Is John Cena Losing To The Fiend? Is Paige Wrestling Again? Where Is Nia Jax Now? WWE NEWS!

Is John Cena Losing To The Fiend? Is Paige Wrestling Again? Where Is Nia Jax Now? WWE NEWS!

Here is your news for March
11, 2020.
We’re kicking off today with news
from NFL legend Rob
Gronkowski as the former
New England Patriots star is
reportedly close to signing
with WWE.
On the latest edition of WWE
Backstage, Ryan Satin said
that Gronk was in deep
discussions with WWE, and
could be appearing as
soon as next week’s
SmackDown on March 20th.
Though details are still unclear
about the former NFL star’s
relationship with
WWE, the fact that the company
feels comfortable enough to
mention the
negotiations is a huge sign that
it may be just a matter of time
before Gronkowski
enters the ring.
Fans may remember Gronk’s
appearance during the Andre
the Giant Memorial
Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33,
where he helped his real-life pal
Mojo Rawley
win the match, and it may be
just a matter of time before
Gronk and the former
24/7 Champion share the ring
again, either as partners, or
From one new face in wrestling
to two veterans of the industry,
as AJ Styles and
The Undertaker are set to
collide at WrestleMania 36.
During his on this week’s RAW,
the Phenomenal One said that
he will “literally put
the nail in Undertaker’s coffin,”
and went even further,
claiming he would k*** the
Deadman, and this is a word
that WWE usually leaves
out of promos.
On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Bryan Alverez noted that
Styles was seemingly
hinting at having a casket match
at WrestleMania, and Dave
Meltzer agreed that it
sounded very possible.
Both Styles and The Undertaker
will be at RAW next week to
sign the contract that
will make their match official,
so it’s entirely possible that
the contract stipulation
will be added then, 14 years
after the last casket match to
take place at WrestleMania.
We’re looking ahead to this
week’s SmackDown now,
and whilst the WWE has
confirmed that Paige and Jeff
Hardy will be returning to the
show, there may be a
third return as well.
The PW Insider is reporting
that Nia Jax has been
me*****ly cleared to return to,
and that the former RAW
Women’s Champion could
be moved to the blue brand
very soon. They said:
The word making the rounds
at Raw last night was that
Nia would be part
of the SmackDown brand when
she returned and that she
would be at this
week’s TV taping.
The fact that Jax will be back
stage at SmackDown this
week doesn’t mean she’ll be
on TV, as Jeff Hardy was
backstage at the blue brand
for the past three weeks and
didn’t appear, and neither did
the Undertaker who was
backstage at RAW.
Still, the fact that the Jax will be
backstage indicates that her
return to the ring will
be very soon, after the
Irresistable Force has spent
close to a year recovering from
double knee s******.
From SmackDown to RAW now,
as this week’s show ended
with a huge 8 man tag
team match, but the contest
didn’t end without someone
getting seriously hurt.
During Wrestling Observer Live,
Bryan Alverez noted that Rezar
suffered a bicep
injury during the match, saying:
“It is believed that Rezar
suffered a torn bicep. He
is still being
evaluated, but I didn’t even
see where it happened last
night, but the last
five minutes of the match this
guy can’t even move his arm
and he’s doing
spots, he’s catching guys I was
like this is the toughtest dude
I ever saw.”
The timing of this injury could
not be worse, as the AOP are
finally getting back in
the swing of things after
Rezar’s partner Akam
suffered an injury himself.
Hopefully, this injury won’t
keep Rezar out of action
for too long, and with
WrestleMania 36 drawing near,
it’ll be interesting to see what
WWE has planned
for Seth Rollins and his Acolytes.
We’re once again looking at the
recent me***** crisis that is
taking place around
the world, as whilst WWE has
no plans of calling off Wrestle
Mania, the city of
Tampa might have other plans.
On Twitter, Ryan Bass reported
that the Mayor of Tampa Jane
Castor will hold a
meeting with others to discuss
postponing or cancelling
major events to the crisis,
that has In****** close to
120,000 worldwide.
Given that WrestleMania is
expected to bring in tens of
thousands of people to
the Tampa area, it’s possible
that Castor may postpone
the show of shows,
especially as there have been
reports of In****** people in
the Tampa area.
WWE superstars reportedly
breathed a sigh of relief
recently when the company
instructed a no-to******rule
due to the crisis, and the city
of Tampa will make a
decision about WrestleMania
on Thursday, in what may be
the biggest change to
the show of shows in its
36-year history.
Back TO SmackDown now,
and though it’s been several
years since Paige last
competed in WWE, the former
Divas Champion has certainly
been busy.
Since her 2018 retirement,
Paige has served as the
General Manager of the blue
brand, the manager for the
Kabuki Warriors and most
recently as a contributor on
WWE Backstage, though the
British Superstar may finally
get the chance to
wrestle again after all.
On RAW this week, it was
announced that Paige will
be returning this Friday to
confront SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley, and Reddit
User Loose Lips
Backstage, who had a history
of getting things right, hinted
that the anti-diva may
be challenging for the gold
at WrestleMania.
Of course, Paige’s health is the
most important thing the WWE
needs to consider
if they choose to allow her to
wrestle again, and though
the Backstage
correspondent recently had
e******** s******, Paige
has said she’s all better
now, meaning the possibility of
her returning does seem more
possible with every
passing week.
One person who knows all about
having title matches at Wrestle
Mania, is triple H and whilst the
the Game doesn’t look to be
having a match this year, he’s
been kept busy behind the scenes.
This week, the 14-time World
Champion added another role
to his list of
responsibilities, as in a
document sent to WWE Share
holders, he was described as
the Executive Vice President of
Global Talent Strategy and
Development, a role he
has held since February.
