hello good morning welcome to a little
vlog so I have a spontaneously decided
today to go to my pal Jade’s house and
you’ll know Jade if you followed me
right from uni I lived with Jade in
third year she’s been my best friend
been since first year and and she used to
be the star of the show used to be in my
vlogs a lot and yeah today we’ve randomly
decided I’m gonna go and see her really
last-minute we literally decided it this
morning so I thought it’d be quite fun
to vlog I’m not really sure just putting my shoes on by the way I’m
not really sure whether I’ll make it a weekly vlog or just a little daily vlog or
whatever but yeah I thought it’d be nice
to kind of throw it back and go odd
school daily vlog style so yeah I’m
gonna drive to Lincoln it’s about an
hour drive so it’s not just popping
round the corner to see your friend for Jaddles
it’s worth it and I miss her so
we’re gonna go and have a little day
together she’s got annie the dog with
her we’ve already decided we’re gonna go
McDonalds so it’s a proper throwback
Lincoln Jaddles vlog I’m very excited so
those of you OGs out there hopefully
you’re excited too and I’ve got everything I think
I need my sunglasses because I don’t know
if you can tell it’s very sunny the
winter Sun is very intense right now
we’re gonna drive to Lincoln I’m gonna
listen to shagged married annoyed the
podcast they’ve got a new one out I’ve caught up
I spent weeks binging and all their
audio it’s not audio all their podcasts
because I started when they’d kind of
already got about 38 I think and I
finally caught up so now I have to wait
til every Friday for a new one to come
out so yeah I’m gonna listen to that and
I will see you when I’m in Lincoln I
made it so that was a complicated Drive
my Sat Nav
confused me and I swear every time I’d
drive to Jade’s house it
sends me a different way
and so that was one thing my dash cam
kept falling off my window it
fell off at least four times I had to
pull up like couple of times I stuck it
back up whilst I was driving and then I
pulled up and I was like
this is not not the one it’s on for now
so we’ll see how long that lasts and
then the red arrows drew over drew flew
over me so I was like woo I pulled over
and watched the red arrows I can see
Jade right now and we’re gonna go and
have cuddles and have a good good time
I’m excited to see her, alright lads, it’s gonna be weird
some people won’t know who you are oh yes and some people won’t know who I am I’ll do a professional
intro make you focus hi everyone No
hi everyone I’m Alice’s friend I was a
oh there’s a pheasant
hi everyone I’m Alice’s friend all right
kids none of you know who I am anymore
because you’re all too cool for school
but I’m Alice’s OG friend, we’re going fo maccies yay, mcdonalds
I don’t remember the last time I had a maccies, you trying to zoom in? Yeah
it’s so weird
vlogging I feel like I’ve gone back two
years being back in Lincoln vlogging with you, yeah, I look like farmer Joe
farmer Jade so I’ve got me I’ve got me
farm ready boots on I knew that we
end up walking down the field and Jades
got horses and all the puppies three doggos
is there a kitty oh my god ah and
she’s got two cats so we’re gonna go see
see the see the kitties because I’ve
not met them yet and but yeah just
walking down the field many a good time
and mems in this field let me know if you
remember when I rode the bigger of the
horses Maisie thought I was gonna die you
made me ride the horse didn’t you I
quite enjoyed it actually
there he is good boy hello
he loves you, they do love me I saved them from a bin, are you shy, yeah she’s shy
hey oh that was that was like going from
shy to I love you you’ve been rolling in
the mud I don’t have food you don’t love
me unless I’ve got food I understand
hello friends it has been a few days
since that little clip
with me and Jade I actually spent pretty
much all day Jade’s house I got back at
9 p.m. and and it was very much needed
so I thought I just quickly explain life
updates um so I’ve just done this on
Instagram and I got upset then so I’m
probably gonna get upset again but just
want to let you know that I am now
single and I know I’ve never really
shared my boyfriend on this channel
because my private life was my private
life and I’ve learned from previous
relationships but I thought you deserved
to know and also I feel like I can’t
fully move on without kind of updating
everyone and some of you probably don’t
care but it’s important to me so I
figured that I’ll do it anyway um so
yeah we’ve broken up and there’s
literally no drama
we’ve not fallen out we haven’t had a
