100 thoughts on “I FOUGHT MY BROTHER’S FRIEND!”

  1. Armani is a fucking parasite latches onto the Pauls for money and relevance, even looks like a slug, the man disgusts me. He wouldn’t need the Pauls if he saved half the money he spent on food, fat fuck

  2. i really dont get what people mean by logan is more mature and stuff and better content …its literally what we being seeing before he started boxing

  3. Amazing take down xD Also…Jake looks like he is done with everything xD KSI is a poop head. He can't stop stuttering and saying the same shit over and overrrr

  4. …I don't know if gib wasn't ready or what but he literally didn't even try to fight back so… Wow lol… But Jake going against ksi.. Yea not even going to go there already know who's going to win lol.

  5. I'm a ksi fan because he was just less of a child when I was introduced to logan if that makes sense but I watched a few of his videos it seems as if he's really not that bad of a person I want to apologize for me being ignorant and unwilling to believe that u could change keep doing what ur doing

  6. They need to do something with this Armani joker he’s been accused of rape and everything else plus he’s starting a brawl because they was late with Jakes friggin food come on good for you Logan!!

  7. Fucking hell logan rushed that poor man 🤣 also as a Brit I was with gibber but jake showed so much skill and spirit so props to him

  8. Props to Logan for not even hesitating in that situation. Also watch as soon as he hit the ground he puts a hook in while sinking in the choke. 👀

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