Jim Jordan Cried And Begged Wrestler To Deny He Helped In Assault Coverup

Jim Jordan Cried And Begged Wrestler To Deny He Helped In Assault Coverup

Republican representative Jim Jordan has been
further implicated in the Ohio State University
sexual assault cover-up, but this time it’s
not just what he did back in the late eighties
and early nineties to cover up the assault
that was happening to the wrestlers that he
was in charge of protecting.
This is actually being implicated in trying
to cover-up the cover-up.
According to a man by the name of Adam DiSabato,
who was testifying in front of the Ohio legislature
earlier this week in support of House bill
249 which would extend the statute of limitations
so that the former wrestlers at Ohio State
could sue the school for the abuse that they
suffered, suffered, and the cover-up from
the school itself.
DiSabato happened to be the captain of the
wrestling team while Jim Jordan was there
for some of the years.
His brother two years ago is the one who came
forward and directly implicated Jim Jordan
in the cover-up.
And during yesterday’s hearing, DiSabato said
that in July of 2018 he got a call, multiple
calls from Republican representative Jim Jordan,
and Jordan was crying, groveling and begging
DiSabato to come out and disavow his brother’s
comments that had implicated Jordan in the
cover-up in the first place.
His exact quote to the Ohio legislature was
Jim Jordan called me crying, groveling, begging
me to go against my brother.
That’s the kind of cover-up that’s going on
Are you guys going to do, what you’re, what
your voted to do?
That’s the only reason I am here.
So DiSabato made it clear.
Yeah, Jim Jordan was involved in this.
Jim Jordan is still trying to cover things
But I’m not even here to say that, oh, this
Republican guy is bad.
I want you legislature to do what you were
voted in to do, to protect us, to allow us
to finally get a little bitty taste of justice.
And the reason I bring that up is because
I’m sure a lot of Republicans are going to
say, oh, well this is just another guy showing
up trying to smear a Republican rising star.
He made it clear that that’s not even his
It may have happened, sure, because Jim Jordan
was absolutely involved in this cover-up.
Jim Jordan has specifically been named in
several of the lawsuits that have been brought
by these former wrestlers, not just the DiSabato
Others have said that Jim Jordan did this
as well and now we know the extent to which
Jordan tried to cover it up.
It wasn’t just from 1987 to 1995 that Jim
Jordan was working to cover-up the abuse that
happened at the hands of Dr. Richard Strauss,
but it was happening as recently as 2018 with
these phone calls.
Jim Jordan has spent the last year or more
really of his career trying to defend all
of the criminal activity of Donald Trump,
trying to write it off and trying to convince
the public that Donald Trump didn’t really
break any laws and that if he did, it’s okay.
What Jim Jordan should have been doing is
getting all of his affairs in order because
when this statute of limitations gets lifted,
and I have no doubt that it’s going to, Jordan
is going to be named in more than just a few
lawsuits, and this man stands to lose everything
he has ever gained in his entire life.
And if the allegations against him are true,
then even that, losing everything, might not
even be a good enough punishment for Jim Jordan.

100 thoughts on “Jim Jordan Cried And Begged Wrestler To Deny He Helped In Assault Coverup”

  1. When is the House going to sanction his ass and remove him? How long do we have to tolerate this scumbag's charade of decency?

  2. What will Trump say ? Jim Jordan is an honourable man and is being accused falsely and if I could I would give him a Presidential Pardon !! Ah , sure I'll give him a pardon anyway !!

  3. Boo Hoo Jordan is just another amateur criminal, Trump will have him go free as a bird,any Trump lover has a Get out of Jail Free card !

  4. Jim Jordan is famous for cover up so thesis are the people ya'll stand up for if ya'll do, ya'll just as sick as Jim Jordan.

  5. And this POS has the nerve to act all high and mighty while defending our giant POS known as Donald Trump. The "law and order" party is now infested with criminals and cowards.

