Is Vince McMahon Really Angry? Where Is Rhea Ripley Now? Smackdown Live Spoilers Tonight! WWE NEWS!

Is Vince McMahon Really Angry? Where Is Rhea Ripley Now? Smackdown Live Spoilers Tonight! WWE NEWS!

Here is your news for
March 13 2020
We’re starting off with news
from WWE SmackDown, as
this week’s show will
reportedly have no live audience.
Due to the ongoing global
m****** c********s, the WWE
confirmed on social media
that this week’s show will instead
emenate from the Performance
Center in
Orlando, instead of the originally
scheduled host city of Detroit,
This week’s show will have only
essential personnel in
attendance, but this won’t
stop a packed two-hour show,
as Jeff Hardy, John Cena and
Paige are all scheduled
to return to the Blue brand
We’ve got more news from the
ongoing m****** c*****, as
WWE might have to
postpone their biggest show
of the year, WrestleMania 36.
Yesterday, the city of Tampa
met to discuss the possibility
of moving the
company’s biggest show of the
year, but Tony Maglio is
reporting that the
committee will now meet again
in one week, to make their
As of right now, WrestleMania
36 is scheduled to go ahead
as planned on April 5th,
though given that that plenty of
other events have been
cancelled, it’s possible
that WrestleMania is next.
Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis
has also recommended that all
major events in
the state should be called off
for the next 30 days, and if
his recommendation is
acted out, then this would
include WrestleMania.
WrestleVotes is also reporting
that WWE Chairman Vince
McMahon was in Tampa
to meet with officials regarding
the showcase of the immortals,
which just goes to
show just how serious things
have gotten.
In the 36 year history of the
show, WrestleMania has
never been postponed or
cancelled, and whilst Vince
McMahon lives by the mantra
that the show must go
on, it seems there are some
things out of the boss’ control.
Though things aren’t looking
great for WrestleMania 36
right now, there is still a
chance that the biggest show
of the year could go ahead
on April 5th.
On FOX 13, Tampa Mayor Jane
Castor didn’t make any final
decision regarding the
show, but did admit that she
and her team will have to
make a decision at some
point. She said:
““We don’t have to take
immediate action for events
weeks down the road.”
With WrestleMania just over
three weeks away, Mayor
Castor will have to make a
decision sooner rather than
later, as fans both in the U.S.
and around the world
are trying to figure out whether
they’ll be allowed to travel to
Tampa, and even if
they are, whether Wrestle
Mania will take place at all.
Needless to say, this recent
m****** c***** has everyone
in WWE c********ed, and
that includes the investors
who are being kept up to
date by the company.
In a statemen, the WWE told
investors that the company
has the right resources
to continue forward, no
matter what, saying:
“WWE has substantial financial
resources, both available
cash and debt
capacity, which currently total
more than $0.5 billion, to
manage the
challenges ahead. The
fundamentals of the
Company’s business remain
strong reflecting the passion
of WWE’s fans and the
quality of its content.
Management continues to
believe the Company is
well positioned to take
full advantage of the changing
media landscape and
increasing value of
live sports rights over the
longer term.
Later in the statement, the
WWE acknowledged that the
recent m****** c********s
is likely to impact the company’s
finances, as they’ll lose out on
live event
attendance, which will also
affect merchandise sold,
and other profits.
At this time, there’s no way to
tell exactly how much the
company could lose, but
it doesn’t seem like this
problem for WWE, will be
going away, any time soon.
Well we’ve spoken about how
there’s a very real possibility
that WrestleMania 36
may not take place on April 5th,
but that doesn’t mean that the
biggest show of
the year won’t happen at all.
On Twitter, Alex McCarthy
revealed that the company
is considering June or July
as the right time to host the
show, and noted that with
the recent European travel
ban, and the number of events
shutting down, they can’t see
how WWE will be
able to run WrestleMania
on April 5th.
If WWE does plan on hosting
their biggest show of the year
in the summer, then
that means they expect for this
m****** c***** to be over by
then, though time will
tell whether that actually
Like we said, WrestleMania
has never been cancelled
in its entire history, but
given the reaction to this
recent m****** issue, the
WWE may not have a choice in
the matter.
