Goldberg steps out of comfort zone on the “blue carpet”: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 4, 2019

Looking snazzy, love the suit.>>Thank you. Every once in a while they gotta
take me out and dress me up.>>[LAUGH]
>>And it’s out of my comfort zone but, yeah.>>You do look well.>>The blue matches my eyes,
you just can’t see.>>You do it well.>>You’re a doll, thank you.>>They’re blue tinted,
so we can see it anyway.>>See you can see one of them. But you can’t see the other
one because I’m blinded. But anyway, excuses, excuses.>>How are you?>>I’m doing great, I’m doing great.
>>Excited to be here tonight?>>I’m honored and
privileged to be a part of such a wonderful marriage of two powerhouses. And I’ve been with WWE for a long period
of time, and it feels like home now. And to be present,
to still be alive, and to be here, to be part of it, it’s an honor and
a privilege, it really is.>>Anybody almost take you out?>>Not a chance, except for half the people driving on
the highway coming up here. Other than that, no.>>When you think back in
SmackDowns like rich history, is there one match that sticks out,
whether it’s yours or someone else’s? Says this is the one match up.>>Not really because every single
time that I showed up on SmackDown it felt like the first time,
it felt like the biggest time. Each and every time you step in
that ring the squared circle, you try to make it the biggest
splash that you can.

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