Guess That Laugh With Zach Braff (GAME)

Who’s that
laughing at us?
Let’s talk
about that.
(music playing )
Good Mythical morning.
Today, y’all, Rhett
is going to get
– a makeover from
a mortician.
– Yes, I am.
And we’re also going
to be hanging out with
Zach Braff! Twice!
We’ll be playing
a game about bizarre
podcasts with him,
– but first…
– There’s a lot of
classic sayings
about laughter,
“A good laugh is
sunshine in the house”
from William Thackery,
or “Earth laughs
in flowers,” from
Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Or “Live, Laugh, Love,”
from Link’s Aunt Debbie’s
cheap bathroom decor.
– Oh, you’ve seen that
over the toilet.
– Yes.
But what you don’t
hear is, “Laughter
is deceptive,”
– Uh-huh.
– but we should
hear that,
because it actually is.
According to an article
in the peer-reviewed
scientific journal,
“Evolution and Human
humans are crazy-bad
at figuring out who
someone is
based just on
their laugh.
– Hmm.
– So today, we’re
going to double-check
scientists’ work,
yet again.
It’s time for…
You know him, you love him
and you’ll be seeing more of him
with his new show,
“Alex, Inc.,” on ABC.
– It’s Zach Braff!
– Boom!
– There he is.
– Welcome to the show, eh.
– Thank you so much
for having me.
– High-five for doing that.
– Good to have you, man.
– I always high-five
in the mornings.
– ( laughs ) Yeah, you do.
– Can we just go ahead
and hear
a nice Zach Braff
( laughs )
See, I feel like
if I just heard
that I would know,
– “Zach Braff is here.”
– You would know that
I was here?
The thing is, though
I think I would be able
to recognize you,
– Yes.
– it’s kinda because
I know you.
– From all of your exploits.
– Right.
– And maybe we’ll be
friends after this.
– I hope so.
We’ll get to know
each other better.
But science dictates
that that is not
the case for a
normal situation
with a stranger.
Basically, a person’s laugh,
science says,
is both involuntary and
contagious, so much so,
that you cannot pick up
on identity cues, i.e.,
you cannot guess the person,
if it’s a stranger,
if you were to say,
turn around and pick
out the laugh.
Our goal today is
to prove science wrong.
Yes, here’s how this
is gonna work.
We’re about to
meet six strangers.
We’re gonna get their names,
but no other questions,
then we’re gonna put on
And then, one of them
will step up to the microphone
and laugh, and then
based on appearance alone,
we have to match
the laugh to the person.
Right. And we’re gonna
write the names
of the person we think
on these boards here.
Now, we get some
lifelines to help us out.
– Okay.
– We each have two.
We can ask anyone we suspect
is the laugher a question,
or give them an assignment
so that we can
get a little taste of their
vocalization to help us along.
– Zach: Okay.
– Whoever get the most
right at the end
– gets to hug Zach Braff.
– Yes! Now what happens
if I win?
– You get to hug yourself.
– I love that one.
It’s gonna be great.
Our laughers are
arrayed before us.
– Link: Let’s meet them.
– I’m Eljo.
– My name’s Ethan.
– I’m Aaron.
– I’m Belinda.
– I’m Scott.
– Marla.
– Oh…
That’s all
we have to go on.
I feel like I’m going
to win this game.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean,
It seems like it’s
gonna be easy, doesn’t it?
I think it does.
Stevie:Okay, guys, please
put on your blindfolds.

All right.
I put my blindfold
on early, so I don’t
know if Zach’s is on.
– It’s on.
– Is it, though?
– And mine is on.
– I’m not a cheater.
Okay, can I have
the first laugher

please step forward
to the mic?

( high-pitched cackle )
( Rhett scoffs )
– Oh, ho, wow.
– Wow!
Please step back
into the line.

– Somebody’s not
holdin’ back!
– Zach: Yeah.
And you may
remove your blindfolds.

