Is Beth Phoenix Back AJ Styles On Cedric Alexander! Wednesday Night Dynamite Results! WWE News!

Is Beth Phoenix Back AJ Styles On Cedric Alexander! Wednesday Night Dynamite Results! WWE News!

Here is your news for
March 12, 2020
We’re kicking off today with news
from former NFL Star Rob
Gronkowski, as the
retired Tight End has reportedly
signed a contract with WWE.
On WWE Backstage this week,
Ryan Satin commented that
the Patriots player was
close to signing, but now Tony
Maglio of The Wrap has
confirmed that Gronk has
inked a deal to join the
company, saying:
Former New England Patriots
tight end Rob Gronkowski
has officially
signed with WWE, an insider
told TheWrap exclusively.
The ex-NFL great
is set to debut one week from
Friday, on the March 20
“SmackDown” on Fox.
Fans may remember
Gronkowski’s appearance at
WrestleMania 33 where he
assisted his real-life friend
Mojo Rawley in the Andre the
Giant Battle Royal, and
with Gronk also set to appear
at WrestleMania 36, it’ll be
interesting to see what
the WWE has planned for
the 30-year-old NFL veteran.
Speaking of WrestleMania, this
year’s show will see NXT
Women’s Champion Rhea
Ripley defend her title against
Charlotte Flair, and this week
saw the latest
development in their feud.
After Rhea punched the Queen
on RAW, Flair returned the
favour on NXT, and
targeting the Australian
Superstar’s leg in the ring
This is certainly an effective
piece of storytelling, as Flair’s
Figure-8 will be more
impactful if Ripley enters
WrestleMania injured, and time
will tell where the story
will go from here, and how the
NXT Women’s Champion will
respond, ahead of
the biggest match of her career
on April 5th, in Tampa, Florida.
From NXT to AEW Dynamite
now, as this week’s show saw
Jake Roberts’ client
debut on the show, and despite
mass speculation, it wasn’t
Luke Harper.
Instead, it was Lance Archer
who was revealed as the
client of the Snake, and the
pair watched Cody Rhodes
battle Ortiz in singles competition.
During the match, Archer
teased getting physical, but
would remain at ringside,
where he and the WWE Hall
of Famer would watch Cody
win the bout.
Archer signed with the company
in February, and despite being
advertised to
debut last week, was kept for
this week’s show.
As a former IWGP US Champion
and three time IWGP Tag Team
Champion, Archer
certainly has the skill to make
it in AEW, and his signing is
yet another big win for
the company.
We’ve got more AEW news for
you now, as the company is
building to their Blood
And Guts special of Dynamite,
which will take place in two
weeks time.
On this week’s edition of the
show, the rules were laid out
for the Blood and Guts
match that will feature the Elite
taking on the Inner Circle, and
they go as follows:
Two men will enter the ring for
five minutes,
Every two minutes after, after
participant will be able to
enter the match.
This will go on until all ten
entrants are in the match,
and this is when the
match will officially start.
The only way to win is to
make any opponent submit,
or surrender.
The rules of the match are
very similar to WarGames,
which WWE has ownership
of, and fans will get to see
plenty of Blood and Guts
when this match takes place
on March 25th.
Back to WWE now, and though
this week’s edition of Smack
Down was shaping up
to be a huge show, with the
return of Jeff Hardy and Paige,
plans have changed.
The PW Insider is reporting
that WWE has quote “pulled
the plug” on this week’s
edition of the Blue brand,
as they’ve said:
“World Wrestling Entertainment
has pulled the plug on this
Smackdown taping in Detroit,
Michigan and will instead
broadcast Friday
Night Smackdown and 205 Live
this week from the WWE
Center in Orlando, Florida, has confirmed
with multiple sources.
Though this report has allegedly
been confirmed by multiple
sources, the WWE fired back
with a report of their own, as
they told ESPN:
“WWE has not cancelled Friday
Night SmackDown in Detroit,
however, based on the current
situation, we are putting
contingency plans in place in
the event that upcoming WWE
shows are cancelled by
government officials, civil authorities
and/or local venues.”
In recent months, several major
events have been postponed or
even cancelled,
and the recent global medical
p******* has been blamed for
these changes.
At this time, there’s no word on
whether any more of WWE’s
programming will be moved,
and with WrestleMania 36 less
than a month away, there has
been plenty of speculation
on whether WWE will postpone,
or even cancel, the biggest
show of the year.