massive argument no one’s cheated on
each other we just kind of lost the
spark and we’ve been trying for months
just sort of reignite it and figure things
out and a couple of weeks ago I think we
were both very honest with each other
had difficult conversations and then on
Tuesday we made this decision to part
ways before things get toxic and before
we start hating each other and before it
just goes really sour which in a way I
think is even harder because nothing has
gone wrong but nothing was going majorly
right you know I feel like sometimes
it’d be easier if one of us had
cheated on the other one because
there’s a solid reason but we were
clinging on to the hope that we could
bring things back and it just wasn’t
going to happen so basically I’m now a
single girl my head knows it’s the good
decision but my heart’s still a bit sore
because it only happened two days ago
and I’ve been going through a lot of
this past month so yeah I figured I’m
just going to tell everyone so that
we’ve both got the chance to move on I
feel like I can’t get any work done because
my head’s all over the place and I can’t
keep giving crappy excuses as to why I’m
not doing as good as I probably should
do online with my job and stuff so I
just want to put the reason out there
let you know now that that’s the reason
I’ve been a bit awol you probably
haven’t even noticed but it helps my
head in my healing process to know that
you know so I’m not keeping anything
from you and yeah so that’s that it’s
been a tricky couple of weeks and that’s
the reason I went to Jades spontaneously
it was actually so nice to see everyone
so Jade randomly invited the old like
uni house so I lived with a bunch of
boys and Jade basically in third year
and they were like my best pals and we
were all like a little team together and
I went to Jades spontaneously on Monday
morning and she actually invited the
boys round to be like the break-up
cavalry so we all had chats I’ve spoken to
literally everyone in my life that I can
think of asking them what on earth to do
and that was the best conclusion to come
to obviously I spoke to Ethan too so
yeah I’m not forgetting about that
relationship I’m learning things from it
I’ve learned a lot from it I’m very
happy it happened but I guess it’s just
time to close that chapter
but in other news amongst this life
drama amongst other life drama which I
won’t be talking about I have released
new products on my shop so if you want
to support me / if you’re feeling sorry
for me I’m kidding
I have new soul and fire products
and I spent Tuesday in between having
the foggiest brain in the world because
I’d not yet had the conversation
I actually packed up some orders so my
face isn’t in it because I was a mess
still am a bit of a mess
story of my life but here are some clips
of me packing the first soul and fire
all right so me and my very stressed
skin are gonna take a deep breath and
try and make the best of the day tonight
I have kickboxing I’ve actually recently
started going kickboxing I sort of first
went to a class at the beginning of
January and I actually really really
like it you might know that I did kick
boxing martial arts style things a
couple of years ago but I kind of
stopped doing that for various reasons
so I’ve realized I’ve been missing it so
I’m doing it again so I’m gonna go there
tonight get my sweat on honestly it’s so
intense I’m so unfit my brain thinks I’m
still as active and as fit as I was 18
months ago when I quit but I am NOT so
I’m doing that later which I’m glad
about because it gets me moving gets me
out the house and I’m thinking I’m
probably gonna go and get myself a Taco
Bell because I have such a guilty
pleasure for taco bell its a recent like
discovery of mine but I love it so much
and it brings me so much happiness so if
I can buy food that makes me happy I’m
going to do that and so that’s what
we’re gonna do today
and I’ve got a commission to do and some
bits and bobs but yeah I wanted to get
this vlog sort of moving again and up
for you guys so we’re all in the loop
and we can smile and get through it all
together it’s happening that Taco Bell
went down an absolute treat I actually
wanted to mention a new little find of
mine to you and this is how I paid for
my taco bell so I have recently been
very kindly gifted
the service of this new little card so
it’s called curve and this card is
actually metal so it’s well heavy and
hefty obviously I’m not gonna turn it
round cuz my details are on there but
this bank card allows me to choose
which account I pay from so I have a I’m
gonna do this without showing you my
