Hand Wraps in Boxing – How to Box (Quick Video)

Hand Wraps in Boxing – How to Box (Quick Video)

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Okay, in today’s session I’m going to show how to put the wraps on.
And the importance of wearing wraps really
basically, you want to go through the thumb, I like to
comeback over the thumb and round
so I go round my wrist, two times and
from the wrist, I go down and across
and from there
I cross back
and over myself
over the wrist again
and as you go down
you go around the knuckles
the reason we do this is bascially to protect the wrist
and also to protect the knuckles
some people where bandages and
some people don’t, it’s entirely up to yourselves
but I prefer to wear bandages because it gives you that bit of safety with your hands
Okay, so you’ve gone around the knuckles 3 or 4 times,
comeback on yourself
I like to go around the thumb
and back and across
and across again
and as you do this it should feel comfortable, you should be able to make the fist, in and out
keep your fingers apart
again around the wrist and back
that’s really comfortable on the hand, I can make the fist, I haven’t got too much behind the fingers
so I can make the fist full-on
and my thumb can
come down the back
as you do this, you crunch it all up.
now with wraps, you want to make sure
that there’s a little bit of give in them
when there’s a little of give
it just goes on the hand better
it’s pretty easy you’ve just got to do it 3 or 4 times
and basically you’ve learnt how to do it
as long as you can close the fist properly
that should be fine

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  1. I've one question! This i need to hit the punching bag or to have a combat with someone? Or maybe its for the two options? Thanks!!

  2. Hi guys.  We've written an article about wrapping your hands for boxing.  I'm sure you'll find it useful – http://www.sneakpunch.com/wrapping-your-hands-how-to-box/  Cheers, Corney.

  3. Love the videos! Can you please make a video about choosing boxing gloves. I think that would also be helpful. Thanks again!

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