FULL MATCH – Rollins vs. Orton – WWE World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match: Extreme Rules 2015

>>And we’ve seen some incredible WWE
championship matches in cage. Hogan and Bundy in that old blue cage,
back at WrestleMania II.>>Look at this,
Seth trying to escape early.>>Not a bad idea.>>You and Eddie were involved in
a great championship match, John, inside a steel cage. As Rollins delivers a right.>>Guerrero jumped off
that cage on top of me. Look at how spectacular it was
then forget my role in that.>>[LAUGH] Okay, and Rollins backing
Orton into the corner and the match up underway WWE World Heavyweight Title-
>>Whoa.>>As Orton explodes into a clothesline.>>Also I had Big Show in the WWE
Championship, there is something to be said, once that door closes and
you realize you’re locked inside.>>Rollins trying to escape.>>This could happen here. [NOISE]
>>And Orton playing-
>>Defense early.>>Remember, Randy did the exact
same thing and hit that RKO but he couldn’t do it.>>Right, that was back on
Raw a couple of weeks back. And Randy-
>>Exact same move but he didn’t have that RKO in
his arsenal to use tonight.>>Cuz remember if Randy uses the RKO
tonight, the match is over and Rollins retains. [NOISE]
>>As I said guys, Randy Orton is certainly
no one trick pony. He’s got a lot more weapons
other than the RKO. Whoa.>>And
Rollins tripped to the corner by Orton.>>And the stipulation that Randy
chose was the steel cage to take away The Authority from Seth Rollins. And it was brilliant on
the part of Randy Orton. And it may net him his
13th world championship.>>[APPLAUSE].>>The gatekeeper looks on.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So this is where that Viper mentality
sometimes to me a little questionable. Just my own opinion, I’d wanna try and get
him out of the cage right there when he had Rollins down for
a considerable length of time.>>He’s gonna punish Seth first.>>Right, that’s the Viper
mentality I was talking about.>>And Seth.>>Look at Seth-
>>Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, look at this.>>Trying to hang on, trying to escape. Rollins again trying to
go up over the cage, and Randy Orton thwarts the attempt again.>>That’s where you gotta be careful
throwing your oponent into the cage.>>There’s always damage-
>>And then now look at Orton.>>Well, most opponents don’t stick
like Velcro man if they would let them on the gate, Seth Rollins does.>>I was gonna say, Rollins does
have tremendous athletic ability.>>I think Randy Orton needs to
watch is how quick Seth Rollins is.>>Boy,
we’re gonna find out first hand right now.>>And
Rollins driving Orton across the ring. Rollins is gonna go for
the cover here and try to put Randy away. Hooks the leg.>>One, two.>>And Orton at two got the shoulder up. [NOISE] The stoic Kane looking on. Saw a shot over his shoulder moments ago.>>Stoic?>>That’s both expressions. [NOISE]
>>Rollins is calling for the door and the gatekeeper came, he has to open the
door under steel cage rules, so Rollins has to go through the door, both feet hit
the floor before he wins the match up.>>And Randy Orton again. [NOISE]
>>This will forced the door to be closed,
as Orton is driven in.>>You wondered if Kane is gonna
do his job, there’s your answer.>>Cover by Seth hook for
the leg and Orton at two. Another near fall by Rollins.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Stunned, driven into the cage.>>Remember your conversation
with Seth Rollins this afternoon? Seth Rollins had mentioned he’s
having problems with leg cramps. I think that’s exactly what we just saw. [NOISE]
>>Seth is not moving as quickly as it normally does. [NOISE]
>>Now he’s got to change offensive mindset here.>>He’s had the sodium deficiency. I don’t know if it’s enough to replenish
that before the match that I was said is having some problems. [NOISE]
>>Bad enough going into a cage against The Viper,
let alone if you’re less than 100%. Orton driven off the cage
again by Rollins. [NOISE]
>>It’s what you wanted. This is what you wanted. [NOISE] You wanted this cage. [NOISE]
>>You hear Rollins saying, this is what you wanted,
you wanted this cage, now taste it. [NOISE]>>Rollins is trying
to punish Randy Orton.>>Hammering.>>Rollins has taken exception to a lot
of things Orton said about him in recent weeks that, I don’t think he thinks
Randy respects him as the champion. And Rollins gonna look to escape over the top where both feet
have to hit the floor. And Randy Orton quickly back to his feet,
Randy Orton now on defense.>>Man,
Seth Rollins up to the top of that cage. [NOISE]
>>I know Randy has just called Seth everything
he could think of. And Randy has a very vivid imagination. I don’t know why Seth
would be upset about that.>>You’re right. [NOISE]
>>Great move by Rollins, cover, is it enough to put
