How scientists are fighting the coronavirus: A three minute guide

How scientists are fighting the coronavirus: A three minute guide

The novel coronavirus has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation.
So how are scientists responding?
And what can science do
to help control the outbreak?
A top priority is epidemiology.
Epidemiologists are on the front line, trying
to understand how and why the virus is spreading.
They gather data on the timing
and location of new cases,
where new infections are coming from
and how long symptoms take to appear.
These data go into models that can predict
how fast the infection might spread.
This is critical for both creating containment plans,
and assessing whether counter-measures
are actually working.
By looking at the patterns of spread,
epidemiologists can infer the mode of transmission,
such as in saliva or through the air.
Epidemiologists also need to know whether
people who are infected but not showing symptoms
could still pass on the disease,
something which would make this
coronavirus harder to wipe out.
Understanding the source of the virus is also important.
The virus likely originated in an animal
before jumping to a human host.
Genetic analysis of samples taken from the
market in Wuhan, where the outbreak started,
could tell scientists which animal
and help prevent future outbreaks.
Understanding how the virus spreads
is a vital first step for containing it,
but scientists also need to know
how the virus itself functions.
And that is the job of virologists.
Across the world, virologists are scrambling
to get their hands on physical samples of
the novel coronavirus.
This work involves growing the virus in cultured
and infecting animals in order to study it closely.
There’s lots to learn.
Virologists can measure the survival time
of the virus in droplets like those from a
cough or a sneeze.
Animal models may show how the infection
actually gets passed between individuals.
And working out the structure of viral proteins
and the identity of the receptors they use
to enter cells
could inform potential treatments.
The genome of the virus can also hold clues.
Genetic sequences from dozens of patient samples
are publicly available and have already been
used to develop diagnostic tests.
But actual samples – in human cell cultures
and animal models – will be needed to test
vaccines and drugs.
This is where biomedical science comes in.
Drug development is a slow process, so researchers
are having to work fast to find therapies
for this new threat.
One of the most powerful tools biomedical
scientists could develop is a vaccine,
but this is a longer term solution.
A more imminent possibility is to inject
patients with antibodies against the virus.
Finding antibodies that recognise it
might not be so difficult,
but mass producing enough antibodies,
even for trials, could take months.
Antiviral drugs are also an option.
These are small molecules that
interfere with viral replication,
but developing them from scratch takes years.
So researchers are hoping that drugs already developed
to treat things like HIV, could prove effective
and trials have already started.
If counter-measures fail, coronavirus could
become what’s called ‘endemic’,
recurring regularly like the flu.
That would make it extremely hard to eradicate.
Fighting this outbreak will require
a range of scientific tools,
from genetic sequencing to mathematical modelling.
And for all of that, researchers need data.
Many publishers and labs have made commitments
to make all research free to access,
encouraging collaboration and
prioritising global health.
Time will tell how successful it will be.

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  1. Definitely seems too late to prevent it from becoming endemic. It's just another virus that'll add to the large group of viruses which cause upper respiratory infections.

  2. It's good to make a video to expose the process; but few people are checking out actual research papers.
    Here are a few that are relevant; but should not be taken at face value for anyone watching.

  3. Science is key to all problems on Earth… ❤️… Science is love
    Wishing all the researchers best of luck and hope they crack this virus soon

  4. Gaud! Nice bit of Misinformation… The Virus is a Biological Weapon, developed at the BSL-4 Lab in Wuhan… It's a WHO approved lab to develop Biological Weapons… In the past, this particular lab has had 4 known leaks and this one is the 5th… The DNA of the virus clearly shows that genes were edited into it via mechanical means… This virus did Not come from an animal – it came from a lab… Done deal… I suggest people start taking "True Colloidal Silver"…

  5. This is too basic and doesn't provide any information specific to this outbreak except what we all already know – where it started.

  6. It kills 1 in 50 and those victims are easy to identify due to their existing health status, this mean that for every person who gets ill and is at risk there are 50 people who have developed antibodies in their blood that could be harvested and used to treat the vulnerable. However this does not address the long term risk of the virus becoming endemic and mutating every year in a manner similar to influenza, all it does is buy us time and minimise the harm done in the early days before more advanced solutions can be developed and rolled out globally. So why is this not being done?

  7. The irony is that, some politicians especially US politicians are happy because is affecting China, while scientists all over the world are working around the clock to find the cure.

  8. The vaccine is in USA as the virus was planted by USA operatives in Wuhan after the world military games in Wuhan Dec 2019

  9. We cannot afford the usual glacial pace of hyperconservative medical vaccine research in these situations any longer. No phase 1, wait 6 months, phase 2 for 2 years, phase 3 maybe in 7 years crap. Clone the surface nucleocapsid glycoproteins, amplify in GM bacteria AND FKNG GET IT INTO HEALTH CARE WORKERS ON THE FRONT LINES NOW . If this virus gets into circulation in a country like India or Bangladesh, forget it, there will be no stopping it and millions will die. There is no time to dick around with the usual antiquated process, if a few people die because of unforeseen vaccine side effects so be it, it will be orders of magnitude less death and suffering than if no vaccine is available when it goes globally pandemic.

  10. Who makes the most money from CoronaVirus? What about SARS, the UK Gov spent a huge amount of money on GlaxoSmithKlein tamiflu drugs that were never used. If I worked for Bayer et al, I'd spend my time cultivating weird flu variations, then just release one every now and then like an Elton John song to make a phew people sick and collect some cheques. Flu mutates so quickly, it would be untraceable back to the company so who would ever know?