– Okay.
– We need that laugh
to stick around.
– We know it was a man.
– ( laughter )
Rhett: Man, it had
a little bit of almost,
like, Wicked Witch
of the West.
– Yes, it was kind of scary.
– Yeah, right at the beginning,
and then it got a little
more gentle.
I would call it
“Wicked Delight.”
– A happy, happy wicked.
– Link: Yeah.
Okay, just right
off the bat,
just for confirmation’s
sake, I’m going to break
out a lifeline.
– All right, do it.
– Zach: Oh, okay.
Marla, give me
a detailed compliment.
– You have
a beautiful beard.
– Oh, wow.
– Can you give me some
details about that?
– ( laughter )
– That’s a follow-up question.
– Okay! All right!
– That’s all I get!
Okay, gentlemen,
write down
your answers, please.

That was helpful.
All right, it was definitely
probably Ethan.
– Link: All right.
– Zach: Okay.
Okay, Rhett,
you are the tallest.

Please, let’s see
your answer.

Marla. Not just
because she likes
my beard.
Okay, Zach?
Marla, because she lies
about people’s beards
being good looking.
( laughter )
And Link?
You know what? I agree.
I’m so glad you asked Marla.
Will the real laugher,
please step forward?

– All: Oh!
– (buzzer)
– All: What?!
– Zach: Eljo, you lied
to us!
Do it again.
I don’t believe you.
– Oh, wow.
– Oh my goodness.
– Okay, we gotta regroup.
– This is harder than I thought.
– Everything I thought I knew.
– I wish I could flip this!
Okay, Eljo has been
asked to leave because
she tricked us.
Actually, that’s how
it works.
Once you laugh
and you’ve been exposed,
you leave and replaced
with a new person.
– Who do we have now?
– Julianne.
– Oh, yeah.
– Registering that tone.
– Okay.
– Ready. Got it.
Okay, guys, put on
your blindfolds.

– Wow, she’s so sassy.
– All right, my eyeballs
are asphyxiated.
– No cheating.
Will our second laugher
please step forward?

( maniacal laugh )
( laughs )
Oh, wow.
And you may take off
your blindfolds.

– Marla, again!
– ( laughter )
That was a breathily
– …laugh.
– Yeah, he really thought of
something genuinely funny.
That came from the groin.
Like, it just rumbled up.
Well, I wouldn’t go
that far, but, uh…
– …okay.
– Okay, I wanna use one
of my lifelines.
– Okay.
– Okay.
Ethan, what’s the
last time you laughed?
What was something that made
you laugh really, really hard
in your life, that you recall
now and can tell us about
that might spark some
feelings inside you?
Well, it’s actually quite
a depressing story.
I don’t want to get too
far into it, but–
Okay. I don’t know if
you understood the question.
– ( laughter )
– When is the last time
you laughed, Ethan?
Actually, just a moment ago,
but I kept it to myself.
– Uh– oh, tricky.
– Mysterious.
Marla? It’s Marla.
Yeah, definitely.
Please write down
your answers.

Oh, shoot.
Ah, gosh, this is–
I thought I was so confident
coming into this.
All right,
Zach, we’re gonna go
with you first.

Well, I don’t believe
that Ethan kept it inside.
Frankly, I think he
laughed out loud
in a very bellicose
manner. Ethan.
Okay, Link?
I do not think
it’s Ethan,
because under
that demure smile…
is Aaron’s laugh.
And Rhett?
– Wow. No agreement
in this round,
because I am almost
positive it was Scott.
Will the real laugher
please step forward?

– Agh!
– Yay!
( score counter chimes )
New potential laugher,
would you introduce yourself?
– Hi, I’m Roddy.
– All: Roddy. Roddy.
– Roddy. A little
rasp in there.
– It’s warm.
– I like it.
– Warm.
Okay, guys. Please put
those blindfolds on.

Roddy joins the ranks.
And will our laugher step
forward and laugh into
the mic, please?

