
>>And one final thing I wanna mention about
Joe Biden and his entire branding throughout
this election.
He keeps arguing that he’s not only the most
electable, which I’m not buying, obviously,
for reasons that we’ve discussed on this show
over and over again.
More importantly, he’s the one who can bring
people together.
Is that how he brings people together?
By threatening them if they ask a question
that he finds mildly challenging?
>>I’ll tell you this, Joe Biden’s not gonna
be President.
If it’s him versus Trump, I’ll do evertyhing
I can to make sure that Trump is not president,
but he’s not gonna make it.
He’s not gonna make it, it’s the most obvious
thing in the world.
And they’re leading us right into an ambush
if he’s the candidate in the general election.
I hope people realize it in time, we got Michigan
We’ll see how it goes.
And by the way, if you care about people who
actually cover the news fairly,
to support The Young Turks, because we’re
certainly among the very few that are fighting
against that machine.
That wall of propaganda on television that
skews every single thing in favor of establishment
candidates like Joe Biden and everything yes
progressives like Bernie Sanders.
>>Can you imagine if Bernie shushed a woman?
I mean, Bernie was accused with no evidence
of telling Warren that a woman can’t win as
President, right?
No evidence whatsoever, even though he was
the one encouraging her to run in 2015.
And then on the other hand, you have Biden
on tape telling a woman to shush when she
tried to de escalate a situation.
But no, no, that’s gonna help Biden with voters.
It’s not a problem.
Anyway, as the-
>>You’re most biased people in America-
>>It’s incredible and it’s
>>And it’s so blatant that is obviously now
at this point, not a slip up.
Did we say the things that would help Biden
in every single circumstance and interpret
the same exact things as terrible when Bernie
does it?
And Bernie never threatened to kick anyone’s
ass, let alone a voter, let alone a Michigan
He never shushed anyone.
>>A woman, especially.
>>He never confused an AR-15 for an AR-14
or a Super Tuesday for Super Thursday.
Or his wife for his sister, or Vermont for
New Hampshire.
If he’d done any of those things, you know
what they would have said on cable news.
>>He’s too old, he’s too old, he’s too old.
Bernie’s gotta go.
When Biden does it, all lovable Joe, you’re
not allowed to talk about it until the general
>>Yeah, well, Bernie did commit the top sin
in corporate America and that was to threaten
power and wealth.
And that is again the biggest sin of all,
which is why they attack him so aggressively.
Finally, I leave you with a wonderful Biden
campaign ad that responds to all the criticism
from leftie shows like this one.
Here’s the campaign ad, it makes a very compelling
>>Bernie Sanders wants you to think he’s
the least selfish cantidate in the race.
All the way down to his slogan Not me, Us.
But really, Bernie, time and time again Joe
Biden has made it clear that he’s all about
other people.
Especially when it comes to suggesting who
to vote for.
>>No, now we’ve gotta stop building and replacing
>>You have to go vote for somebody else.
You should vote for Trump.
You should vote for Trump.
You got the right candidate in Bernie.
Then you should vote for someboady else.
>>Biden 2020, Not Me, Someone Else.
>>It’s compelling.

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