Helicopters for Children | Blippi Explore a Helicopter

Woah! A helicopter toy!
Oh, look at what’s behind me!
A real helicopter!
Would you come and ride it with me?
Let’s go!
Look at where I’m at!
I’m inside the helicopter!
And this is the instrument panel,
and look at all the really cool gadgets
that has on it.
But I don’t want to teach you that,
I want to teach you how to fly
the helicopter.
Before you fly it,
you’ve got to put on your seatbelt.
So let’s do that first.
Just like in a car.
You’ve got to buckle up.
Ok, and now this is the cyclic,
this is what controls the helicopter
go left, right, forward, backwards.
And then down here, wupp!
That is the collective,
this makes the helicopter
go down or up, down or up.
So now you can go…
and fly in an helicopter!
And then down here
you put your feet on pedals
and this is what makes the helicopter
spin left and right.
Woah! Ha, ha, ha.
Now it’s time for you to see what’s like
riding inside a real helicopter.
That’s captain Ron I’m with.
Woah! There we go.
We had lift off.
Do you see me?
Ok, now let’s go on an adventure
and see what we can find
while ridding inside the helicopter.
We saw a blue and white train.
Wow, look at it go.
And a harvester, and a tractor!
They are harvesting corn.
Woah, the wagon is almost full.
It was so much fun
flying in the helicopter.
There I am.
Then we went to a marina.
Wow, look at all the boats!
Uh, a freeway! This is what it looks
like from really high in the sky.
I was spinning just
how a helicopter spins.
Oh, let me teach you the parts
of the helicopter.
This is the main rotor.
That’s the thing that spins to provide
lift so the helicopter can fly.
And then this right here,
that’s the mast,
it holds the main rotor there
to the cab.
And the cab is where the pilot and
the co-pilot fly the helicopter from.
And how the helicopter flies?
It gets its power from
the engine compartment.
There are so many things inside there!
Like the transmission, the fuel
and the exhaust. Just to name a few.
But then this long thing back there,
that’s the tail boom
which holds the tail rotor back there,
which controls the spinning left
and the spinning right.
Woah! There are so many great
things on a helicopter!
Oh, you can’t forget one thing,
the landing skids!
That’s how the helicopter can land
on dirt, rocks, concrete, gravel,
anything you want!
Woah, I love helicopters!
Ha, ha, ha.
Helicopters have some
really funny nicknames!
Do you wanna hear some of them?
You can call them helos,
copters and choppers!
Woah! Woah!
Woah! Woah!
High up in the air! Woah!
Woah! Woah!
Helicopters can be used
to lift heavy items
and some of those helicopters
can lift up to 88,000 pounds!
That’s about 40,000 kilograms.
And to put that into perspective,
that’s about four school buses.
Woah, that’s heavy!
Woah! Woah! Woah!
Woah! Woah!
Woah! Woah!
Ha, ha, ha.
That was so much fun
learning about helicopters with you.
Thanks for watching.
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Bye bye!
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