Jeff Dabe | Armwrestler with Worlds Largest Hands

Jeff Dabe | Armwrestler with Worlds Largest Hands

my name is Jeff Gabe I’m 52 years old
I run heavy equipment
I’ve been to a lot of different doctors they’re not really
give me a straight answers
a lot of speculations but it appears after having bunch of tests done that show that I
didn’t have any of the stuff
they thought it would be
gigantism or acromegaly so now i know all the fancy names
i was different
I mean a bigger kid strong so
my size helped me a lot
it had some pluses some minuses
some kids picked on me and some kids were my friends they though i was cool
to me it never bothered me
however it was it was
it help at sport
it helped to wrestled
so it did give me advantage to be
and i have the worlds largest wedding ring
I had all my fingers measured by a jeweler
and the ring finger is the biggest four point seven
eight inches with the ring size of 38
it’s like size of a woman’s small
and that is a quarter I’m holding inside to try
to give you some
kind of size reference
it may not look very big in my hands but there’s not
much that looks big in my hands
here is last little piece of toilet roll and it it’s about the same
size diameter as my finger
as you can see I
can slide it on and its snug at the bottom
and my finger is just a pinch
and about the same diameter
Andre the Giant’s forearm is right
around 12 inches
and I’m close to 12 or maybe a pinch over

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