bank details but as you can see these
are my 3 cards I have a Monzo card I
have a Halifax credit card and I have a
Halifax debit card Wow we love it when
my camera focuses but yeah I have three
cards I got the monzo card for my
personal finances I have the Halifax
debit card for my business finances and
then I have the credit card because I
apparently need a credit card to get a
good credit score which seems really
backwards to me so I pay for my petrol
on the credit card just to get a good
credit score but I’m not gonna go into
that so yeah I have three cards and for
years I only ever had one and I loved
that because if it was less complicated
I didn’t have to like dig around in my
purse to try and find the right one but
then I was approached by curve and curve
is a card that comes with an app and on
the app you can put on there your cards
so I’ll quickly go on the app I’ll blur
anything that obviously is personal
that’s on the app I’ll put it on
screen for you I have my different cards
so it’s got my Halifax debit card and it
tells what I’ve spent this month you can
see in the Taco Bell I have my monzo
card and then I have my credit card and
I just think it’s so good so just before
I’m about to tap and scan like
contactless for this I can click which
card I want to pay from tap this and
then it automatically takes it out my other
card I don’t know I just thought it was
really really good and you also get a
cash back card you can choose like your
top five retailers I think and then you
get cash back there’s loads of different
perks for this and I’ve been trying it out
enough for like two months before I told
you guys about it they’re not paying me
for this mention however they have
gifted me the card itself because this
card is the highest rate one like the
one that comes with the most rewards and
it comes
with travel insurance and a bunch of
different things I’ll leave a link in
the description with the information but
they have like three tiers there’s a
free version and then there’s one that’s
like less than fifteen pounds a month I
can’t remember how much but basically I
have a link if you would like to try
this out you can try the free version
out you can try the paid version out
completely up to you you can read a
little bit more about it but if you use
my link you’ll get five pounds when you
sign up and I also get five pounds too
so it’s a win-win situation
so I thought I’d just quickly tell you
about curve very happy with that I’ll
leave the link in the description but I
don’t really know what to do for the
rest of the day to be honest because I
my brains obviously all muddled so I
don’t really know I can’t really concentrate on
much at the moment um so maybe I will
brainstorm some ideas for my new website
so I obviously have my soul on fire
website and then I have my Alice Thorpe
website I sort of wanted to give that
Alice Thorpe one a bit of a refresh and
just kind of really rejig it a little
bit it’s been like that ever since I
opened it and I feel like it’s going in
a bit of a different direction to what I
initially planned so I thought we could
change it hello mom’s just interrupted
because she wants me to help her flip
the mattress over okay this is what
happens when you work from home you try
and get your job done and then there’s
just things or people that happen let’s
do that first then shall we okeydoke so
a couple of hours have passed and I’ve
actually found some motivation to do
some work which is good my camera’s not
opening properly so what I’m doing
currently I’m just in Photoshop and I’m
making a picture image thing to use on
my website so I was having some
troubles with like discount codes and
offering multiple discount codes at once
so I think I’ve come up with a solution
and basically what I’m gonna do is
create another product on my website
where you can sort of add in the three
greeting cards that you want that’s very
hard to explain basically I’m offering a
promotion thing where you get three
cards for seven pounds and when you add
three cards into the shopping cart it
automatically knocks off the price so it
gets it to seven however you can’t
combine that deal with any other
discounts so for example I emailed out a
bunch of 10% discounts to anyone that
signed up early or anyone who signs up
now you’ll get a 10% discount so
people were being weren’t able to
combine them which was very frustrating
and I was trying to work out a solution
I use Shopify for my online website and
I’ve done research and this still stands
to be apparently the best site for this
stuff like it’s supposed to be the best
