Ice Cube on Meeting Snoop for the First Time, and Kobe Bryant’s Legacy

Ice Cube on Meeting Snoop for the First Time, and Kobe Bryant’s Legacy

So you’ve been on
Ellen nine times.
Nine times, huh?
Do you like it better
with Snoop and me?
You know what, it’s pretty
good with Snoop and–
–my homegirl Martha.
You know what I mean?
Ellen don’t worry about nothing.
They doing a great job–
Oh, OK.
–great job.
Thank you.
Well, you first
met me on our show.
And when did you
first meet Snoop?
First time I met Snoop, he
was doing a release party
for Doggystyle on a boat–
On a boat.
–cruise, some kind of yacht.
When he was first starting?
When you first started.
You know, I quickly said,
what’s up, to Snoop,
got off that yacht.
Because I knew it
was going to be lit–
–before it left the dock.
I’m like, man, I’m not getting
in the water with Death Row.
And so it was cool, you know?
It showed a lot of love.
You always show a lot of love.
It’s nothing but
love and respect.
You know, I’ve seen
this man come a long way
and very proud of my man Snoop.
Thank you.
What’s your favorite
moment with Snoop?
Oh, man, we got a
million moments.
You know, it’s just
going on tour with Snoop.
I love touring with Snoop.
You know, Snoop, he has a
party backstage before he
hit the stage.
I have been experiencing
that backstage.
I’m across the hall.
And I’m having fun.
I gave her that
green-room experience.
Nothing wrong with that.
You know, I got to take
her to my secret garden.
You know, I’ve
always been at hers.
Let me take her to mine.
Well, to bring up a sad
subject, but the last time
you were on Ellen,
you were with Kobe.
What did you love about him?
Man, what I loved
about Kobe is that he
wasn’t just satisfied with
God’s given talents, you know?
He wanted to even be better than
the talents that God gave him.
And so that’s amazing.
That’s an amazing person.
Because most people say, look,
you know, I got these gifts.
I’m going to just kick
back and just cruise.
And he showed you, no, you can
always take it even further.
And when you think
you’re at the top,
you can even take it further.
So we love Kobe’s spirit
more than anything.
He was finding other ways
to personify hisself off
the basketball court.
And being a leader, like the
young generation of basketball
players all look up to him.
The young generation of
rappers all look up to him.
Even rappers like myself,
who was older than him,
I looked up to him.
Because he showed me ways on how
to be a better person, a better
father, a better man, you
know, going from that to this.
So he was just a great
leader, a great role model.
And we going to miss him dearly.
We send love to
Vanessa and the kids
and just want to put that
love angel around them
and make sure they get
through this time right here.
So you dreamed about Kobe
playing in your basketball
And, you know, I’m a fan
of your basketball league.
The Big3.
Yes, sir.
Give it up for the Big3, y’all.
But now, I heard you changed
the name of it to the Fireball3.
Well, it was.
It’s still the Big3.
But Fireball3 is what
we play, you know.
Oh, OK.
We started off trying to
professionalize three-on-three.
But then we realized we had
invented a whole new sport.
So why not lean into that?
Like the UFC is not
called super boxing.
It’s called the UFC.
So we got the Big3.
We play Fireball3.
Everybody else
playing basketball.
That’s a beautiful thing, man.
I’m so, so proud of your league.
Because I seen where
the idea came from
and how you’ve given
these NBA players,
who careers are at an end, but
they still able to have fun,
are still able to come
play basketball, the sport
that they love.
And the [INAUDIBLE] is
you filling them up.
When does the season start?
It start June 20th.
It’s great.
Because, you know,
we got new rules,
got what’s called the
bring-the-fire rule,
where players can
go one-on-one–
–which is very cool.
And it’s just been
a great experience.
You know, we have
great sponsors.
You know, I can’t wait
till the summer, man.
One more question,
the Lakers going
to win it all or not this year?
Yes, sir.
You see me.
I’m ready.
We’re going to do it for Kobe.
On that note, when
we come back, we’re
going to see how good
you are at Fireball.
Oh, boy.

100 thoughts on “Ice Cube on Meeting Snoop for the First Time, and Kobe Bryant’s Legacy”

  1. Imagine a full court fireball 6 on 6! That would be nonstop action! Up there with the XFL and WWE royal rumble. I hope these two parody sports leagues merge up to create a sports entertainment umbrella and compete in the X-Games!

  2. " He wasn't just satisfied with God's giving talents, he wanted to be better than the talents God gave him"
    Wow! What a statement.

  3. To some of my young black men take notes we can sit down an talk without guns our foolishness 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  8. The more I hear about Kolby Bryant…God wanted him sooner since he was such an incredible person to put in heaven and let us know that we are all going there….

  9. Snoop is a real humble dude. Met him in real life in Manhattan NYC, he was so flattered to be recognized. He wasn't annoyed like most celebs, he posed for pics and everything (but asked that we- my friend and i- not post the pictures) love you man! The real deal 👍

  10. Ellen wasnt here bc she is the regular host and had she NOT addressed Gayles comments it would have been full on anarchy. Passed on to other hosts that Did Not have to.

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