Orton away inside the cage? Two count near fall again for Seth. [NOISE]>>The WWE World Heavyweight Championship at stake in this match.>>Now, what two months ago was called
the face of the web Randy Orton by The Authority and
the future of the WWE Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins believes the future is now. [NOISE] We’re about to find out. [NOISE]
>>It’s hard to dispute that train of thought,
seeing as how he is the current champion. We wouldn’t want to
change that fact though.>>Seth I think’s got
a lot to prove tonight. He’s heard the whispers, it’s one thing to win a championship by
cashing in the contract, surprise factor. It’s another thing to go inside a cage and
knock off Orton.>>Seth shouted at the top of your
lungs by that man, the gatekeeper Kane. [NOISE]
>>And Orton sidestepping Rollins,
who bounces off the cage.>>He’s been telling everybody that’ll
listen that without Kane’s help, Seth Rollins wouldn’t even be
the World Heavyweight Champion.>>It’s true, if it wasn’t for Kane, Rollins wouldn’t ever have
won Money in the Bank. [NOISE]
>>Rollins had a little something to do with that. [NOISE] Kane may have had an assist, but Rollins certainly was the one
that climbed the ladder.>>Speaking of little somethings,
it’s nice not have J&J Security out here, isn’t it? [NOISE] Whoa.>>[NOISE] Assuming the cage,
there’s really nothing they could do.>>Nothing. [NOISE]
>>Escaping climbing that cage would be like us climbing a 50-foot cage. [NOISE]
>>[LAUGH] Reversal.>>The reversal, Rollins into the cage.>>Randy with a clotheslines.>>Wow,
>>And another one and here comes The Viper. Went for the Power Slam.>>Hey, hey, hey.>>And Rollins trying to climb.>>Get out of there Seth,
get out of there.>>Seth try to escape. [NOISE]
>>Randy Orton has got him on the leg. Seth is right at the top,
Seth Rollins near the top->>Whoa.>>Well, somehow get over it and
Randy Orton. Again not allowing that to happen.>>Once you’re dealing with that cage and
you’re up there on the top rope, that’s dangerous territory.>>[NOISE]
>>And Randy Orton now.>>This is Seth’s opportunity
>>And Rollins, knee right to a side of the face. Rollins for the win and retain the title,
punch the leg and a kick out by Randy. That was close. Watch this, [INAUDIBLE] right to
the side of the face of Orton. Orton able to survive.>>One, two.>>And now Seth with Randy down
is gonna try to escape again.>>You’re right, Randy is down. This is a good opportunity
to be Seth Rollins.>>Got to make it to the top. Climb over the top and
get both feet on the floor.>>He’s going up, almost over.>>Seth Rollins is almost
up there at the top. Randy Orton.>>Look at this!>>In pursuit. Seth Rollins is close to
retaining the championship. High above us here at ringside.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Orton grab hold of that one foot of Rollins and stop the momentum. And look at Orton now!>>My god. Randy’s up there as well.>>This is dangerous.>>You’re not kidding! Don’t look down, Randy. I’ve been there, that’s a long way down. Look at this, look at how high they are.>>[NOISE]
>>And Orton [INAUDIBLE].>>It’s a long way down to the ring. It’s certainly a long
way down to the floor.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rollins and Orton exchanging blows
>>Whoever wins this James, Randy has different plans.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Headline pulling out all the stops,
>>Rollins as well.>>No one’s going to decide
to stay back in slam.>>From the top rope.>>Randy Orton for
the championship [CROSSTALK]>>One, two.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look at this.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You can’t help to think as you watch that would’ve been a perfect spot for
the Viper to snap off one of those RKOs. And win this thing, but it’s banned.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This is not, wait a minute.>>Rollins trying to steal one here. It’s not gonna work,
two count, almost had him. And now jaw.>>Is that a tooth? Cover.>>One, two.>>Is it enough? I thought he got him.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Watch this.>>Listen, listen, listen. Bad.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>One, two.>>Is so close for Rollins. Orton is big trouble look at Rollins. He’s looking, he’s thinking.>>So try to go up and over maybe
through the door, just cover on. He’s got three options right now. I think he’s going to go up and over.>>Rollins look to escape from the cage. Seth Rollins, Now he’s hit the top rope.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now Rollins is here at the top of the cage,
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Randy Orton, climbs at the [COUGH].>>It means he’s.>>How about Randy Orton? I believe he’s got his hair.>>No, no no, no, no. Rollins can somehow fall to the floor and