e-commerce site however it doesn’t
doesn’t have this feature which is very
annoying the only way to get the feature
is to download an additional app like
you can add apps to Shopify to like
improve its service I don’t know and
but all of the apps are like 40 pound
a month so if I want to fix it on top of
my existing monthly fee that I have to
pay to own a shop it adds another 40
pounds a month on that’s a lot that’s
like four hundred eighty pound a year
Wow quick math for me which I’m not
willing to pay because I don’t
definitely make that much like I don’t
make a great deal of money on my shop
just yet hopefully in the future I will
but at the minute is like a little bit of
a side hustle so committing to that much
money a month just for that doesn’t seem
to make sense to me so my solution is to
sort of do it by hand which is very
annoying it’s gonna add more work for me
but if it means that I can offer like
double discount to people in the long
run I hopefully it’ll be worth it
because it might encourage people to
shop with me a little bit more that’s
the idea so yeah I’m just kind of
creating this new product and we’ll see
how it works
um but it’s a long process this
whole website owner shop-owner business
stuff is complicated so I’m figuring it
out each day but like I said earlier if
you want to have a look at my website
please do and if you want 10% off just
sign up to the email thing and you’ll
get an email straight away with a
discount code and hopefully now the
discount code will work I have just
received an order from someone called
Alex and they have ordered literally all
of the new things which is exciting
so they’ve ordered all six greeting
cards and also the pin and I have the
new stickers to stick on the greeting
cards and annoyingly when I sent the
first batch of cards out the stickers
haven’t arrived and then I’m not joking
as soon as I walked back in my front
door after going to the post office the
stickers arrived typical but yeah I
have the stickers now and they look so
cool or at least I think they do
hopefully you agree Wow my focus is
honestly so impressive I’m so glad I
spent so much on this camera there we go
so yeah we have these lot of stickers
which absolutely love so what I’m gonna
do I just checked and it peels off fine
I’ve had this on overnight to make sure
that they weren’t too sticky but we have
six cards so in here is my stock draw
this needs organizing better because I
made like a little DIY storage with some
cardboard divider things and when I
first did it they were all stood up
really neatly like this but it’s since
broken so I’m gonna get my dad to make
me something that will hold them up
better and then at the minute I’ve just
got the stickers on top but I’ve got
these new little complements slip things
so I’m gonna get one of these out and
with a little note on the back we need a
pin and we need each of the cards so
let’s get one of each out then in the
packaging drawer I need little bit of
tissue paper and what else do I need one
of these
and an envelope I actually might use one
of these envelopes because I have them
left over from when I bought them ages
ago so I’ll just use this for this time
I feel like although this isn’t
recyclable I’d rather use it than it’d
be in my drawer for no reason and then
obviously in future I will just stick to
the recycle ones although it does say on
the back paper from responsible sources
so it’s responsibly sourced
I’m going to use some bits of card that
I also have to make sure that this
doesn’t get bent in the post
morning so a barefaced and stressed once
again but and yeah this vlog is gonna be
a random array of different days but I
feel like I’m going back to my roots
that’s how my vlogs always were but
yeah I just got up and I’ve just chucked
on some gym gear probably not gonna go
to the gym actually I’ve cancelled my
gym membership it’s not completely
canceled you actually have to do like a
month’s notice but because I’ve started
kickboxing I cancelled the gym so yeah
kickboxing last night was actually good
we did like stretching at the end like
assisted stretching and I have never done
that in my life I used to dance I danced
from the age of like seven to nineteen
and we never did assisted stretching
like we obviously stretched after and before class but oh my god I was having someone
like pushing my legs into the splits I’m
not very flexible but I’ve got a bad
like old injury on one of my legs and
I’ve definitely pulled something that
shouldn’t have been pulled so that was
good but I mean it was a really good
class anyway and everyone’s so nice I’m