( deep laugh )
( snickering )
( laughs )
– I mean…
– Yeah.
– Oh, wow. Okay.
– I mean, my gut is Marla.
– Rhett: Okay.
Please take off
your blindfolds.

Your gut is Marla.
You’ve named it.
Yeah, this is
my gut, Marla.
– Oh, man. I haven’t
used a lifeline.
– I think you should.
– Yeah, please do that.
Help me out here, Link.
– Zach: Help me out.
Scott, would you mind
saying the word,
“lug nut” eight times?
– That’s not on here.
– ( laughter )
– It’s from my brain.
– Feels like cheating.
Lug nut. Lug…nut.
( rapidly ) Lug nut.
( falsetto )
Lug nut.
– Oh, he’s changing it.
– That’s helpful. Do it.
( choking ) Lug nut.
( drawn out )
Lug nut.
– Lug nut.
– Whoa.
– Well, what happened–
– ( raspy ) Lug nut.
( baritone )
– Do you know what a
lug nut is, Scott?
– Yes, I do.
– Okay. ( exhales sharply )
– I’m pretty clear.
Please write down
your answers.

– ( groans )
All right, Link,
let’s see it.

Definitely wasn’t Scott.
I’m saying this is
the new man, Roddy.
Okay, Rhett?
– I agree, it’s Roddy.
And Zach?
– It’s totally Roddy.
Will the laugher please
step to the mic?

– It’s Ethan!
– Oh god!
– It’s Ethan!
– Argh! Raah!
– Ethan got us.
All of us!
– Boom!
All right, now we’re
mixing things up a
little bit.
We have an
all-female round.
And we have a new
potential laugher to meet.
– That’s right.
– ( laughing )
– “That’s right.”
– Ah, that’s right.
– What’s your name?
– My name is India.
– That’s right.
– She’s playing it close
to the vest.
– See it on your name tag.
– That’s right.
– Playing it close to
the jean jacket.
– She has a catchphrase.
– She does. ( laughs )
– It’s like “Did I do that?”
( laughter )
All right, guys,
please put on your blindfolds.

Blindfold going on.
I’m stealing that catchphrase
as soon as she leaves.
– ( laughs )
– That’s right!
– Okay.
– That’s right.
Okay, could our laugher
please step up to the mic

and laugh?
– ( upbeat laugh )
– Rhett: Ooh.
– Zach: Mmm.
– Melodic.
– Mm-hmm.
Okay, you may take off
your blindfolds.

– Dulcet.
You could
loop that,
and, like, Drake would be
all over that, or something.
All right, I’ve got
my suspicions,
but I do wanna use
a lifeline.
India, please describe
your process
for picking out fruit
at the grocery store.
First, I go to the bananas
and I feel those,
– to see how firm they are.
– Whoa.
– That’s right!
– ( laughter )
That’s right, India!
– ( laughter )
– Zach: Yeah, you do, India.
– Priorities!
– ( laughing )
“I walk right up
to those bananas…”
– Then what?
– What happens next?
– That’s a good question.
– You go to the kiwis,
don’t you?
– Grapefruits.
– Grapefruits! Okay!
All right!
– ( laughter )
– Okay.
Um…I’m gonna
use a lifeline as well.
( laughter )
– India…
– ( laughter )
What’s your idea
of a perfect date?
Handsome. Like you.
I think he’s been
a little naughty in
his interpretation
– of your previous answers.
– No, I–I really think that
this could work out
between us.
– Are we ready to vote?
– Yes!
– That’s not what we’re
voting for.
– Oh!
– We’re just trying to
figure out– remember?
– Oh, the laugh thing.
– I thought it was like–
– And here I am about to
put the blindfold back on.
Like, why–
I’m so disoriented.
This is too much.
– You’re flustered.
– Oh, my goodness.
– Wow.
– Rhett: Having a lot of fun.
All right. Rhett?
I think it’s Julianne.
– Link: Wow.
I just want to hear her
talk, and laugh,
and maybe go on a date.
I just wanna win this game.
I think it’s India, too.
Will the real laugher
please step forward?

