GAF Timberline HDZ VS OC Duration VS IKO Dynasty Roofing shingles pull test

GAF Timberline HDZ VS OC Duration VS IKO Dynasty Roofing shingles pull test

I need to help really bad right now by
all seen by ABC can you rush here this
were call heavy guns for something
controversial you need a team
do you have like a dynasty here dynasty
your competitor okay they do the same
task that they’re both and they would
not have overseer in there either I
think we should match against Tim we’ll
bring IKO dynasty here
my contractor’s love
I dont know if you remember and we notice
you don’t have IKO dynasty here is
there a reason I guess we asked if we
can bring in the you guys says it we you
we can I wouldn’t be the person ask you
go get a piece it’s going down for real
they have your shingle there and I just
slide out from there yeah they don’t
want you to nail and double zone they
want you to nail like pretty much right
here where it says we’re no cannot
become a bone really not well not in
common higher okay
they want you to nail higher no well
they don’t work here in the nailing zone
but not in the common bond right here in
don’t be nervous
was the trick go up
just like the sixteenth
what is the thing 47
there did you
you just lost into your own game what
I was offers one well I’ve done it like
five times and she always were on top
yeah with the eye crepes trying to to
like you know behind the scenes but it’s
touching control 30 is pretty consistent
it’s around 3035
of the
the degree was 16 just something so in
the end of all part 53.5
fail again notice two failures both are
in the nail both products the nail that
makes a big difference the nail failed
or either way you know what the problem
is you have I don’t want again that was
so cool like they try to actually do it
again and they failed again second time
just wanted to make quick disclaimer
guys about this video we firmly believe
here at work means is they both dynasty
OC duration has amazing technology
behind this shingle one has a strip at
the front one has a strip on the back
we’ve done this test several times over
two weeks we’ve done it at the expo
we’ve done it here at our warehouse and
when we did at the warehouse both OC and
I perhaps were actually behind the
camera watching it at that time all we
see were winning in every pool test when
we did it at the expo iodine Estill was
winning so we believe that both products
are as far as pool tests goes all the
way the top better than any other brands
today so technology is amazing now it
doesn’t prove it doesn’t mean that those
two products are the best it means that
the best in one specific category pool
test for the wind warranty we’re
absolutely recommended we think it’s
really good with both brands did
we’re gonna keep testing them in the
next couple of weeks are actually going
to review all the shingles you’re gonna
see it at our Channel and couple of
weeks so don’t make conclusions based
just on this video it might change but
those two are at the best they go hand
in hand and overall guys I just want you
to know that we recommend both products
both products are amazing OC is good
so does either dynasty and we’ve seen
both of them to be at the top but it’s
like a armwrestling match
sometimes one wins sometimes another
wins and we’ll see what’s gonna keep
happening with both products in years to
come 90% of you watching our videos
without subscription I don’t know what
you’re waiting for but you don’t want to
miss our sick content for roofing
industry give me one of those
subscribe to the channel I’ll see you
guys in the next video

17 thoughts on “GAF Timberline HDZ VS OC Duration VS IKO Dynasty Roofing shingles pull test”

  1. This is why I ask everyone if they have used the dynasty line when they say iko sucks. I guess GAF isn’t even a competitor and that’s why they won’t enter any of these challenges! 😂

  2. This a great content! Both we and our clients LOVE IKO Dynasty and Nordic precisely because of the ArmourZone Technology.

  3. Yeah but max payout on a IKO warranty is $40sq. That won’t cover dump and tear off. At least OC pays for 100% shingles, accessories, and top dollar for labor.

  4. GAF is garbage there finally improving there nailing area and properly going to charge way over prize. There finally catching up and are going to actually have to warrant there shingles instead of getting away with low nail and high nail.

  5. I tried out IKO and the dynasty…. the granule loss affected our ability to walk 8/12 so bad that we had to use cushions on the entire roof. If they fixed that issue, it would be a different story. I do not care how good their nail strip is if the granule loss continues to affect the installation like that.

  6. My only question is: will either OC or IKO honor their warranty if the shingle seals are broken but the shingles dont blow off? If yes, then that's awesome but if no then the customer would have a roof warranty void with shingles considered wind damaged on their roof…?

  7. So this test is basically seeing what it takes to blow a shingle off after the sealant fails? Also the nails pulled out of the sheathing not through the shingle?

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