Speaking of SmackDown,
we’ve already mentioned that
both Jeff Hardy and Paige
have been announced for this
week’s show, but now a third
big name will also be returning.
On this Friday’s show, John
Cena will also be appearing to
build towards his match
at WrestleMania 36, where he
will take on The Fiend, 6 years
after he defeated
the old Bray Wyatt at the
showcase of the Immortals.
On last week’s show, Wyatt has
his own message for Cena
from the Firefly Fun
House, and fans will get to find
out just how the 16-time WWE
World Champion
will respond when he appears
on this week’s SmackDown, from
the Performance Center.
From one Superstar who has
had the greatest WWE career
ever, to one who has
been struggling lately, as
Ricochet has continued to
address his bad booking in WWE.
After amazing fans with his skills
in NXT, though he never
captured the NXT title,
the high-flyer was brought up to
RAW, where he won the United
States Championship.
After quickly losing the title,
Ricochet’s push disappeared
as well, and now the
popular Superstar has seemingly
addressed his bad booking on
a reference to his recent bad
booking, as Ricochet believes
he’ll bounce back from it.
We’ll have to see what’s next
for Ricochet but it looks like
he’s not going to let a
few weeks of bad booking get
him down for too long.
Now, it’s been a while since the
WWE Universe saw Shane
McMahon on TV, as the
son of the Boss lost his ladder
match to Kevin Owens on the
SmackDown debut of
FOX, but Shane O’Mac remains
a prominent figure in the
This week, a company document
was released by WWE, which
revealed that
Shane raked in $2 million a
year as a performer in 2019.
Given that Shane didn’t appear
at all for the final two months
of the year, this
paycheck is a very nice sum
for the former SmackDown
Commissioner, who only
had a handful of matches
throughout the year.
It’s unclear when, or if, the WWE
Universe will see Shane in the
ring again, but for
now, the son of the Chairman
doesn’t need to worry about
getting a paycheck for
quite some time.
One person who knows about
facing Shane McMahon, is AJ
Styles, as the pair
battled at WrestleMania 33,
and this year, the Phenomenal
One will face the
Undertaker at the show of
Ahead of their contract signing
which will take place on next
week’s RAW, Styles
appeared on WWE Backstage
to address this dream match,
“The old saying goes once you
stop learning it’s time to hang
up your
boots, right? I’m not done yet.
I want to learn as much as I
can. The older
I get I can’t do certain things
anymore, but you learn how
and when to do
certain things that have the
most impact.”
If Styles wants to learn, then
there are few people better
to teach him than the
Deadman, and though the
Phenom wasn’t used this
week, despite being
backstage at RAW, fans will get
to see him next week, when he
confronts Styles in the ring.
Though the Undertaker wasn’t
on RAW this week, Styles did
appear on the show,
and made things very personal
when addressing his upcoming
match against the Phenom.
Not only did Styles call Taker
by his real name Mark Calaway,
but he also
mentioned the Deadman’s wife
Michelle McCool, though not
everyone was a fan
of the segment.
One person who didn’t enjoy it
was former WWE referee Jimmy
Korderas, who said:
“I had a different issue with it.
I know people went ‘oooo’
when AJ Styles
went a little inside baseball and
he called The Undertaker his
real shoot name.”
“I’m not a big fan of that
because it’s like watching
the Godfather and all
of a sudden you call Michael
Corleone ‘Al Pacino’ in the
middle of the
thing. It makes no sense to me.
Whilst there was a time when
The Undertaker would insist
on maintaining
kayfabe, the Deadman has
revealed more of his personal
self in recent years, with
the recent Broken Skull
Sessions show he did giving fans
a look at the man behind the hat.
It’s likely that the Deadman
approved what Styles had to
say before RAW, as he
was backstage at the show,
and this feud between the
two continues to get more
interesting with every
passing week.
We’ve got even more news
from Styles now, as whilst
the two-time WWE
Champion has had a
Phenomenal career in the
company, he knows that not
everyone is doing so well.
While appearing on WWE
Backstage, Styles commented
on the recent dropped
pushes for Ricochet and
Cedric Alexander, saying:
“I see these guys on their way
up and just because you’re
on the downturn
doesn’t mean you’re not
gonna come back up. We
just gotta wait our turn
sometimes — even in WWE
you just gotta be like, ‘Okay
it’s not my turn,
it’s somebody else’s I just
gotta wait and do the best
with what I got.’”
In the end, it is up to Vince
McMahon to decide who
gets pushed and who gets
forgotten in WWE, and hopefully
both Ricochet and Cedric will be
able to bounce
back from their recent slump,
as Styles is clearly confident
that things aren’t over
for them just yet.