This is a change from his
previous title of WWE Executive
Vice President of talent,
Live events and creative, and
it looks like the King of Kings
is gaining more
responsibility backstage, and it
may not be long until Triple H
and his wife
Stephanie are running the
entire WWE, instead of his
father-in-law, Vince McMahon.
We’ve got more news from
WWE’s corporate side, as
the WWE recently axed
their co-presidents Michelle
Wilson and George Barrios,
but the pair got a lot
more than best wishes in
their future endeavours.
In the same document that
confirmed Triple H’s new
role, it was also revealed
that both Wilson and Barrios
received $1.4 million each,
along with a bonus of $176,000.
Not only that, but the pair will
also receive health, life and
accident insurance for
the next 18 months, which is
certainly a lot better than a
“Sorry you’re leaving”
greetings card.
This huge severance package
probably made it much easier
for Barrios and Wilson
to take the news of their sudden
unemployment, and there’s still
no word on who
will be replacing the pair in
the long-term.
Back in the ring now, and at
this year’s WrestleMania,
John Cena will have his first
Pay Per View match in over
a year, when he takes on
The Fiend.
When Cena recently appeared
on SmackDown, it seemed like
the match wasn’t
going to happen, as the 16-
time World Champion said
he didn’t want to be a part-
timer taking the spot of a full-
timer, but the match was still
made for Cena and
Wyatt, six years after their
last WrestleMania match
While speaking to Wrestling Inc,
Mick Foley claimed that he
believes this will be
John’s final match, and gave
his reasons for this, saying:
The Fiend is not someone who
needs a title to define him. It’s
gonna be
very interesting and I think it
adds another huge match as
John Cena gave
an impassioned promo and it
leads me to believe this will
be his final
match. I would not be surprised
to see The Fiend come out of
stronger than ever.”
The WWE Hall of Famer went
on to compare the Fiend to
Roddy Piper, claiming
that both men are big enough
attractions that they don’t
require championship gold.
It’s certainly interesting that
WrestleMania will take place
in Tampa, a place John
Cena has called home for
years, and given that Cena
defeated the old Bray Wyatt
at WrestleMania 30, their story
could come full-circle with the
Fiend retiring Big
Match John this year in Tampa,
Speaking of WrestleMania, this
year will also reportedly see
Edge return to the
ring to face Randy Orton, in
what has become a very
personal feud between the two.
After attacking the Rated-R
Superstar on the RAW after
his shocking royal Rumble
return, Orton also RKO’d
Edge’s wife and fellow Hall
of Famer Beth Phoenix
recently on RAW, prompting the
Ultimate Opportunist to get
some revenge on the
Viper this week.
In a tweet by the Glamazon,
Phoenix simply said “Run”,
and tagged Orton in the
tweet, as she’s clearly happy
to see her husband deliver
a beatdown to the Viper.
It’s not clear whether Beth
herself will have a match at
WrestleMania, but
whether she does or doesn’t
fans can expect her to be
cheering on her husband,
in his first match at the biggest
show of the year in nine, long
We’ve got more news concering
Orton now, as the WWE is all
about making
money, and therefore, have
plenty of trademarks to
their name.
This week, the company filed
more trademarks for their top
Superstars, and this
latest list included both Orton,
and The Undertaker,
according to the PW Insider.
According to their report, the
WWE filed copyrights for the
terms ‘Apex Predator’,
‘The Deadman’, and the
Phenom, and all of these
trademarks will allow WWE to
use the terms in the ring and
for merchandising purposes.
Given the storyline with Edge
and Beth Phoenix, this
copyright is probably the last
thing on Orton’s mind, but the
Apex Predator could show up
for WrestleMania to
battle the Eleven-time WWE
World Champion, with a
brand new shirt.
Speaking of Hall of Famers,
one man who should be
inducted is Owen Hart, as the
legacy of the talented star who
was taken far too soon is still
being felt today.
It’s hardly surprising that every
one who encountered Owen
has a good story
about him, and on Twitter this
week, Matt Hardy shared his
opinion on him after
being asked about the
Rocket. He said:
Owen was great guy & an
absolutely amazing performer.
kind & willing to help, teach and
work with my brother & I.
Owen Hart
was one of the best ever.
We can only wonder what
Owen would be doing
nowadays, if he had not
tragically died at the Over the
Edge 1999 Pay Per View, but
we can’t help but think
that someone as skilled, funny
and clever as the Rocket,
could have been a
fantastic trainer, in NXT.
And finally today we’re ending
with news from another
member of the Hart
family, as Bret Hart has never
shied away from giving his
opinions in wrestling.
During a recent social media
live session, the Hitman was
asked what he thinks
about Hulk Hogan, and didn’t
mince his words at all, saying:
“Do I like Hulk Hogan? No I
don’t. I think he’s a phony
piece of sh*t.”
Despite being arguably the
biggest name in wrestling,
Hogan isn’t exactly the most
popular person in the industry,
as years of backstage
politicking, including
avoiding losing the WWF Title
to Bret in 1993, has made the
Hulkster a polarising figure.
In December last year, CM
Punk took shots at the
Hulkster, saying “I’ve met him,
and I like him even less now,”
as it certainly doesn’t seem
like Hogan will be
sharing a limousine with either
the Excellence of Execution,
or the Best in the
world, any time soon.

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    Outside of that Vince will just move the show to another city or country and delay it a little so that tickets can be sold and people who already made plans for Tampa can change their flight plans. That is assuming of course that they aren't actually from Tampa. I wouldn't even be surprised if he had an empty arena PPV. Heck, we could be looking at a card full of the first ever hazmat matches. You know, all matches contested while both superstars and the ref are wearing hazmat suits. If he will make money, he will do it!

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