28 thoughts on “Ingraham: Unite to fight”

  1. Thank you dim-o-rats!!! Thanks for bringing the American people together, for giving them something to agree on…that the dims are vicious, anti-American commies, and seditious traitors!! TRUMP 2020!!

  2. Pelosi should be dragged out and thrown into a load of drunks and yaba,s under the arches for a nights pleasure, you would need to on something to achieve that !!

  3. The problem with your OPINION is that he IS GUILTY, Republicans admitted it, and then covered up everything.
    Oh…and yes, the truth is going to come out.
    We cant talk to Trumpers…they're brainwashed just like you, why would we try to talk to idiots!

  4. Donald is just a pro immigration Zioshill now. If Democrats were smart, they would go back to old working class Democrat ideas. Instead, they want crazy anti hhwhitehh ideas.
    Go to hell Neoliberalism and Neoconism, go to hell Democrats and Republicans.

  5. Even the republicans say Trump abused his power! They just think it is not impeachable. They just fear fairness and justice.

  6. It's hard to decide which is more corrupt, the lamestream media hacks or the corrupt parasites in the Dem-o-rat party. All of these human turds are irrelevant, obstructionists. Let's start the obvious, the Dem-o-rats and the filthy media are vile, evil, hypocritical garbage.

  7. Laura, what do you mean, they did. They still are!!!!!
    These guys are so brain dead that they will keep going. Their a bunch of spoiled rotten brats. They will never give up. They need to go!!!!!

  8. Trump is the voice the true Conservative s have been wanting to “scream out” for over 50 years.
    The New World Order and Globalist s. Socialists and Communist. Liberals, the Left. Etc.
    The only one who came close was Ronald Regan. But he made a Globalist he’s Vice President.

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