100 thoughts on “Funeral Mass Held For Pro Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino”

  1. RIP Bruno. An extraordinary man and an extraordinary life. There will never be another like him. It felt like he would be around forever.

  2. RIP Bruno, our Condolences to the Sammartino family! God Bless from all of us at Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling #PaulRoma #MarioMancini Thank You CBS Pittsburgh!

  3. How many, I ask, how many wrestlers have Vince Mcmahon witnessed who passed away in front of him. Generation of wrestlers….

  4. Except for Rock and Austin some of pro wrestling's biggest names were all wops: Bruno, Hogan, DiBiase, Macho, Cena..

  5. To Bret Hart : Bruno was the best there was, or ever will be, yours or any one else's accomplishments will ever come close to his.

  6. amazing he made wrestling period
    he sold out MSG better than the Knicks and I saw it all
    class act humble strong and unbeatable
    a rasslars rassla
    no gimmick needed
    RIP Bruno the greatest ever
    thanks for the memories
    in a class by himself
    wonder if David attended
    sad so many rasslars have problems with their boys

  7. Everytime I talked about wrestling and when I first started watching it in the 60's and 70's. It was on UHF channels 41 or 47. And I would say Bruno's name first. I looked up the him. Specially not having a father in my life. R.I.P. BRUNO

  8. Bruno could of been anywhere in the world but yet instill he choose to be in our hearts. thanks for entertaining us throughout the years big guy

  9. I have been a fan of professional wrestling (sports entertainment SUCKS) for over 40 years and I have seen MANY industry changing events. I was there when Sting became WCW champ in 1991, and I was there when Ron Simmons became the first African-American World heavyweight champion in 1992. However, nothing will top the very first card I saw live. It was in April 1977 and the main event featured Bruno Sammartino vs. 'Superstar' Billy Graham for the WWWF title. I was always raised to believe that the good guys always won. If you worked hard in your job, you would be rewarded well for it. Unfortunately, on this night, that wasn't the case. Bruno lost the title to Graham that night. and it taught me a very important lesson about life. No matter how hard you work, you don't always get what you want. Bruno was a class act. After the match, he didn't whine, bitch or complain. He simply took it like a man and moved on from it. Thank you, sir, for not only the years of entertainment you have provided us, but also for teaching a certain 7 1/2 year old boy one of life's most important lessons. R.I.P. Bruno Sammartino. You shall never be forgotten.

  10. R I P BRUNO SAMMARTINO.you're the best wrestler ever to step in the ring .period no question ask you're the real legend thanks CHAMPION OF THE WORLD ALL ways you will be number.#1.

  11. Bruno Sammarantino should have given a Hindu open air cremation.. Bruno in his later life became a Hindu and he worshipped Lord Krishna… Lord Krishna will always love Bruno Sammarantino

  12. My uncle would be yelling at the t.v "get up for fuck sakes Bruno & pin'em" i listened to my uncle scream at that t.v good ole times r.I.p bruno

  13. Rip Bruno Sammartino. You were a wonderful wrestler. You will be greatly missed. Dear heavenly father i ask that you would watch over his family and friends as they grieve his loss may you comfort their hearts

  14. thank you to the living legend for all you have done for the wrestling world God bless you and your family

  15. Bruno sammartino.#1
    Pedro Morales.#2
    hulk Hogan.#4
    Carlos colon.#5
    Rick flair.#6
    Jimmy super fly snuka.#7
    the ultimate warrior.#8
    the undertaker.#9
    THE American dream Dusty road.#10

  16. One of the greatest wrestling champion to ever live….and also a true pioneer. …..

    RIP BRUNO😥. …

    and your legacy will continue to grow stronger……👊👌

  17. Bruno was one of my very first heroes. It's hard for me still to picture the world without Bruno Sammartino. For as long as professional wrestling exists, Bruno will always be considered the greatest champ of all. Rest with God, Bruno.

  18. Bruno Sammartino was a true hero. WWE wouldn't make it without Bruno Sammartino, can we please have a moment of silence?

  19. What a great man, wrestler, and humanitarian. Than you Look at the crap WWE calls wrestlers today!

  20. My grandpa used to watch him and all the great stories he told me will never be forgotten. God bless him

  21. fake pro wrestling. sammartino could only draw a crowd in the northeast. ric flair for example could draw a crowd nation and worldwide.

  22. theres a legend here in the northside of pittsburgh when the gangs were bad. a store on the perry hilltop where bruno used to frequent. one day way after he retired and a couple guys tried to rob the store when he was there. he beat up both of them and threw them out of the store. now I havent lived here more than a decade but like to thing how this was true. he was a man of the people of pittsburgh

  23. The Catholic church won't save your soul only jeshua Jesus Christ can save your soul if you humble yourself and repent amen and that's common sense period

  24. Did a show with my band at a event with Bruno, Bat Man Tony Marino, Jumping Johnny DeFazio, I was 14-15 maybe? Chilly Billy Cardilly. I remember Bruno's chest was wider than my shoulders.

  25. One of a kind. I talked to him took pictures with him got to laugh with him and Walter killer Kowalski and got to wrestle on a show with him. Areal mans man. Rest in peace CHAMP

  26. Watched Bruno wrestle a number of times in Asbury Park during the 60s (my grandfather loved wresting, he'd take my brother and I). He usually was matched against Gorilla Monsoon. Moolah would wrestle on the same card, along with the midgets. A different era, for sure. Love ya', Bruno.

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