Heavy Machinery ready for celebration feast: SmackDown Exclusive, Sept. 17, 2019

Tucker and Otis,
congratulations on your victory. Now, would you say that this victory
was maybe a little more important considering that there’s
a draft coming up next month?>>A draft?>>There’s a draft, yeah.>>A draft, when is this?>>You know that?>>I did not, Tuckey.>>Yeah, yeah.>>Little draft coming up.>>Little draft coming up. A little draft, a little drafty-poo.>>We’re staying right here. I’m calling that right now.>>It’s like the 11th and
the 14th of October. The draft. Two-night special. Friday and Monday.>>Well, where are we gonna go?>>Well, I don’t mean, are you suggesting
that because of our performance, we would get drafted to RAW, or
that we would stay on SmackDown? I mean, I think our stock is
rising if that’s what you mean.>>Yeah, it’s rising and coming.>>Yeah, you know what I mean? We’re doing the blue collar solid thing,
plowing on the way up, you know what I mean? Dozing forward, if you will. And I think, can I continue?>>Yes.
>>Okay. Thanks, Kayla.>>[LAUGH]
>>I was really getting on a roll there, you cut me off in
the middle of my I thought.>>[LAUGH]
>>I was trying to say that, other than maybe the tag team
champions on RAW and SmackDown. I think Heavy Machinery is probably top
of the list when it comes to tag teams. You know what I mean? Great performance last week. Great performance again this week.>>We may drop a little bit but
we keep on going baby>>[CROSSTALK] His belly out now, you know what I’m saying? Look at that thing,
just look at it, marvelous.>>Well, listen guys. Speaking of the tag team division, I think you probably have
noticed reemerging of AOP.>>Uh-huh.>>Now does that concern you guys at all?>>Those guys are monster’s. They’re just another machine. They perform on other people’s bodies. I just can’t,
don’t worry about this, Tuckey.>>You are. I’m not worried. I don’t really get worried. No, because one thing I’ve learned
studying combat athletics is that the best combat athletes impose
their style on everyone. Just look at the best boxer,
the best MMA guys, the best wrestlers. The best impose their style
on everyone else, right? So we’ll study them,
we’ll know what they’re gonna do. But at the end of the day,
Heavy Machinery goes out there and does the same thing regardless
of who your opponents are.>>Yes,
>>That’s what we’re about because we wanna be the best. And being the best in combat athletics
means that you impose your will on every other human being that
you step in the ring with.>>Yes,
>>I don’t know about you, Big Dose, but after what we did out there in
the ring, I could go for a feast.>>Go for a feast.>>You wanna get a feast?>>I wanna talk cold one.>>Okay. I’ll get you one of those, [CROSSTALK]. You did a great job. Thank you so much.>>Thank you, guys.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Can I come?>>Yes, please.
>>Of course, feel free.

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