he’ll retake the championship. And look who’s here, look who’s here,
Noble and Mercury JJ Security.>>They’re trying to pull him down.>>And
Orton pulling Rollins back into the ring.>>By his hair, and his head. Not a wig. My god.>>No! [NOISE] Silver Fox from
the top of the cage.>>[NOISE]
>>Now Randy Orton has the options.>>I think he’s gonna go for the cover.>>For the championship. Rollins.>>But I think got the shoulder up.>>Orton was reaching back to try to hook
that leg and that gave the opportunity for Seth Rollins to kick out and
get that shoulder up.>>It’s time. Let’s do it!>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Get away from the door!>>[NOISE]
>>I don’t think that Kane wants to hear anything that Joey,
security has to say.>>He’s doing his job,
he’s the gatekeeper.>>[NOISE]
>>See how they can have a problem with
Kane’s job so far as gatekeepers.>>Whereas for Mercury. Noble here on the other side and
on the other side.>>There goes Noble.>>Now he’s using [CROSSTALK]
>>There goes [CROSSTALK]>>[SOUND]>>[NOISE]>>Big smile on Randy’s his face. He knows he’s closing in on the title.>>[NOISE]
>>Smile and go up later once you’re the champion.>>What a chatter headed Randy there
between the ropes and the cage.>>Rollins trying to pull himself up. Is he gonna go climbing? I think so.>>He’s gonna try anyway.>>He’s Rollins
>>He’s taking a lot of abuse there.>>Trying to escape again and it seems like Orton playing defense all
night against Rollins attempt to escape.>>Men.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Randy can’t find a way to pin Seth Rollins and
Seth Rollins can’t find a way to escape.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Randy’s gonna [NOISE] What’s Kane gonna do? Randy’s not gonna take the chance. He wants to pin Rollins.>>I don’t get it.>>Randy wants to pin Rollins.>>I don’t get it.>>For the top rope.>>There you go. [NOISE] New World Heavyweight Champion. This is when Randy would normally go for
the RKO. And he cannot tonight.>>[NOISE]
>>Out the door, over the top, whatever you want to do Randy.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>He wants to finish that round on Dolph,
what is gonna do KO wait a minute.>>Looks like he was gonna try, but no.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What is this?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>A pedigree. That’s a message right
there to The Authority. Cover, hook to the leg,
kick out of the pedigree. Direct message to The Authority,
the boss Triple H.>>Can’t use the RKO, or
go for something else.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Rollins kicked out,
Orton can’t believe it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Three counts just realize how much he
relies on this best shot, as the RKO.>>Know one thing that was very
very close to being a three count.>>Yes yes yes yes yes.>>And he may have a there.>>Yes yes yes.>>Kane.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Well the RKO is banned but this isn’t.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Fourth and long, Randy
>>Get ready.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Randy over the Just ducked out of the way, and Rollins now.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And now Rollins calling for the door, he’s telling Kane to open the door.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Both of these guys, Seth Rollins, he would be lucky to be
able to crawl out the door.>>Door is open. Rollins is gonna crawl through the door,
both feet have to hit the floor and he retains the Championship.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rollins is close, Seth Rollins is close but
Randy Orton back to his feet. Randy Orton with a backbreaker. And now it’s Orton’s turn.>>I wonder if Orton has
seen that door open yet.>>Wide open.>>You’ve got to be eating him alive,
Kane. Now Orton wants to pin
Rollins to make him suffer.>>Randy doesn’t know if
he can trust Kane or not.>>Hey!>>Are you kidding me?>>What are you doing?>>No.>>What are you doing?>>No, no, get back!>>Randy kind of walked
out on the championship. No, gatekeeper knocked down.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>There he goes, he’s almost out.>>And Randy Orton now playing
tug of war with Rollins’ legs.>>He’s got him by only one foot,
now the hair. Better hang on for dear life, Randy.>>Whoever falls to the floor first is
the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.>>And Kane back to his feet.>>[CROSSTALK] they both got [INAUDIBLE]
>>But who was he going for? Was Kane trying to hit Randy? Or was Kane trying to hit Seth?>>I don’t know, but Kane’s lost it. J and J Security upset that Kane hit Seth. And now J and J.>>Was that the intent?>>I don’t know.
