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>>My God, they’re gonna-
>>Daniel Bryan with a hurricanrana! Set Harper, Harper on the table! And now a spear, a spear by Reigns to
Erick Rowan through the announce table!>>Well, a wild and unpredictable night here at the Golden
1 Center in Sacramento California. I’m Cathy Kelly and I’ve got all of
your results from Hell in a Cell. Warning though, spoilers are ahead. In the main event of the evening, Universal Champion Seth Rollins
stepped inside Hell in a Cell to face an opponent unlike anyone he’s ever
faced before, The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Now, Rollins launched an all out attack on
the Fiend but nothing kept Wyatt down for long, making them seem
nearly indestructible. Eventually, Seth swung a sledgehammer
into a pile of ladders and chairs that were laying on top of Wyatt. The ref decided to call for the bell and Rollins retained his
Universal Championship. But after the match, The Fiend, Bray Wyatt attacked Rollins giving him a
Sister Abigail onto the exposed concrete. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks went through
absolute hell to start the night. Banks got a head start attacking Lynch
before the cell even finished lowering. But ultimately the man
picked up the win and retained her WWE RAW Women’s Championship
after she suplexed the boss onto a pile of chairs, and then forced
her to tap out to the disarmoured. Charlotte Flair is the new
SmackDown Women’s Champion, defeating Bayley at Hell in a Cell. The Queen locked Bayley into the figure
eight, forcing her to submit, and making Charlotte now a ten-time champion. The Kabuki Warriors
defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to become the new
WWE Women’s Tag Team champions. Asuka pulled a page out
of Tageri’s playbook, spraying green mist
into the face of Cross. And then connecting with a roundhouse
kick to pick up the victory. The unlikely alliance of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns took a beating at the hands
of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. But found a way to pull off a huge
win in their Tornado Tag Team Match. The tides began to turn when
Reigns speared Erick Rowan through the announce table. And shortly after, speared Harper
to pick up the painful victory. After the match, Bryan and Reigns paid a little homage to team
Hell No by, how else, but hugging it out? King Corbin talked plenty
of trash before his match with the much-smaller Chad Gable. That tactic would turn
out to be a big mistake. Gable pulled off a massive
upset over the King, surprising him with a roll-up after Corbin
attempted to hit him with The Scepter. Ali showed off his incredible
athleticism against Randy Orton, nearly picking up an upset victory after
he impressively countered an RKO attempt. However, it wasn’t enough as The Viper
eventually was able to connect with his RKO out of nowhere,
securing the victory. The OC faced off against
the Vikings Raiders and their mystery partner who
ended up being Braun Strowman. Strowman was ready to end the match
with a running power-slam to Styles. But Gallows and Anderson attacked
Strowman two-on-one to prevent it from happening and the referee called for
the bell disqualifying the OC. After the match, the Viking Raiders hit a
pair Tope Suicidas as to leave Styles and Strowman alone in the ring. Where an injured Strowman countered
a Phenomenal Forum with a straight right hand to the chin,
clearly sending a message to Tyson Fury. And on the kickoff show,
Natalya picks up a hard-fought win, forcing Lacey Evans to tap
out to the sharpshooter. Well, you don’t wanna miss the Hell in
a Cell fallout on Monday Night Raw when it comes to you live at 8,
7 central on the USA Network. And of course stick with WWE.com for
more updates all day long.

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