(Somin team challenges this time)
You two challenge this time!
I think we’re right
(Farewell lover’s concept)
We’re just friends … I never loved you
(Cold water!)
(Really angry!)
Oh, it’s cold, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault!
(Automatically apologizing)
(Don’t say that even though it’s an act)
I’m sorry, are you mad?
(Members enojoying)
Somin’s really angry
I’m going to smash you
Love is not green
It’s a plum
(Love is a plum?)
(Somin team fail!)
I’m sorry
(What is the answer …?)
It’s quite childish to end with “Love is not green, it’s a plum”
This is it!
Let’s go try!
(Seokjin tries)
You play a girl
We’re just friends, I never loved you
I’m going to smash you
(Suddenly looking around?!)
He’s amazing! Did you see him checking himself if he’s wet or not?
(What a perfect narcissist during acting)
(Sprinkles wate …)
(Scanning moisture)
(It’s Jihyo who’s hit with water..)
Everybody knows that Jihyo got wet but Seokjin’s checking himself!
(It’s not just tears that Seokjin should not shed!)
-Really creepy
– Sorry
He’s the worst, really
He’s keep making a history of ‘the worst’
(Updating ‘worst’ record for 10 years)
Love is not an illusion
It’s reality
(Seokjin of crisis, Finally confessing?!)
Isn’t it correct?
That’s about divorcing!
Because we did “Love do not feed you”
The clue is that it’s very similar to what Haha and Jihyo did at first.
(Almost like “love is green, not pink”)
Answer! Let’s go!
(I think I got the answer)
I’ll try
(Please come back with answer!)
(Found out a water bottle on Sechan’s hand)
Then I should try Jang Nara
What are you talking about?
(I don’t like to get wet)
Why? You’re Jang Nara!
No, that’s not it … Am I her?
No I am a girl
(Kwang-soo is not the only fool, Sechan, too)
(After all, Sechan is Jang Nara)
It’s in his mouth
Do you want to do this?
It’s not the last game
We’re just friends
I never loved you
(2 water shots)
Sechan washed Kwangsoo’s face
I’m going to smash you
Love is not pink
It is green (In English)
(Somin team fail)
(That’s not it…)
(Seokjin team challenge!)
Love is not pink
It is green
(Is it the answer ?!)
99% correct!
answer! answer!
(Full of convictions)
Since it’s the last, I’ll try with Jongkook
(Would you like to challenge yourself?!)
(Refills the water bottle)
Don’t waste the water!
I drank that one …
(There’s no problem anyway because it’s the last game)
Water bullet loaded?
(water bottle sniper Kwangsoo’s ready)
We’re just friends
I never loved you
(I’ve been waiting for this moment!)
(Change genre to non-sense drama)
(Water strike)
It’s non-sense! Adlib is good!
(The angry man vs the woman with no fear)
Kwangsoo only lives today
I understand even though Jongkook’s angry
(Audiences are excited)
Love is not pink
It is green
-Isn’t that what we did earlier?
-It’s the same, what’s difference?
(Somin team foolishly fails)
What are you doing?
Didn’t we talk like that?
He’s in trouble!
I’ll give you a clue
Love is not pink something!
(Somin team finally catches the answer!)
(Oh … We missed …)
It’s Jongkook’s turn
How many bullets do you need?
Uh, give me all…
What are you saying!? Getting an aswer is more important!
(Why did you do that if you know…)
Okay, I’ll go
Water gonna splash on the camera, everyone move back!
Next line!
We’re just friends
(Super muscular mist, providing too much moisture on tired skin)
(Kwangsoo is getting moist)
I never loved you
I’m going to smash you
Love is not pinky
It’s greeny
Good job, good job
I didn’t know my panties gonna wet today.
My panties are wet today!
(Correct answer screen)
(Love is not pinky)
(It’s greeny)
Our team is amazing!
(Final score for this round)
Somi Team 3: 2 Seokjin Team)
-This was bad
-What a reverse!
It’s a drama without script!


  1. 🐯KOOKIE with maknae chemistry really best fun cute❤aegyo🐯: 👌"Okay" so adorable funny😂❤fight like no tomorrow non-sense drama😂5:10…last but not least lol the BEST pay back time😂😂🐯👍❤

  2. This ep is so funny… I don't care those who said this ep is boring.. Who cares.. Just make your own variety show than..

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