FULL MATCH – Randy Orton vs. Rusev: WWE Hell in a Cell 2017

Rusev, if you take down Randy Orton,
you’ll make a name for yourself.>>Well, Randy is a sure fire
hall of famer one of these days.>>And
Rusev early on here in this matchup. And think about what Rusev
endured at SummerSlam, the quick victory by Randy Orton. Rusev needs retribution here tonight.>>The RKO! [CROSSTALK]
>>You and your revisionist history. Rusev defeated Randy Orton in
nine seconds on SmackDown. That was the retribution. That lead to Rusev Day and Rusev
becoming a national hero in Bulgaria.>>Yeah, but
the thanks to distraction at ringside and now Rusev saying not so
fast here to The Viper.>>What happens to that celebration, what happens to Rusev Day if Randy Orton
scores a victory here tonight?>>Now Rusev taking his time
getting back into the ring. Graves, you’ve followed
Rusev since his time on NXT. He is a very measured superstar,
so diverse in his attacks.>>Well, the moniker the Super Athlete
is incredibly accurate. For being near 300 pounds, Rusev is
incredibly agile, lightning fast, and deceptively strong.>>All those big shoulders into
the gut here of Randy Orton. Now look at Rusev, not backing down here. And now right back on Randy Orton.>>One, two, three!>>But Rusev, he knows he can’t afford to
allow Randy Orton any room to breathe. Just think, gentlemen. Tuesday night on SmackDown live, if Rusev
succeeds, we could have a Rusev Day parade, a full-blown parade
with floats and marching bands. It’d be wonderful.>>Absolutely, we’ll be right
there marching with him too.>>And now drop to the mat by Randy Orton.>>Guys, think about the frustration that
Randy Orton has had to endure since this summer, losing the WWE Championship
was Jinder Mahal, falling to Shinsuke Nakamura last month. This has been a very tumultuous year for
Randy Orton.>>So I think Randy Orton is realizing
that the WWE landscape has changed. Once upon a time,
Randy could maybe coast through the ranks. But now the game is different. The level of competition is higher.>>We’re setting up for the DDT. And Rusev using the top rope.>>Uh-oh, look out,
Rusev full head asteam.>>And send him into the barricade.>>Abdomen first. Driving all the wind out
of the body of The Viper.>>Watch this again. Rusev launching Orton there.>>Like a rocket-powered bulldozer
running right through the Viper.>>And!>>Fall away slam!>>Right back into ribs! That is a welcome gift for Rusev.>>Rusev.
>>Brilliant strategy. You attack your opponent’s midsection,
you attack their ribs. It takes away Randy’s ability to breathe. It changes everything.>>Slides into the ring, now Rusev,
the cover on Orton, out at two. Now, Rusev has got to be
careful here in this match. Randy Orton can strike anytime, anywhere. It only takes one RKO.>>I’ve talked to a lot of superstars, you
brought up a very good point, Tom, how it becomes almost distracting at times, cuz
you don’t know when it’s going to happen.>>It doesn’t look like it’s going
to happen anytime soon right now. Orton’s in a bad, bad situation and
Rusev is enjoying every moment of it. Think about Rusev. This is a two time United States champion. One point, was undefeated for
the better part of a year here in WWE.>>Right across the shoulder
blades of Orton.>>This is exactly what Rusev wants,
all the adulation and all the praise in the WWE Universe.>>And you gotta think, Rusev, a win against Randy Orton could propel
Rusev to the place that he wants to be. He’s eyed the WWE
championship in the past.>>You mean another win over Randy Orton. Maybe not in nine seconds obviously. But yes, of course, it’s gonna propel
Rusev to the top of contendership. That’s what Rusev believes he deserves. That’s what a lot of people,
myself included, believe Rusev deserves. Orton somehow trying to
create some separation. Again, that vicious-
>>It’s a vice-like grip is what it is, Byron. I’ve been on the wrong end of Rusev. The man is incredibly powerful.>>And now Randy Orton trying to
separate himself from the power of the Bulgarian Brute, ooh.>>A headbutt right on
the bridge of Rusev’s nose.>>That’ll do it.>>Randy Orton now striking
back here on Rusev.>>There’s the agility
we were talking about.>>And the spinning heel kick, now the
cover, hook to the leg, kick out at one.>>We always talk about
the RKO out of nowhere. That’s agility out of nowhere for Rusev. But this Randy, wise decision
on the retreat to the outside, attempt to catch his breath,
ward off some of the pain. But I don’t think Rusev has any
intention of letting Randy recover.>>Rusev on the prowl. Rusev has continuously
attacked the midsection, driven all the breath out of Randy.>>Uh-oh. And Randy Orton spine first
to the edge of the barricade.>>It’s Rusev who is reeling.>>And Rusev popped right back up.>>Spoke too soon.>>That’ll drive the wind right
back out of the lungs of Randy. That’s what Rusev believes,
that he is younger and hungrier. The law of the jungle applies
here on SmackDown Live.>>And now the cover inside here