  11. Who else thought that she'd answer with the results of these techniques? 😅

    Still, it's nicely informative about the general process. 🙂

  12. Don't expect much help from the US Government, we all know how anti-science our government is. If anything, they'll just blame the gays or blacks or dems or whatever suits them.

  13. Probably we have 50% chance of getting it. Educate people how to up the immune system. Hope this fucker doesn't mutate

  14. Get right with God (Judeo Christian God). And I'll see you guys on the other side. This virus is airborne. Everyone will have it sooner or later.

  15. Really nice video for the guidance. please join us to share your thoughts on "2019 nCoV: what can scientist do and should do next?"

  16. The 11th Harmonic. Kill viruses with frequency, non ionizing radiation can be used for more then cooking the brains of porn addicted teenagers to pimp to soldiers

  17. if only I can use genetic algorithm for it, but can't get any data to test it 🙁

    update: WHO has given data about the time series of the spread but not the genome itself. So what data scientist can only predict is the spread probability, nothing more. hope it contributes a little bit. Were only good of what data is given 🙁

  18. Please fix the antibody animation. It is a bit sad that a Nature-level immunology briefing cannot have the antibody binding right.


  20. Dr. Qiu is an expert on deadly viruses
    Dr. Qiu can be trusted to help you with this problem

    Dr. Qiu has dedicated her life to making the world more safe
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  21. I think when world leader look back they will regret they didn't shut down all international air traffic 2 weeks ago. This has potential to kill more than all wars of modern history combined.. incl. ww2.

  22. I think scientist role is all to warn against the consequences, so that world leaders take adequate action. Maybe all air traffic needs to be shut down, and international travel be exclusively for transportation of goods. Asap.

  23. Did the Nature editors even look at the graphics accompanying the text? The general public, policy makers and all viewers deserve better. Briefly…
    0:13–0:18 image of disease seem to spread from somewhere centered in Kazakstan.
    1:11–1:22 the animal images, while showing possible intermediate hosts do NOT include the known underlying animal reservoir for SARS and MERS and almost certainly for COVID-19, bats
    2:42–2:55 as pointed out by Aoi Q, the backwards facing antibodies using the heavy chain Fc region (base of the Y) as opposed to the antigen binding sites Fab regions (arms of the Y)
    3:18–3:22 the radiating endemic circle in China appears to come from Gansu in Northwest China as opposed to Wuhan in Hubei in South Central China
    Thanks Nathan aka @sciguy999

  24. Correction: at 2:42 – the representations of antibodies are shown binding to the representation of the coronavirus virus at the antibodies' Fc region – this is incorrect. Antibodies in fact bind via the Fab region. We apologise for any confusion caused.

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  27. The drug companies will create a vaccine that only partially works, claim it cost them billions to develop, and charge a huge price. Where else can you get that kind of money machine?

  28. How normal people fighting with the coronavirus:

    1) Any mask is still useful, it can't protect 95% like n95 mask but it can reduce the amount of virus you receive, if you get less virus, your immune systems can stop the virus expending in your body. You get infected by the virus when there are too many virus in your body until your immune systems can't handle it anymore.

    2) The main problem with mask is some people wear the mask then after that their hand touch the mask and touch their nose or other object that they may touch later, so make sure your hand is clean first, always wash your hand before touch yourself or object that you may touch later.

    3) Sleep more and eat more fruit that have high vitamin C to let your immune systems strong to fight with the virus come into you. If your immune systems is strong the virus is hard to get you infected. Immune systems is not vaccine but it can kill the virus and kill the cell that infected by virus. In other word, immune systems can clean the virus inside your body and they need vitamin C to clean it.

    4) It could be many people already have small amount of the virus inside their body which this small amount is hardly to detected by virus test, the immune systems need vitamin C to fight with the virus and your body does not keep vitamin, you have to get 90mg of vitamin C everyday.

    Always wash hand, sleep more, vitamin C, avoid crowd/less contact with people, and mask(if you have).

  29. Funny and sad to see people unable to understand what science do and says. Stupidity has taken over the world, at least in the YT comment section. It tell a lot about how education is neglected in every country

  30. 1918 – flu was born keeps on mutating

    2019 – corona virus was born and will remain to mutate. SARS was the warning.

    Every century we are getting new threat.

    Hard to accept but it looks like an impending doom on humanity is set not by outsider but here.

  31. the virus in china was created because of logn dead animal ! it was not from living animal it was a beiproduct of dead body that means rotten animal! sulfur basis medicine is the cure or sun light und fresch air! the mask have kill so many people und have help to contain the virus! do you want a sample of the virus? mix an dead mise und see jelyfisch let it in shadow and moisture und in 7-14days you will have a corona virus take the virus and fume it with sulfur and you will have dead conavirus living or dead the virus have ash color!

  32. Likely originated in an animal??? Uhh, NO. It was ENGINEERED; key proteins taken from the HIV delivery system and copy/pasted into the virus… a supercharged SARS essentially. Technically, it’s not a coronavirus at all, it’s incredibly DEADLY and its PROGRAMMED for it. A bioweapon. Personally, I would get your N-99’s (not 95’s) NOW with sealed goggles. Also consider the following:

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    the force of nature by hypochlorous acid generator pretty awesome
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  33. North Korea won the fight. They already have new drugs called KUMDANG 2 and ROYAL BLOOD FRESH:

  34. Nice but now we will should take to care of our environment for our good activities… Because 75% disease are made from pollutions (global warming) and then spreading through air in human.. Thanks for it…. Nice vedio……

  35. Try my formula, if corona virus 19 was from BATS, there will be no vaccine can be found to kill this virus, this BATS life is diff from other animal or human. They lived upside down, so to create a vaccine for it, you must reverse all elements from Z to A. like reverse osmosis. Psychologic terms.

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