It’s clear that AJ Styles had
plenty to say on this week’s
edition of WWE Backstage,
but next week’s edition of the
FS1 show is shaping up
During the show, it was
announced that CM Punk will
be returning to the show
next week, and he’ll be joined
by NXT Women’s Champion
Rhea Ripley.
In the past, the Best in the
World has made it clear
how much he enjoys the
Women’s Wrestling in WWE,
so he will have plenty to talk
about when he sits
down alongside the NXT
Women’s Champion, on
next week’s show.
One woman who knows all
about championship glory,
is Beth Phoenix, and after a
physical interaction with Randy
Orton recently on RAW, it looks
like the Glamazon
isn’t finished in the ring.
On Twitter, the former Divas
and Women’s Champion
said “Time to go to work,”
and though this could be a
return to the ring for her, it
could also mean she wants
to be more involved in the
angle between Orton and
her husband Edge.
After an incredible performance
at the 2020 Royal Rumble,
where Beth competed
despite a nasty cut to her
head, it’s obvious that Phoenix
remains in great shape,
and can go at a high level.
Whether that means she has
another match at the
grandest stage of them all or
not, remains to be seen, but
this year’s WrestleMania
card certainly gets more
and more stacked each week.
One person who fans won’t
be seeing at Wrestlemania
this year though, is Matt
Hardy, as the former Tag
Champion left the company
at the start of the month.
Now, Matt’s first post-WWE
match has been announced,
as he will be a part of
Northeast Wrestling’s
‘WrestleFest XXIV’ show
later this month.
The show will take place on
March 27th at Waterbury
Connecticut, and though
Hardy’s opponent hasn’t been
revealed yet, we can’t help
but think there’s no
shortage of stars who would
like to get in the ring, with the
veteran wrestler.
And finally we’re looking at
the Wednesday Night Wars,
as this week’s NXT
eliminated from the WWE
Performance Center.
Despite the change in venue,
that didn’t stop the NXT
Superstar putting on a great
show, as the show started with
NXT North American Champion
Keith Lee retaining
his title against Cameron
Up next, Mia Yum defeated
Dakota Kai to qualify for the
NXT Women’s title
number 1 contenders ladder
match at TakeOver Tampa,
whilst Kushida picked up
the win over Raul Mendoza.
After Charlotte Flair confront
Rhea Ripley, Tegan Nox also
qualified for the
Women’s ladder match in
Tampa, by defeating
Deonna Purrazzo.
After The Velveteen Dream
addressed NXT Champion
Adam Cole, things went
from bad to worse for the
Undisputed Era, as they
failed to regain the NXT Tag
Team titles from the
And in the final moments of
the show, Tommaso Ciampa
and Johnny Gargano
brawled throughout the
Performance Center, as their
very personal feud is going
to get a lot uglier from here.
Whilst this was all happening
though, AEW Dynmaite was
airing on TNT, and that
show started with the Cody
Vs Ortiz match that saw the
debut of Lance Archer.
Up next, AEW Women’s
Champion Nyla Rose and
Bea Priestly defeated Kris
Stadtlander and Hikaru Shida,
but Rose was attacked post-
match by her own tag partner.
After MJF, the Blade and the
Butcher defeated the Jurrassic
Express, it was time
for Tony Schiavone to
interview Dr Britt Baker, who
instuled the fans in Utah,
whilst plugging her own
dentistry skills.
When Big Swole appeared
and Baker said the only reason
fans like her is because
of her boyfriend, a reference
to WWE’s Cedric Alexander,
Swole said “I’m married
Bay-Bay”, a reference to Baker’s
partner, NXT Champion Adam
Cole, which got
under the skin of the Dentist.
Up next, the Death Triangle
picked up the win over Joey
Janela and the Private
Party, and in the main event,
Hangman Adam Page and
Dustin Rhodes picked up a
big win over the Inner Circle’s
Chris Jericho and Sammy
Guevara, though a post-
match brawl ended with the
Inner Circle standing tall,
posing on the stage.

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  1. Did anyone else get as aggravated with the Lee vs grimes match last night as I did? First off, I hate that hairy schlub Cameron grimes… 2nd, it’s clear that HHH or SOMEONE is very high on grimes, cuz lee got about 90 seconds of offense in. Grimes slipped out or had a counter or dodge duck dip dive and dodged his way out of everything Lee tried to do.
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