Jim Jordan Cried And Begged Wrestler To Deny He Helped In Assault Coverup

Republican representative Jim Jordan has been
further implicated in the Ohio State University
sexual assault cover-up, but this time it’s
not just what he did back in the late eighties
and early nineties to cover up the assault
that was happening to the wrestlers that he
was in charge of protecting.
This is actually being implicated in trying
to cover-up the cover-up.
According to a man by the name of Adam DiSabato,
who was testifying in front of the Ohio legislature
earlier this week in support of House bill
249 which would extend the statute of limitations
so that the former wrestlers at Ohio State
could sue the school for the abuse that they
suffered, suffered, and the cover-up from
the school itself.
DiSabato happened to be the captain of the
wrestling team while Jim Jordan was there
for some of the years.
His brother two years ago is the one who came
forward and directly implicated Jim Jordan
in the cover-up.
And during yesterday’s hearing, DiSabato said
that in July of 2018 he got a call, multiple
calls from Republican representative Jim Jordan,
and Jordan was crying, groveling and begging
DiSabato to come out and disavow his brother’s
comments that had implicated Jordan in the
cover-up in the first place.
His exact quote to the Ohio legislature was
Jim Jordan called me crying, groveling, begging
me to go against my brother.
That’s the kind of cover-up that’s going on
Are you guys going to do, what you’re, what
your voted to do?
That’s the only reason I am here.
So DiSabato made it clear.
Yeah, Jim Jordan was involved in this.
Jim Jordan is still trying to cover things
But I’m not even here to say that, oh, this
Republican guy is bad.
I want you legislature to do what you were
voted in to do, to protect us, to allow us
to finally get a little bitty taste of justice.
And the reason I bring that up is because
I’m sure a lot of Republicans are going to
say, oh, well this is just another guy showing
up trying to smear a Republican rising star.
He made it clear that that’s not even his
It may have happened, sure, because Jim Jordan
was absolutely involved in this cover-up.
Jim Jordan has specifically been named in
several of the lawsuits that have been brought
by these former wrestlers, not just the DiSabato
Others have said that Jim Jordan did this
as well and now we know the extent to which
Jordan tried to cover it up.
It wasn’t just from 1987 to 1995 that Jim
Jordan was working to cover-up the abuse that
happened at the hands of Dr. Richard Strauss,
but it was happening as recently as 2018 with
these phone calls.
Jim Jordan has spent the last year or more
really of his career trying to defend all
of the criminal activity of Donald Trump,
trying to write it off and trying to convince
the public that Donald Trump didn’t really
break any laws and that if he did, it’s okay.
What Jim Jordan should have been doing is
getting all of his affairs in order because
when this statute of limitations gets lifted,
and I have no doubt that it’s going to, Jordan
is going to be named in more than just a few
lawsuits, and this man stands to lose everything
he has ever gained in his entire life.
And if the allegations against him are true,
then even that, losing everything, might not
even be a good enough punishment for Jim Jordan.

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