  6. This coward hurt many many others by lying and covering up for the Doctor's abusing these young men.
    Jordan has a lot to answer for. Protecting trump and accepting his disgusting behavior is totally deplorable!!
    He aided and abetted a pedophile for years at Ohio State. He needs to be behind bars for a long time.
    Hes so corrupt he thought he could cry and whine and 1 brother would throw the other away.
    A very sick creature…no wonder trump and mcconnell like him.

  7. Gym Jordan needs to be in jail and immediately face what the victims had endured for years… pay back is a bitch

  8. Send this Bastard to state Prison. Jordan deserves it. Hope the victims clean him out of every penny he has, or would get for the next 20 years.

  9. EvenGenital KKKristian RepublicKKKlans…
    Revoke tax exempt status for Christian Churches!!!!
    Since they vote for and protect criminals and pussy grabbers… They don’t deserve $1 trillion worth of tax breaks every 12 years!
    That’s $5 trillion of tax breaks for criminals and pedophiles over a period of 60 years. That’s fucked up because of the GOP…
    Pricks … “Party”.

  10. And now we know what Trump had on him, and why he fought so hard against the investigations in the Trump impeachment. First was Nunez who was personally involved in the Ukraine scandal. And now Jordan, who is directly involved in this sexual assult cover-up. How many other Senators have been put under Trump's thumb Since the Ebstein child sex ring was raided.

  11. Little Jimmy Jordan needs to be thrown in jail. Then he might learn what molestation is when he's throat around like the little b** that he is.

  12. What goes around, comes around. Jordon is exposed for what he really is, a wimpy, corrupt coward. we have known this all along, but the students are getting their revenge.

  13. Jim Jordan through his attorney said “I didn’t see any abuse taking place”. This is lawyer speak for saying that he didn’t see anything in person though it doesn’t say that he didn’t know about it. Slimy word salad to be sure. He’s been threading that plausible deny ability needle for some time.
    Let’s hope that there are phone records of his calls to the captain of the team. Wonder what he’ll say about those conversations?

  14. I can't stand that prick I hope he gets life and loses everything he has. How could he not know what was going on? TheReaper!

  15. Mr freedom caucus hides the freedom to have justice the republicans have the ohio legislature in a stranglehold and have had it that way for years due to gerrymandering so does anybody think they will make justice happen esp for jordan who lies more than trump

  16. What a tough guy. Back at OSU, he was practicing his "Cover-up' chops. He was completely Ready for his Senate trial role.
    how about

  17. Gym JORDAN was crying only because he reminisced about the good ole days. He and the Dr loved joining the boys in long group showers and providing rough massages. Just like a republican who’s willing to look the other way while their pals commit crimes and then play the victim. Gym “ look the other way” JORDAN embarrassed himself as he used his old tactics during the House of Reps of the Trump impeachment.
    Republicans are cut from the same cloth. Smh Vote them out and jail these corrupt phfuckszz!!
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  18. Piece of Shit Jordan!! He defended the Criminal Trump!! Lol i hope he goes to jail soon, him n Fat Ass Orange draft dodging coward!!

  19. There is NOTHING Worse for a Victim when someone of authority is well aware of the abuse and DOES NOTHING. He should be locked up with the Abuser and throw away the key, POETIC JUSTICE !!!!!

  20. Jordan it is best to admit that at times the Human in you want to help People who you wish did not do wrong. I will start off. My Friends used to do bad things. I would use words that made it appear that they were unaware of what they were doing. To be honest. These People hide pain like People in car accidents hide the bottle. We are Human. If it was up to us at times. We wish No One that we know get caught up in insane things before they tell us what is going in. We just be wanting to help that is all. I yell Everyone my reasons for bring upset. That way they are honest with me. Most People are saying that no Judge should have skipped the first two important steps of my case so that they knew why the Deed of the home is to be in my name. Learning lessons are for the mature.

  21. More bullshit from liberal media. Jordan is a honorable Congressman. Those demo rats are another story. Just wish DOJ can come after bullshiters and propaganda network and lock them up. These people are destroying our democracy with trump hatred.

  22. Nasty evil man that is why he worked so hard to get kavanaugh in the court because he knew he may need his help one day.Scumbags all and don't write to me,my opinion.

