Jodie Whittaker! She is the new Doctor!
Jodie Whittaker! Warning: spoilers!
Jodie Whittaker! Annoys the haters!
Jodie Whittaker! Let’s start all over!
Jodie Whittaker!
Hello and welcome to this reaction video
about the new Doctor’s announcement!
Usually, we don’t do reaction videos,
but we have so much to say.
And we know we interest you, so here we are, once again, in front of this red wall
for like the fifth video in a row.
So Julien, your reaction?
I’m so happy, Federer is one of my favourite tennis player,
I’m so glad he won.
Actually, about Federer…
Come on, BBC, did you have to let us with only one minute of Jodie Whittaker? Seriously?
Well, it’s a cute little trailer…
Yes, the trailer is beautiful, but one minute!
There are plenty of emotions! Lots of “What? A woman!”,
and suddendly, bam: “hmm yes he won…”
He put the shuttlecock above the net.
We are happy for him.
It’s tennis, not badminton.
Quite the same, for me. It’s sports.
We saw her back, I said “Ah! It’s a man.”
I said “But no, it’s a woman!”
“Look well, it’s a woman!”
She had squared shoulders. I guess it’s because of…
-Capaldi’s coat.
-Yes, she has man’s shoulders because of Capaldi’s coat.
Let’s reenact the scene.
It was just like that. Pauline knew her.
Yes, I watched a part of Broadchurch, so I knew her.
But you didn’t know her.
No, I didn’t. We learned more about her this afternoon because
we read about the bookies favourites.
We read about the bookies’ 10 favourites.
And she was second,
so I just searched what she looks like.
By the way, I have discovered the best website in the world, I’ll show you!
-Well, you’ve already seen it.
-I have, but show them!
So when Julien is looking for information about actors,
he starts by going on…
No, no… on Google.
-Google Images.
-On Google.
-Then he goes to…
-I’m looking for…
“Jodie Whittaker”.
-I’m looking for Jodie Whittaker.
I click on “Images”
and if it hasn’t change,
here, this website is called WikiFeet.
So here you have all the pictures of Jodie Whittaker’s feet.
I like this one very much.
It’s the wasp/bee 2013 edition.
It has a sparkling charm.
-It’s too long.
-It’s too long…
So Pauline, how does it feel to have a female Doctor?
Aaaaah! I’m so happy!
Representation, etc.
Very good.
It’s not the point that makes me “aaaaah” the most.
Doctor Who is a show about change.
They always try to innovate, to invent cool stuff, to live in their time.
To make such a choice after series 10, which was full of feminist or anti-racist messages…
I think it’s a great continuity to have the Doctor to become a woman.
This is so cool!
But it’s certain many people will stop… well, will say they’ll stop watching the show.
Most of them will continue to watch just to say “Oh look, it’s a woman, she is bad!”
It will attract haters.
I’m not even sure the ratings will drop.
People are saying “if it’s a woman, less people will watch.”
No. People who don’t want a female and who won’t even let her a chance,
too bad! At least, it will clean the fandom, which could be nice.
It’ll change things so it’ll bring a new audience,
even just a curious one.
If series 11 is well-made, I’m not sure the ratings will be affected.
We can hope they will not be.
And you Julien, how does it feel to have a female Doctor?
I’m glad.
I’m glad as it will bring change.
And I’m glad because we are going to have a Christmas special with Capaldi,
the first Doctor… So the first and the twelfth Doctor,
and the new Doctor who is a female.
I hope, as the first Doctor is a grumpy guy, probably a bit sexist…
Maybe not but…
Well there are some lines because of the sixties spirit…
It’s another time.
I would like to see this Doctor seeing Capaldi and saying “it’s alright, my…” I want to say lineage.
-“My succession is secured.”
And then, he becomes a female.
-It changes the game.
-It changes the game, that’s nice.
I admit it, the only annoying thing
will be “The Doctor, he… hmm, she…”
-It’s going to be annoying.
-Just like Missy.
Like Missy.
But you talk less about Missy than the Doctor him…herself.
It’s going to be less weird as they changed the Master’s name. Here they’ll keep “Doctor”.
-“The Doctoress”.
Obviously, the first episode will be a lot about it, it’s normal.
This is logical. I only hope they will not stay on it all the time,
to pitch into it… Just to rediscover the Doctor.
I don”t care what he has under his belt!
For real! As long as I see the character I love,
But it’s always the same, some people don’t think like us.
-For them a woman is not… well… as good as a man.
-Not a human being.
It’s a robot!
I think, even if you dislike the idea,
you should give her a chance and watch the beginning of series 11,
to watch how she handles it.
She is an excellent actress
so there are no reason she couldn’t do it.
I don’t think they’ll take a bad actress to play the Doctor.
They know what they are doing.
They want bump into things and they choose a great actress to do so.
I entirely trust them.
Give her a chance, even if you’re against the idea of a female Doctor.
-Anything else to say?
-No, that’s nice.
Yes, I’m pleased!
No, let’s see.
We’ll wait for Christmas!
What do you think? Tell us in the comment section.
What do you think of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor?
Are you excited like us?
Will you stop watching the show because THIS IS WRONG?
I think people will say “Pepperpot Team, you opened my eyes!”
“You’re like gods to me”, I’m sure that’s what people think when they watch our videos.
Yeah, if you disagree with you, just say “You’re like gods to me”.
Hahaha, good idea!
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If you disagree… give us a thumb up!
There! We leave you with some tunes!

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