We’re taking a break from the
ring to look at Vince
McMahon’s other venture, as
the XFL has also been
affected by the global
m****** problems.
In a statement online, it was
confirmed that the XFL will
not be hosting any of its
regular season games, as the
company doesn’t want to risk
people being i*********
in such a densely packed
With that said, the XFL will also
be paying all their players their
base pay and
benefits for the 2020 season,
and that fans will be refunded
for any paid tickets, or
have their money go towards
future games.
Despite this bad news, the XFL
has said it remains committed
to playing a full
season in 2021, and future
Since the XFL’s relaunch in
2020, Vince McMahon had
been hoping to fix the
mistakes that caused the
original league to close its
doors after just one season,
but there’s no way the Boss
could have predicted this to
We’re returning to the ring
now, as it isn’t just WWE that
has had issues with the
recent global m****** c********s,
but several other shows have
been affected.
In the WWE, tonight’s edition of
SmackDown has been moved
to the Performance
Center, whilst the March 14th
supershow live event from
Toronto has been cancelled.
The March 15th live event in
Youngstown Ohio has also
been cancelled, and whilst
WWE was supposed to be
returning to Madison Square
Garden on March 22nd,
this too is likely to be affected.
For AEW, their March 18th
edition of Dynamite
is supposed to take place in
Rochester, though the city
has implemented an event ban.
So that episode of dynamite will
take place in jackson florida
The March 25th Dynamite, which
was meant to be the company’s
Blood and Guts
special will also be affected by
an event ban, and Evolve
Wrestling has had two of
their shows, that were supposed
to take place on March 14th
and 15th, postponed
to May 8th and May 9th.
New Japan Pro Wrestling has
cancelled all their shows from
March 1st to March 21st
whilst OTT Wrestling in Ireland
has cancelled their March 14th
Scrappermania 6 event.
For Stardom, their March 15th
event has also been cancelled,
whilst PWG’s March
29th ‘Kobe’ event at the Globe
Theater in Los Angeles has
also been cancelled.
Needless to say, this is an
issue that is affecting the
entire wrestling industry, and
the entire world, and hopefully
a solution will be found very soon.
We’re finally taking a break
from reporting about the
ongoing m****** c*****, as
WWE NXT was still able to
deliver an exciting two-hour
show this week.
During the fan appreciation
episode that saw two title
matches take place, there
were quite a few injuries to
report, as the WWE Now’s
NXT Injury report revealed
that both Tomasso Ciampa
and Johnny Gargano were
hurt during their brawl,
resulting in Gargano being
taken to a local m******
The report went on to say that
Gargano suffered lumbar
damage and there’s fears
that he has aggrevated a
previous neck injury, whilst
Ciampa needed glass to be
removed from his body after
being sent through a window.
Charlotte Flair also showed
up to NXT this week to build
towards her
WrestleMania match against
NXT Women’s Champion
Rhea Ripley, and the Queen
certainly has the momentum,
as she latched Ripley in a
figure four around the ring post.
After receiving a boot to the
throat by Flair, Ripley was
diagnosed with a bruised
throat, and the m****** staff
performed an in-depth
examination on her injured knees.
We can’t imagine these injuries
will keep the NXT Women’s
Champion down for
long, as Ripley has vowed to
defeat the Queen at Wrestle
Mania, whenever the
show takes place.
One woman who knows all
about making an impact at
WrestleMania is Ronda
Rousey, and though fans
haven’t seen the Hot rod in
the ring for quite some time,
Rousey remains an active
part of WWE.
Recently, the former RAW
Women’s Champion was at
WWE Headquarters, where
she snapped a picture with
fellow UFC alumni Cain
Velasquez, though the
chairman of the board wasn’t
happy at all with the photo.
According to the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter,
McMahon freaked out about the
image, but knew he couldn’t
take any disciplinary action,
as it was Vellasquez who
posted it. They said:
“It was said by one person that
Vince McMahon was freaking
out badly
over it knowing he couldn’t
fire the “leaker” since it was
Velasquez who
didn’t know any better, but
another said that was
overblown and people
were more laughing about it
than freaking out about it
Though the Chairman of the
board can’t exactly fire one
of the biggest crossover
athletes the company has ever
seen, it’s still unlikely that Cain
will be posting too
many pictures the next time
he’s inside WWE Headquarters.
