How To Sweep Kick In a Fight

How To Sweep Kick In a Fight

you come in right when you coming in
here Oh sweeping so if I’m here and I
oh it creates a lot of opening because
you’re playing with the person’s balance
the only money was gonna come inside
yeah it’s up here yeah I’d like to be
one hand one hand out here or like but I
don’t think I need both hands here
because both hands here
inside I could also just close off and
he’s also trapped so I like to have here
or here because it gives me more options
yeah the Thai boxing they do this
Oh boom but I’ve got half and go you’re
here oh I’ll use it also to track those
no just I’m playing with it I’ve been
here the whole mine I slipped it that
way okay you get anything that happened
when you’re fighting right so sometimes
joke like this just teach you how to
place your feet
I’ll move the different angles that
you’ve been trying to sweep the guy you
don’t need to get it so technical Leo
you have just to come in and sweep the
other person right so what are my
options like do I get this and I’ll see
you in the night to sweat poop inside
here here here here
all right listen we stuck and we’re here
at home can I do this bring it down
right but again when you’re sweeping the
guy he’s fallen the guy’s instinct is
gonna be to grab you and bring it down
with them
the guy you don’t want to go down with
him you want him to go down on you to be
standing because if they’re multiple
attackers in the street you’re clots so
the intent is stay on your feet and the
ground because if I hit the ground and
he’s got a friend I’m getting kicked in
the head home going down the street me
yeah I’m too soon I want to try yeah
wrap it right there you can also just
so I’m taking him with me so you like
this yeah because what I don’t want to
quit this boom you fall
bow bow myself stomping this friend
started talking you yeah you’re fucked
and I’m fuck with your you so you want
to do that yeah I’m a glacier ain’t
grabbed everything I kind of really come
with me

23 thoughts on “How To Sweep Kick In a Fight”

  1. We are taught to use the shin also for sweeping!. But to do that one should be at the side of the opponent

  2. Good questions from your partner and yeah, definitely don’t want to go to the ground. Don’t know if you covered this but in your scenario of sweeping the leg and opponent’s instinct to bring u down with him, what are some techniques to extricate yourself from the person so u don’t go down too? Great video!

  3. Was this taken from one of the recent live videos or a new recording? 🙂 Good stuff keep sharing, happy that you're still bringing value on Youtube, in spite of the algorithm demonetisations and other challenges on this platform 🙂

  4. I think a sweep is most effective if you first cause the opponent to move so he's off balance and moving it restabilize himself. As his foot moves you sweep it. Since the leg isn't planted yet it's easier to sweep and since he moved it to regain stability he goes down when it isn't there when he needs it.

  5. Nick, respectfully, if you are one on one, I would suggest that it's actually harder for him to get past your legs if he is standing and you fall. If he falls on or beside you because you pulled him down, if he is stronger than you or has better techniques, you're screwed and he's already past your guard. I think that you need to explore the whole subject of what happens once you sweep the leg – he's unbalanced – then what? Personally, i'd be looking for a throw but what''s your objective?

  6. Coincidentally, seeing you both sweating there, I'm sure that there's a video on how to cope with the effects of sweat in controlling an opponent. When your hands keep slipping off their wrists or neck, then what?

  7. This is good stuff . These are techniques we can use in a self defense situation today. Please show more of this . Thx as always keep them coming

  8. I learned this in wing Chun and do it all the time now when sparring I've never known anyone else to do this.

  9. You're doing it backwards in boxing you either spring or pivot to the outside of the lead leg so you would end up standing on the side of the person then you sweep the back of the lead leg forward throwing him on his ass

  10. Do some video with Dr Sam Robbins from youtube. I dont know what it should be about and even though he is about different things, he reminds me of you hah. Would be a great collaboration

  11. nick maybe you should make a video about teamwork, you worked in clubs in a team, you probably have been in situations where u end u 3vs10, teamwork is crucial is situations like that, maybe you can show us some strategies, here where i live the big group attacking the small group is the most common scenario

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