They’re telling Kane to get in there and make it right.>>What? Kane’s in the ring.>>And J and
J Security following Kane into the ring.>>What are you doing?>>[APPLAUSE]>>Double choke slams to J and J Security.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now we know where Kane stands.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I can’t believe it. Kane’s going after Sid.>>Please.>>I knew Kane would explode sooner or
later.>>Yeah we knew it. I think that time is now.>>It’s been building for
weeks and weeks and weeks.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hear the crowd chanting yes. Do it Kane.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No!>>Taking Randy Orton into a choke slam.>>Man!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now Seth Rollins, with an easy path to victory. Nothing’s standing in his way, whoa!>>What?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look at this!>>Wait just a minute!>>[APPLAUSE]>>What?>>I’m not sure I’m
understanding all of this.>>I know I’m not.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Kane has just chokeslammed Randy Orton and Seth Rollins to Hell.>>But we get a championship
match still going on.>>Man.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Not again.>>Now the refree with the cover,
and a kick out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Kane is getting angrier.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well if he hadn’t snapped up
until now he’s about to.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Randy.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No, no, no, no, no.>>Has gone with the two.>>RKO to Kane, RKO to Kane.>>Wait a minute, wait, wait, wait.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Seth Rollins has RKO’d Randy Orton wait a minute.>>Seth Rollins RKO’d Randy Orton. He escapes the cage and retains the title.>>But wait.>>Here is your winner and still the WWE World Heavyweight
Champion Seth Rollins.>>How can this be?>>Seth Rollins is
the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.>>I mean that RKO was banned,
the hold itself, the move itself. The RKO was banned.>>No, King, it was banned for
Randy Orton, but nobody dreamed Seth Rollins would do it.>>Yeah, but-
>>They banned Randy from using the RKO, wait, wait, wait-
>>That’s not the stipulation, the RKO was banned.>>Isn’t that what Seth said
when he picked the stipulation?>>Yes.>>The RKO was banned, right?>>Yes.>>It wouldn’t cover Seth Rollins,
nobody dreamed Seth Rollins would do it.>>Well, the steel cage wound up not
keeping Jay and Jason Gurney or Kane out. Course, Jay and
Jay wish they had stayed out. And then Kane, look at this.>>[NOISE]
>>Went after Orton first.>>After making a decision who
he wanted to choke slam, so.>>[NOISE]
>>He choked slammed them both.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[SOUND]>>And the match is still going on right now.>>And then Kane would pull Seth on Randy,
Randy would kick out of the cover. And then Randy Orton now will
use the RKO to take out Kane. But this is the shocker. Watch Seth Rollins with
an RKO to Randy Orton, allowing Rollins to escape from
the cage and retain his championship.>>I’m confused.>>But didn’t Randy
technically use the RKO first?>>Yeah, but he used it on Kane,
who is not a part of the match.>>And the move was banned period. You can’t do it on a taxicab driver,
you can’t do it on your opponent, you can’t do it on a referee. The move is banned. Seth should be
the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.>>I disagree totally.>>We can sit here and
interpret it however we want, but the bottom line is this. Seth Rolins is leaving Extreme Rules
as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. [MUSIC]

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