III Międzynarodowy Turniej Judo Sensei Płock

III Międzynarodowy Turniej Judo Sensei Płock

Over 420 competitors from 36 clubs
took part in the 3rd
International Judo Sensei Płock Tournament.
There was no lack of emotions both on the mat and outside.
There was a fight, blood, tears,
but also the bitterness of defeat
and the sweet taste of victory.
In the third tournament, apart from players from Poland,
competitors from England, Russia, Slovakia,
the Czech Republic and Sweden also took part.
Judo is an international sport and we have gained experience in many countries.
We were in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia,
Sarajevo, the Netherlands, Budapest and Hungary.
You have to compete to learn and become a better contender.
We learn here.
There’s different Judoka, different judo
We are learning. Czechs from Poles,
and Poles from the Czechs.
People are nice here.
Super organizers.
Beautiful hall.
Płock is a beautiful city.
It was worth spending 5 hours on a trip.
In a moment we will spend another 5 coming back to Slovakia.
But we are very happy and we will definitely be back.
Young martial arts adepts were able to improve their technique,
although it did not always work out as if they wanted to.
However, perseverance, the desire to win,
overcome their own weaknesses
helped to defeat the opponent on the mat
It was nice, it was
A bit difficult.
Opponents were very difficult.
and just
we just managed to win with some, with luck
because we finished them out
that they could not fight anymore
attack more…
Opponent was constantly tugging at me
I lost only one fight.
Won rest of them
Starting my first fight
Five seconds pass and he was on the mat
I lost in the semi-final
Opponent threw me on the ground right away
Using the technique we didn’t learn during training
And just didn’t know how to block
and he threw me, dynamically and I fell.
Young athletes could count on the support of their
closest ones, trainers and often deafening doping.
Emotions always accompany every competitive sport
The easiest way as a parent is to stay away a bit.
One step away at least.
One step away. This is the golden mean.
Mom yells a lot
supports her son
He always says, stop yelling. I know what to do
But I can’t stop.
Too much excitement
Victories are important
but the most important is the
development of passion in young people
emphasize the trainers
In competitions, we teach
how to deal with stress
This is a stressful situation
where young people acquire self-confidence
they know what to work on, later at the club
so the pros only in general.
We support each other
they come to us for tournaments.
They fight, compete because children need it
In the future, if a judoka who fights here today
has the opportunity to compete in international tournaments
he will already have the first foreign battles with him
Here he will lose, win, catch a grip
A contact with a stranger
maybe a dark-skinned opponent
and that could help him in future fights.
The tournament was organized for the third time
by the Student Sports Club JUDO SENSEI Płock
the event was co-financed by the Town hall of Płock
Children and youth
if they have a passion
and someone like Łukasz Smorzewski i Dorota
who are fascinated by judo
This is an amazing thing
And kids and teenagers are really training
They are infected with this amazing passion
by their tutors, parents
This is something wonderful
Among all competitors there was a prize draw funded by sponsors.
InfoPłockTV has taken media patronage
over the 3rd International Judo Sensei Płock Tournament
Congratulations to all competitors.
I would like to thank Łukasz
for the invitation to the tournament.
It is really nice here.
Łukasz is a nice guy,
he does it with his heart.
And the best judo is when it’s done with your heart.
Thanks Łukasz, that you invited us
We hope that we’ll come again and that you will visit us.

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