on Randy Orton, and a kick out.>>Sort of apropos, to this point, Rusev’s
applied almost an anaconda game plan. Drive the air out of your opponent. Every time Randy creates space,
Rusev is back on the attack. Keep working on the ribs, on the back. If you can’t breathe, you can’t fight. And now Rusev dropping heavy
elbows here on Randy Orton. And Rusev is learning what so
many have learned in the past, that Randy Orton is incredibly tough.>>Rusev just toying with Randy Orton.>>Come on, Rusev. It is Rusev Day.>>He’s at the rope, back it off,
Rusev come on, Rusev come on, hey!>>[NOISE]
>>How many times have we said that,
that someone is toying with Randy Orton?>>Rusev had better be careful, but
at this point, Randy has been doing so much punishment.>>It looked like the bridge of the nose
went into the steel post there. And now Randy Orton perhaps has
an opportunity here in this match.>>I don’t know, Randy is still on rubber
legs on the other side of the ring.>>And Randy Orton trying to hold
himself up here on the top rope and Rusev also trying to collect
himself across the ring. And such heavy impact from both
superstars in this matchup. They are feeling it
here at Hell In A Cell.>>Sharp rights from Orton
right to the eyebrow of Rusev. The Lion of Bulgaria
being rocked right now.>>Rusev thinking he’s got this.>>Maybe not.>>And a drop by Orton. And now the Apex Predator’s
starting to find his groove. Forget about the powerslam. And Rusev well scouted against Orton. RKO attempt one more time. And now the power slam. Cover here on Rusev and a kick out.>>Sort of amazing, almost miraculous to
think that Orton was able to execute that power slam after the damage that
was done to his core by Rusev.>>Especially the 300 pound
Bulgarian able to get him moving. Randy Orton an athlete like no other.>>You don’t achieve greatness
without incredible resiliency, and that’s exactly what Randy Orton has.>>The Viper now stalking Rusev. Here. Look at Orton.>>Orton is thinking about it here,
trying to drape Rusev over the ropes.>>No.>>Wait a minute, look at Rusev. Rusev able to counter
another Fallaway Slam.>>Remember the damage that’s
been done to ribs of Randy Orton.>>That’s it.>>This could be it. Lights out Randy Orton.>>Orton is out. Rusev with the cover.>>Cover here on Orton and Rusev able
to put him away, and now a kickout.>>You can see frustration beginning
to build on the face of Rusev. I don’t know if that bodes well for Orton.>>Rusev! [INAUDIBLE]
>>I’ll tell you what.>>Well, it’s not going to bode well for
Randy Orton if Rusev locks this in.>>Wait a minute,
thinking about the accolade here. Thinking about the accolade,
being able to roll out is Randy Orton.>>I give credit to Randy Orton.>>Again, it’s the veteran experience,
veteran move by Randy Orton. Know where you are at all times.>>But unfortunately for Randy,
Rusev knows where he is too. Rusev on the run.>>And a straight kick, and Orton is down.>>Look like we’ll be celebrating Rusev
Day instead of Columbus Day tomorrow.>>And can Rusev defeat the legend
of Randy Orton here tonight at Hell in a Cell?>>Boom. Right on point. And now tosses Randy Orton
back inside the ring. And Rusev taking his time here.>>We saw all this cost Rusev earlier,
and well.>>Rusev, Rusev from the second rope.>>[INAUDIBLE]!>>Rusev! [INAUDIBLE] splash and missed. Randy Orton able to evade.>>And a costly mistake there for
the Bulgarian.>>Now Rusev finds himself
struggling to catch his wind.>>And now Randy Orton’s got an
opportunity to get himself right here in this matchup.>>Yeah Orton knows where he is. Orton know where Rusev is. Orton ready to strike.>>Walked right in here on Rusev. Hold on a sec. Randy Orton’s got ahold of him. And the DDT.>>Rusev’s eyes are a bit
glazed over after that one. Randy Orton is starting to travel,
gentlemen. Orton’s starting to travel to that place. Randy Orton,
ready to strike here at Hell in a Cell.>>That place where bad
thoughts equal evil- [>>Wait a minute!>>From out of nowhere!>>Look at Rusev.>>Looking for the accolade.>>RKO! That was outta nowhere.>>And Randy Orton takes out Rusev. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, Randy Orton. [MUSIC]>>Wow.>>It looked like an instance where Rusev
could’ve pulled off something miraculous, but instead it was Randy Orton
doing what he does best.>>Throughout the duration of the match,
I as well as anybody had their doubts that Orton was gonna be able to
withstand the attack of Rusev. But if you talk about the all time greats, this is what makes them
the all time greats. Orton’s ability to endure.>>And watch this, down the stretcher,
grab a hold of the hands there. And Rusev is trying to
transition in to the accolade. Orton just a bit too quick. Suddenly an RKO out of nowhere, spoils Rusev Day once more.>>For any angle, from any direction,
the RKO delivers. [MUSIC]>>And I guess Rusev Day is cancelled.>>I hope the mayor doesn’t take
away Rusev’s key to the city.>>Randy Orton proving it is
still his jungle here in WWE.

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