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  1. My head hurts… I'm going to go take a nap…
    Timecodes: Logan vs Antonio (00:06), Youtube (1:47), TIA (4:42), Iowa (6:23)

  2. I remember when I was a child, I thought politics and the people working in it were the peak of adulthood. Mature, professional, and organized. Grown up now, it's pretty ridiculous to realize how absolutely fucking messy they handle their own system. How the hell are there, consistently, news about how political representatives or teams essentially try to pull something out last minute to try and bluff or mislead the masses with the info that we need to know. Integrity is barely present in the political scene of america.

  3. oh wow! here we have dems complaining about videos cut, cherry picked and being out of context, but all the while doing the same thing towards Trump administration. Ironic isn't it.

  4. Bernie precinct captain here, it stinks that results were/are slow to come out. I caucused for Bernie in 2016 and had a terrible experience. I educated myself, signed up to be a leader and turned up to try again. On the ground the changes this year went well. Some things that surprised me, how admitent some people are against Bernie (I'm naive I guess), Amy's team turned up without much funding it was very cool, Buttigieg really showed up and Biden didn't. Although the coin flip seems odd it is well documented when it should be used or not. I had a great time and got to meet more of my neighbors and have healthy discussions about our hopes for the country. I'd rather wait for accurate results. Let's not forget 2012 when it took 2 weeks to get the final results.

  5. you know what fight i'd like to see? Phil and Logan in the ring but street fight style. Phil not really whole heartedly wanting to fight but takes one punch to the eye. then Phil absolutely fucking cleans house as a response. makes video next day sporting a t shirt that says "i won. 2020. hit that like button or i'll punch you in the throat" with matching black eye. I WOULD PAY TO SEE THAT FIGHT. no shame.

  6. This is actually irritating me now. If you have enough internet data to watch some YouTuber tell you who to vote for…. you have enough internet data to google voting dates.
    Basically the whole world at our fingertips through smart phones & there is still people blaming companies for their laziness. I am so done

  7. uh…your description of a VPN allowing you to watch content outside of your country isnt accurate..as netflix uses your billing information to determine your location..not the location you sign in at…so using a VPN wouldnt get pass that

  8. Thank you for reminding me to watch some Philip DeFranco at half speed (0.5). It always makes me laugh 😉 lol. You give drunk Nancy a run for her money 😛 hahaha

  9. Democrats need to do corrupt things so they can make Trump look corrupt for asking Ukraine about the Democrat's corruption obviously

  10. The Iowa caucus is a joke and the democratic party is corrupt for finding ways to stifle the popular votes in the most nonsensical ways.

  11. I come to youtube for the specific reason of getting as far away from CNN and Fox as possible. They are invading. Take everything with a grain of salt. Ask questions. Form your own conclusions.

  12. will you talk about the sexual abuse issues in figure skating now that it's made mainstream news and the french government is tuned in to Didier's failings and the systematic cover up of multiple instances of assault against athletes following the news of Morgan Cipres sending sexual images to a 13 year old girl, as part of a US club, where the coaches threatened and intimidated the girl to try to stop her from filing a report, less than a year after safesport suspended john coughlin after a year of investigating him, only to drop it after coughlin committed suicide which also resulted in the usfsa showing support to coughlin and shaming his accusers until ashley wagner came out as one of the girls coughlin assaulted?????????

    or nah

  13. Ngl, I hate America – you people are so backwards. Also, the belief that America is the best country in the world is pure delusion. For the record I'm a Canadian – and let me be completely clear, you and your government made up of 90% idiot actually do affect peoples lives in other countries. Don't think for a second that just because Canadians are nice that a lot of us will patiently continue to put up with your bullshit.

    And yes, the Iranian attack on U.S. forces in Iraq was completely justified! It doesn't matter how bad general Qasem Soleimani was, you can't just do an airstrike on a foreign official in a foreign country and pretend nothing else will happen after. There are consequences to your actions!

    For the record, I feel sorry for all of you good and decent people of America, for those who have to travel hundreds of miles to Mexico or Canada in order to receive affordable healthcare, for those who elect to not receive lifesaving healthcare so as to not become homeless because you don't have the money to pay for treatments – my heart goes out to you.

  14. As an Iowa Caucus Goer, this whole process was extremely disappointing! Why would they use a practically untested app?!

  15. "Quality control" is political speak for not getting the results they want. No surprise that the Democrats have no clue what they are doing with counting people

  16. Now that all the popular votes are going to Bernie, suddenly tools are "not working". And James is right; it's not an accurate representation of the final voting event. It is a spectacle.

  17. America is NOT a true democracy. So it doesn't make sense, yo think of it as one. All of this is for show and not actually anything else.