  23. Let see if our judicial system will allow Jim Jordan too get away with this most heinous act against our kids what a disgraceful piece of garbage, he is it makes me sick too my core!!!!

  24. I have been writing about the Jim Jordan "affair" for several years. I have been after Jim Jordon for the Ohio University wrestling team sexual assault cover-up using YouTube many, many times but no one commented about my comments or they chose not to believe or didn't want to face the truth about Jordon because "no good republican would ever do a thing like cover-up a criminal act". Now that the team members are speaking out little Jimmy is crying foul, that he didn't do anything wrong …… well GOD DAMMIT – JIM JORDON LIED and did IN FACT participate in the cover-up of a sex crime and he should be severely punished for his behavior and he should be removed from the House of Representatives.

  25. This is the real Jim Jordan. This is his character and the man he is. He covered up for a pedophile and threw those kids to a wolf. Hang em high.

  26. Big girls don't cry, suck it up buttercup!!!! Karma, she's cunt of a truth teller!!!!
    I hope this punk goes down like the titanic!!!!

  27. When bullies and perverts get caught up they cry ,cry. Cry ! Anyone have a roll of cheap paper towels so he can wipe away his tears ! 😭

  28. Sadly he's never going to be voted out of office. In his district theres only one thing better than Trump ,and that is :The Ohio State University . In this state Buckeyes are infallible, I'm not saying that it's right, it's just the way it is.

  29. Good he's a low life in a high place. Again we need to have him lose it all. Justice is suppose to be blind and fair. He deserves it ALL.

  30. He should be in jail. He knew what was happening to the boys and did nothing!! Poor excuse for a human! Even worse for a teacher. Send to jail.

  31. These republicans will just lie he knew what was going on ,the republicans party has trun out to be the party of habitual liars, they are total bankrupt ,I guess if you stack the court to advantage, and Roger stone willing to let the white man go ,when you let Roger stone go Republican go to all the jail in America and let all the people out that committed the same crimes as Roger stone and let them because it not a crime,or we have 2 justice system one for white and one for the people of color,racist system like black Americans have been saying for 100 years,the republicans were just going to lie.

  32. What a disgusting piece of sh** Jim Jordan is , he needs to be taken out of office . I ALSO think all the Republicans in the Senate need to be removed. For what they did in trumps impeachment circus !

  33. You know what di Sabato said is true, or slimy Jim would have filed a "cease and desist" claim or a counter suit. The more guys or former athletes come forward, the more pressure there is on Jordan.

  34. The kids have said jordan molested them also. Most people know he turned his head of what the coack was doing, but Jordan had his dirty hands on the kids himself. What a pervert!!!!

  35. He put himself in the public eye and used his mouth in the wrong way. He brought the attention on himself so here you go dude. The price you pay for money power and fame. You cooked your food to your taste, now you eat it. You made your bed, now you sleep in it.

  36. Gym shoes Jordan should be chained to a bike rack and every single person who was victimized by the doc should get a “free kick” in Jordan’s teeth! Then, his sorry excuse should be hanged in the town square!

  37. These guys have NO SHAME!They will do anything to get what they want & I do mean anything! I'd bet $$ that Drumpf would sell his own beloved daughter down the river if it came to him or her! Anyone agree?

  38. I believe every word Jim Jordan says…..NOT!!! He’s the scum of the earth. Jordan wanted him to disavow his brother’s statement. The very same brother that has committed suicide. Jordan is the worst!!! I hope he is stripped penniless and thrown in jail!

  39. Heh Gym. Just wanted you to know I'll be stopping by Costco to pick up a case of Kleenex for you. I'll drop it off on your front steps.

  40. When??? When do the Republicans cry foul? Ok, GET IT! You want to demand Pro-life, and you want to protect your right to own guns….When will you educate yourself enough to recognize that Pro Choice gives you the right to choose NOT to terminate a pregnancy? When will you understand that gun control is not about taking guns away from reasonable people? It's about disarming those who should not have these weapons. Ask yourself, are you really willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of innocents, just to "give rights" to the mentally infermed?

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