Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. The Brian Kendrick: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 17, 2019

As you take a look at Jack Gallagher,
bending and trying to break his arm in half.>>Shoulders down for a moment,
rolling through, is Kendrick. I mean, guys, Brian Kendrick is a veteran. He knows his way out of
just about anything.>>He knows his way out of anything,
into anything too, as well. Kendrick catches Gallagher.>>Right there.>>And look it Gallagher. Unique style that we’ve seen not just
here in the cruiser weight division but also on NXT UK.>>And you talk about Kendrick, you talk
about he’s got a counter for every move. But Jack Gallagher knows how
to get people in these moves. This is that catch as catch can style
of combat that he brings to the table. There’s Gallagher, and.>>We’ve seen this before. Charges in, nobody there. But Gallagher lands on his feet and
delivers a forearm.>>Gallagher known for his technical
abilities, but he can fly and jump with the best of them.>>Not to be outsmarted. Kendrick now to the barricade,
and there is Tozawa. Trying to coach up
Brian Kendrick on the outside.>>Tozawa getting really close to
the two competitors in this match, he’s gotta be careful.>>And Kendrick.>>Wait a minute!
>>Brian Kendrick->>[SOUND]>>Well, that’s an obvious disqualification, what the heck?>>What’s he doing with a kendo stick?>>Hey, hey! What are you doing? No, no, stop!>>I mean, even Tozawa’s in shock.>>This is going a step too far. I get the frustration, but-
>>This is stepping over a line, even for a vet like Brian Kendrick.>>I mean, Akira Tozawa has been in
this every step of this rivalry. But you can see on the look of his face,
even he thinks this is too much.>>Hendrick now just
wasting away on Gallagher. Repeated shots to the back.

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