kind of finding my feet there cuz I
think I’ve done like maybe six classes
there now and I was terrified at the
beginning so yeah it’s really nice and I
feel so buzzing when I get back so if
you are thinking of starting an exercise
class but you’re scared go for it
because it feels great once you’ve done
it and I woke up to a delivery this
morning I had a really bad night’s sleep
but I got a delivery and I’ve set it all
out I’ve just taken an Instagram so I
thought I’d show you guys whilst whilst
I’m here
of course my battery is flashing now but
yeah I’ve got a delivery from glossybox
so the lovely people at glossy box gift
me a box every single month and it’s
always my favorite delivery of the month
they’re always so gorgeous this one is
the Valentine’s Day February box and how
beautiful is this I actually have a
discount code as well so with the
discount code ALICET20 you’ll get 20% off
your first box and you get a selection
of kind of recommended beauty products
we’ve got a lip mask we’ve got a brush
we’ve got two lip liners which makes me
very excited because I don’t even own
lip liners I threw all mine out because
they went a bit gross some lipgloss and
then this hydrating sort of serum stuff
and obviously it’s all pink themed for
Valentine’s Day so yeah that very much
made my day this morning I’m also going
to keep this ribbon because it says love
crosses borders on it so cute I’m gonna
recycle that so yeah thank you glossy
box I’ll leave a link to this box
in the description if you want to go and
check them out and obviously you’ll get
20% off with my code they’re not paying
me to say this they just gift me it and
I feel like it deserves a mention
because I do genuinely love this stuff
okay commute to work that is my bedroom
this is my office such a long commute so
my hair is crazy I’m washing my hair
later today it’s very much overdue a
wash I had an order yesterday to go to
the United States it’s going to America I
was so excited I can’t really remember
where in America it was but the lovely
lady was trying to order something
and my website was glitching so she’d
emailed me and said that she watches my
videos and she loved what I do and
really want to support me and I so
appreciated that because I feel like a
lot of people might have just seen that
the website wasn’t working properly and
it wasn’t letting her ship the products
to America but she like persevered
and messaged me which I really really
appreciate because obviously now if
there’s any of you guys watching who
also live in America we now know it
works and it was a stupid glitch it was
a mistake on my part but I’m glad I got
there and fixed it so yeah I’m gonna
package that order this morning and
she’s ordered a desk planner a bunch of
cards and a pin I think so it’s quite a
big order and then I’ll take that to the
post office so very excited and I also
have this one that I packaged up
yesterday because I missed the post
mans delivery deadline thing so I’m
gonna take that today
look at that madness
all right what is this lighting so yeah
um a fair few hours has passed I got
back from the post office
ages ago it’s like quarter past 5 in
the evening now and to be honest I’ve
had a very unproductive day as much as
these vlogs probably look like I’ve got
lots to do and have done lot I’ve barely
done anything and that’s been a bit of a
common theme these past few weeks
I think along with life crisises I’ve
just been feeling unmotivated and it
doesn’t really help that January seems
to have like 175 days but as I’m filming
this it is the 31st of January so
hopefully even though obviously time is a
social construct hopefully the new month
will bring new motivation so yeah I’m
gonna end the vlog here because I’m not
really doing much tomorrow I’m going out
on a little mini shoot day with my mum /
a date day we want to get some photos
for my Instagram because I’ve been
slacking on that too but yeah I need to
try and motivate myself so if you got to
the end of the video let me know how you
stay motivated I get asked this question
a lot and I really don’t have an answer
I don’t know sometimes I just wake up
and I want to do loads and then for the
past two weeks I’ve worken up and I just
want to stay in bed but hopefully it’s
going up from here and thanks for
watching this video thanks for sticking
it out so it’s not been the most
exciting and kind of started with a bit
of a downer but I’m I’m ready to move on
and I’m excited to create new things for
you guys and make this year a good one
yeah thanks for everything thanks for
supporting me and I’ll see you soon for
another vlog bye

