GLORY Presents: Top 20 Knockouts, Part 3 of 4

GLORY Presents: Top 20 Knockouts, Part 3 of 4

At number 10 we are halfway home
Brian Colette entered the sport for one reason, to prove
He is the best. His counterpart Warren The Destroyer Thompson tried to flip the script on Colette
Thompson started Training at the age of 18
Almost a complete kick for Thompson
Great fitness in corresponding. There goes Thompson.
Down goes Thompson.
That is an awesome kick and that is it that is my favorite kick of all time
Check the arm, but open up the neck and there we have it
Brian The Lion Colette
Picks up his 18th win via form of knockout
Glory 13 Tokyo provided the backdrop for knockout number 9
Nieky the natural Holzken and Joseph Valtellini met in the Welterweight Tournament Final
Neither fighter gave an inch over the first two rounds and were presumably even on the cards going into the third and final round
Final 60 seconds of the fight. Who wants it more? Who wants to walk away with Welterweight Tournament belt?
Who wants the $100,000 Christmas present?
Great right hand by Valtellini, but the jab
Pops his head back one more time
Unbelievable action here between Valtellini and Holzken. This is just crazy they’re just standing there
Going toe-To-toe
right hand behind the guard
Holzken avoiding that kick
Knee blocked by Valtellini
The Italian Stallion ain’t going anywhere.
In the land of the rising sun
We are bearing witness to the fortunes rising for one.
Who is going to walk away with Welterweight belt?
Holzken drops Valtelleni
Wow, and that could be it right there
The fight is over The Natural Nieky Holzken has done it.
He wins the $100,000 cash prize and solidifies his standing as the best welterweight on the planet
Knockout number eight comes from the last man standing
Middleweight tournament in June Featuring Joe Schilling versus Simon Marcus
Marcus was new to Gory, but not to Schilling ,he previously posted two close wins against Schilling under Muay Thai rules
Their quarterfinal match was a seesaw battle
Schilling was dropped hard in the second with the scorecards even after regulation
Refs called for one final sudden victory round
A knockdown would pretty much ensure the victory for either of these fighters. Low kick from Marcus
Schilling pushing forward combination that right got through
And again, this is a huge advantage or last
Quarterfinal winner who goes to the semi-final because now these guys got extra rounds and even more
So many different things going on factors that are going to make for a winner of this tournament fighters clinch exchange knees
Knee was a little late and Big John McCarthy warned Simon Marcus about it
The fighters hanging on now, know exhaustion has got to be setting it now. High kick from Schilling
They’re both throwing bombs with their legs right now, big shin kicks
Schilling pressing forward halfway through this sudden victory round
And it looks like Simon Marcus is there, and go Schilling with a big right
Simon Marcus hanging on
Big John, is going to, he lost his mouthpiece
They put it back in
That will be huge for Simon Marcus can he shake off those shots from Joe Schilling
There’s Joe showing, you can take him out some
Schilling delivering right after right to the face of Simon Marcus
Uppercut, just misses
Under a minute to go
For a guy with over 40 fights you would think that
You would think that you could keep your mouth piece in and big John McCarthy has had enough. He’s taken away a point. But-
This is remembering Glory rules, only one round
You’re scoring into sudden victory rounded here comes Simon Marcus. He still has a chance under 30 to go
Fighters clench again.
Again, you can see the fatigue on Marcus. That’s why the mouth guard is coming out
And Joe Schilling ends this fight
That is all.
It seems only fitting after big John took a point away for that mouthpiece that Joe Schilling would knock it out of his mouth
Took him an extra round
But did it in spectacular fashion
At knockout number seven The Savage Samurai Daniel Ghiță is known for his devastating leg kicks
Errol Zimmerman is known as the bone crusher for being one of the most natural power punchers on the scene the two met once before
With Ghiță taking home a KO win in 2010
The bell at round one Daniel Ghiță in the white gloves Errol Zimmermann in the black gloves, a rematch
Back in 2010
Zimmerman via knockout with a right hand and they are off to the races
That left kick is a big factor in this
I Think he rocked him with the first head kick, he’s going to the body
Left hook to the head.
And another left hook
Zimmerman goes down.
Momma Mia!
Again he caught way off the right hand, turned, turned that left hand and knock down
The Savage Samurai Daniel Ghiță just made a statement with this first round KO
The inferation continues with number six
Brazillian Saulo Cavallari was making his debut in Glory 12, New York taking on young veteran Mourad Bouzidi
Who had already registered a victory over the legendary Peter Aerts
Coming off a victory news Glory debut where he dropped from heavy weight to light heavyweight
Similar to what Bouzidi has the light heavyweight division in Glory
Very competitive, very Scott
In fact Bouzidi entered the light heavyweight tournament after Glory 9
He just got dropped
By Cavallari
And it is over
Unfortunately for Bouzidi his birthday ends with a crushing KO loss
He dips his chin over, and he can’t see it, and he found a blind spot, that over hand right
He threw his whole body in there
Memorable 18th knockout win for Saulo ‎Cassius Clay Cavallari
The greatest Kickboxing show hits Oklahoma with Glory 18 return to Glory
A night of knockouts headlined by the Lightweight Title fight between Davit Kiria and Robin Pokerface van Roosmalen
Colette, Mwekassa, Cavallari and Ilunga in a light heavyweight tournament to decide who gets the next title shot
Plus American Middleweight Standout Wayne Barrett Friday night November 7th 9 p.m. Only on spike

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  1. fuck me i'm going to start watching glory. never paid much interest before and just stuck with mma but mma has been stale as fuck lately, still my sport though! but after watching these vids, kick boxing looks sicckkk.

  2. Pretty strange that all winners are wearing white gloves. Well I had to edit my comment after seeing that match at 7:41 lol but that might be the first… Let's go farther and see lol

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