Though Rousey hasn’t been
seen on WWE TV in nearly a
year, both Triple H and
Stephanie McMahon have said
that she will be back, but as for
when, that fact
remains unclear.
We’ve finally got some good
news to share, as after years
of fan campaigning, the
British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
has been confirmed as the next
entrant into the
WWE Hall of Fame.
The news was revealed during
the latest episode of After the
Bell, where Corey
Graves spoke to the Bulldog’s
son, Davey Boy Smith Jr, and
the third-generation
Superstar revealed that he will
be posthumously inducting his
father into the elite
group. He said:
“It’s been long overdue, but
I’m really excited and glad
to induct my
father into the Hall of Fame.
It’s something great not
only for my family
but for the WWE Universe as
well, and I’m so excited and
jacked up about it.”
After years of fans wanting to
see the Bulldog get inducted,
it was first reported by
Brad Shepard on February
14th that the former European,
Intercontinental and Tag
Team champion would be
getting the nod, and now that
the news is official, we’re
sure that Davey Boy Smith
Jr, a fellow Tag Champion
in his own right will have
plenty to say when his father
takes his rightful place in the
Hall of Fame.
From one tag team champion to
two more now, as fans haven’t
seen the Revival
on WWE TV, and the pair didn’t
even compete in the recent
SmackDown Tag Title
Elimination Chamber match.
Now, more details of the issues
between the tag team and
WWE have come out,
as Fightful Select are reporting
that Dash Wilder and Scott
Dawson aren’t getting
paid much, if anything by the
company. They said:
“Multiple sources within WWE
have heard that The Revival
either weren’t
getting paid, or that it was
“extremely scaled back”
because they’ve
already exceeded their
downside guarantees.
It was also reported that the
former tag champion are
seeking a quote “amicable
exit” from the company, as both
men’s contracts will expire in
the next few months.
Though the pair have
requested their releases
multiple times, the company has
always declined, and even added
more time to Wilder’s contract,
due to an injury
he suffered over three years ago.
Given the talent of both Dash
and Dawson, there’s no
shortage of companies who
are ready to snatch up the
former RAW, SmackDown
and NXT Tag Champions, and
these two could be appearing
on AEW Dynamite sooner,
rather than later.
We’re looking ahead to
tonight’s SmackDown, as
though the show will take place
without any audience present,
the WWE remains focussed
on producing an
entertaining two hours.
After losing the Intercontinental
Champion at Elimination
Chamber, Braun
Strowman will hope to take
some revenge out on Shinsuke
Nakamura, as the new
IC Champion Sami Zayn
continues to avoid competing,
but will be ringside for the match.
In addition to this, Roman Reigns
and the Usos will team up once
again to face the
trio of King Corbin, Sheamus
and Robert Roode.
With Jeff Hardy, Paige and John
Cena all slated to return tonight,
this week’s show
is stacked, though it’ll certainly
be interesting to see just how
SmackDown plays
out later today, from the
Performance Center.
And finally today, we’re ending
with news of the global m******
c********, as its not
just the world of wrestling that
has been affected.
In Hollywood, several major
films have been pushed back,
as studios are fearing
low ticket sales, or the risk of
a global infection, and this
has affected John Cena.
The 16-time WWE World
Champion will be in the latest
edition of the Fast and
Furious movies, which was
supposed to be released on
May 22th this year, but
after everything that has
happened, the official
facebook page of the franchise
revealed the ninth instalment
will be delayed until April 2021.
In North America, the film will
now release on April 2nd next
year, and It’s unclear
what specific date the film will
be released for fans of the
franchise in Europe and
other areas.
This new film sees Vin Diesel
and Michelle Rodriguez return,
and with John Cena,
Helen Mirren and Charlize
Theron also set to appear, Fast
and Furious 9 has all the
making of a blockbuster hit,
even though fans will have to
wait that bit longer to see it.

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