– Rhett: Yes!
– No!
– Whoo! Yeah!
– What?
– I cannot win a round!
– You thought you had a
– I thought we connected.
– Now, see, my perfect date
would’ve started with feeling
the bananas, too.
– Oh!
– Okay, Julianne!
– Uh-oh.
– Wow.
This show’s gonna need
to be censored.
– You know what I got
to say about that?
– Zach: What?
– That’s right!
– ( laughter )
Okay, fellas,
it looks like we have
– an all-male round.
– Link: Yup.
And we have some
new gentlemen to
introduce themselves.
– Sir, will you go first?
– William.
William, welcome
to the party. And?
– Brian.
– Brian. Welcome.
– You guys are quite a pair.
– Yeah.
Did you come together?
– No.
– Absolutely not.
Don’t answer any
more questions.
– He has no more lifelines.
– He will try and trick you…
– But we’re listening.
– …get you to talk.
– We all get helped.
– Don’t talk about
his beard.
Blindfolds on, please.
Okay. All right.
– No cheating.
And can I
have our laugher

step forward and laugh
into the mic, please?

( soft, creepy laugh )
Somebody does voiceover work
for B-movie cartoons.
Please take off
your blindfolds.

Okay. That one ended
in quite a whimper.
– Oh, I have a lifeline.
– We’re out of lifelines.
– Are we out?
– Yeah, we’re out over here.
Oh, you’re the only
one with lifelines.
– Uh…
– Choose wisely, Link.
– We’re all
depending on you.
– Hmm.
William, I was wondering
if you could
engage in small talk
with me,
as if you’re
my hairdresser
and this is
my first appointment.
– No.
– William, I heard
you’re the best
cutter of hair
in this side of L.A.
– Would you please
cut my hair?
– Yes.
Would you please
give me some small talk,
to kick off
our short but vibrant
– Love your hair.
– Oh, thank you.
Do you have any notes for
what you’re gonna
do with it?
– Give it to the poor
when I cut it.
– ( laughs )
Okay. He’s gonna give
my hair to the poor.
– It’s noble.
All right, please
write down your answers.

They eat hair.
Don’t know if
you knew that.
I’m making an appointment
with you, William.
– Okay.
– Link: Oh, yeah.
– Rhett: Off the show.
– Time to shine.
– Okay.
All right.
Zach, please
reveal your answer.

Well, because he’s
a barrel of laughs,
– I’m gonna go
with William.
– Mm-hmm.
( laughter )
You know what?
I think this is Roddy.
Okay, and Rhett?
– I think it’s Scott, guys.
– Link: Ooh.
– I think it’s Scott.
Will the real laugher
please step forward?

– Yes! Whoo!
– No! Seriously?
– I got killed at this game.
– Yeah, it was when he said,
“lug nut” earlier.
– It was the same
exact tone.
– Oh!
You remembered it from
“lug nut”?
Oh, those lug nuts stuck
right in my mind.
Rhett, you get to
hug Zach Braff!
But wait,
let’s make it special.
– Oh, let’s make this count.
– No back taps.
– Okay. Caressing.
– You gotta hold me.
– Not caressing, but
just hold me tightly.
– Hold me tight.
– So tall.
– ( laughter )
– ( laughter )
– Okay. All right.
That’s enough.
Zach, thanks so much
for coming in. This
was a lot of fun.
You can catch Zach
in the premiere of
his new show,
“Alex, Inc.,” this Wednesday,
March 28th at 8:30,
7:30 Central, on ABC.
And click to the next
video to see me get
a dead person makeover
with a real mortician.
And I’m going to take
the elevator down.
( laughter )
Link:Get a “Book of
Mythicality” that we
both have touched.

We’ll prove it.
If you buy one at,

we’ll autograph the book
with our names.


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