28 thoughts on “IT’S BEEN BUSY & EMOTIONAL | Studio Vlog”

  1. so nice to see you and jaddles back together ,old school ❤️ , sorry to hear things didn't work out with the bf , sending love and hugs.

  2. Aww bless you both. It’s good you both discussed it and came to that conclusion. It’s good that’s it was on positive terms and I hope that you feel so much better soon. Take care❤️❤️

  3. I've considered trying out a kickboxing or Thai fitness kind of class having recently quit going to karate classes. I've been trying to figure out what the differences are between them and which I would prefer So it's cool to hear that you've taken that up ✌️

  4. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and prayers! In regards to staying motivated, I switch between projects. When I feel overwhelmed, I calm my mind by pampering myself. Sometimes that is just sitting (watch shows/videos/nap) or going for a quiet walk. Praying you have a prosperous year! ❤️

  5. Love you Alice! Sorry to hear you’re struggling 🙁 break ups are the absolute hardest. You’re so strong! We are all here for you ❤️ you’re a huge inspiration for me and keep me motivated

  6. Oh gosh Alice. What a horrid time for you. It took me back to my heartbeats. I’m now a grandma and remember fondly those relationships but it hurt so much at the time. Big hugs. X I’m wanting to switch to stickers instead of bags for my cards. May I ask where you sourced them please? X

  7. I understand! Went through a similar breakup a while back – but hopefully you both can move forward in a mature manner 💕 things will 100000% get better, sooner than you expect. My career and relationships grew once I realized that I was putting too much effort on something that wasn't.

  8. I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the video and can DEFINITELY relate to feeling unmotivated- I’m doing my GCSE’s at the moment and sometimes I really can’t be bothered

    I find it really helpful to watch motivation morning routines, ruby granger’s productive vlogs and other productive motivational videos

    Also I make a collage of all the things I want to achieve which makes me more motivated because it shows me what I’m working for and what I need to be motivated for

    I hope this helped about and hope you feel better soon ❤️🥰

  9. Would you ever consider making digital downloads for the prints?! I’d love to buy but the shipping to the US is too much 🙁

  10. I’m sorry Alice about your breakup :’( don’t worry we are here for you we love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ just don’t forget keep creating!

  11. Aww you absolute love!! Well done for making a hard decision and getting through it we’re all here for you. I so admire your really down to earth and honest but super eloquent chat about your break-up. This is your year gal!! Xx

  12. I’m sorry to hear about your break up, they suck! Thank you so much for sharing and being so strong. Take time for yourself and take time to heal. Spend time with people you love and doing things you love. It’s okay to take a break and time for you! You got this, one day at a time!!

  13. Love ya girl. Stay strong and push through. Things will get so much better here soon. This is a super unmotivated and hopeless time of the year for a lot of people, but that will change soon. Full moon coming up, so be ready!!! You’re doing amazing 💕

  14. As a fan who really admires your work life and vlogs all the way from New Zealand, youre such an inspo to me and it’s sad to hear you’re going or have been going through for the past few weeks.. 😁😍😍 I just want to say how I felt every single thing you said about the recent break up. I’ve been there and it’s not the best feeling in the world, ever. But I just want to say you will get through it, it will take some time..but you will get through it. Def surround yourself with friends or family or OH great idea on getting back into your Kickboxing classes. It’s a great way to get rid of unwanted mixed emotions. Seriously though you’re a strong gal with a huge heart.. we are here for you and will support you all the way 😍😍😍❤️❤️💪🏽💪🏽 #staystrong #youvegotthis

  15. Oh how cute love pink so that box appeals! Saw the update on insta was sad to see you hurting, hope you’re shop is keeping you busy 💕 love the stickers would definitely like to move over to ‘naked’ cards so will be watching out if you share your supplier x

  16. You are amazing! 🤩, be strong 😝. Do what you like and forget the bad things ❤. Although I only follow you for 1 day, you are already an example to me 😜✌🏽. Do where your passion lies, then everything will be beter 🙌🤗.

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