  18. Its all a big dog and pony show.
    The powers that be already know who they are going to elect, and our opinion doe's matter.

  19. Coin toss is so common and so annoying.

    But also can we fucking stop with same day results? I want paper and pen ballots. I want everything counted twice. And I mean everything. Dont forget to ACTUALLY COUNT absentee ballots.

  20. It's a shadow program. That's not the real program. They're making fun of us by the fact that we're paying attention to this app but it clearly misdirection lol

  21. I feel like the US election system is twice as messed up then the French retirement system. At least the French are trying to fix it…

  22. What if you paid $2 a minute to have a moderator actually watch a video before it gets posted. Youtube has income to pay the workforce, you get piece of mind that the video you made will qualify for ad revenue. If it fails, you can ask why and alter the video before publishing. Seems like all 3 parties win with this idea; youtube, creators and advertizers

  23. Really, if you get your news from YouTube then your the one with the problem. All videos on YouTube should be taken with a grain of salt …… YES even Phil's video's, sorry Phil, it is what it is?

  24. Idk about you but that Iowa caucus is sketchy as hell… they care what the people think they were doing their own thing in the background.

  25. Iowa fucked up. They know that they are a huge deal in the primaries and that their data will have an immeasurable impact on all candidates and their campaign strategies. If they were to fundamentally change their method of data processing they would say so BEFORE the elections go down. To not confuse voters and to be fair and transparent about their methods and to be smart about probable issues happening due to this new method. Releasing info about their changed methods after the fact looks incredibly suspicious.

  26. What was the app actually doing? How did they have paper backup? It was not for counting votes but real time reporting or what?

  27. I love trumpers crying about how biased Phil is whenever he reports on the President for just being accurate. Be adults and reevaluate yourselves.

  28. "Consumption of corporate media grew by 60%"
    And that's supposed to be a good thing? They've all but killed so many independent quality content providers to feed the corporate billionaire shills.

  29. Can you PLEASE PLEASE STOP TALKING SO FAST!?!? Please. Those who are slow due to TBI, or those who English is not their first language, or both, cannot effectively understand what you are saying. & the overall message gets lost when we have to keep rewinding and listening over and over just to try to understand what you just said. Please. It’s really hard to understand when you talk so fast like that.

  30. America: We are the most democratic country in the world!!
    Also America: caucus coin toss*, *electoral college*, *AI driven gerrymandering*, *fucking over Berny in 2016*, *trump wins against the popular vote*, *not letting felons vote

  31. Hey America, one of these days you guys should really consider trying out democracy. As opposed to that weird and unjust 19th century game show you have going on. It’s 2020. It’s very possible to make a system where every voter counts and where big corporations and parties aren’t able to manipulate the process. A system where the side with the majority of votes doesn’t win is not a democracy.

  32. I think it’s funny that half the country wants to turn over their guns and healthcare to the party that can’t even pull their heads outta their asses long enough to figure out how voting works.

  33. Ah so YouTube and by extension Google will continue its manipulation of the media, information and the election to subvert the American elections. Sick

  34. 2:47 Content thar advertises false claims…

    DeFranco: "like birthers"

    So PRESIDENT Trump would have been kicked off YouTube for furthering conspiracy theories that undermine the election! 😂

    We have to be living in a simulation

  35. Phil, I would like to hear you talk about the NYT article on the work environment of big retail pharmacies. Corporate metrics are putting patient's in danger despite pharmacy teams having their best interest in mind.

  36. Trump is getting reelected. The Democratic Party is a hot mess and I predict many normally blue voters will stay home out of exasperation or get so fed up they just straight up vote for Trump.

  37. The US election system so much more confusing than the UK's. Why all the tech, when it can so easily break or be hacked. Just put an 'X' on a piece of paper next to name of your candidate of choice lol

  38. The 2020 primaries aren't just an "Anti-Trump" process, the entire mode of capital-first government is on the ballot.

  39. I’m an Iowan, and for the record, I don’t think we should be the first state because we don’t reflect the diversity of America proportionately. I would also love a fair, transparent, paper based voting system that doesn’t require the confrontational caucus experience in a set location and time that isn’t a national holiday. There are so many barriers to affording everyone the ability to vote it’s ridiculous. Every person does matter — in my precinct we were just one person short from viability in the first round, until someone convinced a Warren supporter to join us. By the end the people supporting Biden were one person short of viability, so none of their votes went to anybody who was viable. In so many ways, this system is mathematically and economically flawed it’s ridiculous. I do value making space for political debate, but I believe that should happen before voting comes so that there is certainty with your vote.

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