Getting muddy at the 2017 Boryeong Mud Festival

Getting muddy at the 2017 Boryeong Mud Festival

One great way to beat the heat while getting
wet and wild is heading over to Boryeong for
the annual Mud Festival.
For millions of visitors from in and out of
the country, it’s one of the most anticipated
events of the year.
Our Park Hee-jun takes us there.
Welcome to the 2017 Boryeong Mud Festival…one
of the most exciting and awaited summer festivals
in Korea.
In fact, Boryeong attracts the largest number
of foreign visitors in the country.
Let’s find out why.
The Boryeong Mud Festival is held annually
at Daecheon Beach in Chungcheongnam-do Province.
First launched in 1998, the festival was created
to promote Boryeong mud, which is full of
minerals that have medicinal and cosmetic
The mud is brought in from the vast mud flats
of the nearby city of Boryeong… and the
environmentally-friendly festival is globally
recognized for its adoption of the unique
theme ‘mud’… which provides visitors
with a dirty and exciting experience.
“The festival introduces the city to the world
and I love that it promotes Boryeong’s mud.”
This year’s festival offers as many as 57
different programs.
Ranging from mud pool sides…to mud marathons
and various celebrity performances, visitors
coming to Boryeong have plenty to do.
Regardless of age, gender, or nationality…
visitors have fun pushing each other into
the mud and dipping themselves in mudpools.
“I like the slides the most because it goes
so fast and there’s so much mud everywhere.”
“It’s on the beach, the weather is nice, you
get dirty so it’s nice.”
There is a separate booth for visitors who
want to paint themselves in colorful mud.
When people think of ‘mud’, they mostly think
a grey and dull color… but there are many
other colors of mud at the festival.
With two decades of history under its belt…
the festival leaves visitors with full smiles
on their muddy faces.
The Boryeong Mud festival continues until
Sunday, July 30th.
That leaves plenty of time to get muddy and
take a break from all the summer heat.
Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

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